Addons: Mail Opener, Bulkmail2Inbox

Mail OpenerNice! Mail Opener cam in a vew Version with many nice features. For the Characters I am playing with I use Bulkmail2Inbox, but my AH Characters use Mail Opener. The big benefit of Mail Opener is the automatic opening of your mails.

It can be quite bothersome to get around the 50 mails per 60 seconds limit and more than once I totally forgot about these mails. Like right now I like to alt-tab and do something productive when emptying the box 😀


60 seconds Mail Limit

However if you have a lot of mails incoming, for example a lot of Glyphs, it can be quite bothersome to have to wait the 60 seconds until new mail becomes available in the inbox. It happened to me more than once that I got carried away with other stuff while waiting.

I used to have a Deadly Bossmods Timer that ended in a „ding“ each time 60 seconds were over and new mail would be available. But something always caught my attention outside the game.

Mail Opener

Mail Opener comes with a ton of Options ot customize what kinds of mails you want automatically to open, how fast youw ant to open them – for laggy realms, etc.

With the newest Version you get a big remaining mails counter and and estiamted duration for emptying the whole mailbox.


The big advantage of Bulkmail2Inbox is that you can easily select mails you want to open, perfect for main characters that store potions and stuff in mail and don’t realyl want to open them all.

bulkmail inbox

Bulkmail2 comes also with very nice farming features. When I am done with farming an instance I jsut visit the mailbox and click send and Bulkmail2 sends predefined mails to different chars. Let me show you what I mean:

These are 3 different pictures of the Bulkmail2Inbox configuration window. Look at Gregorius, if any Character has Infinite Dust, Arcane Dust or Cloth in his inventory and I go to a mailbox I only need to click „send“ and the stuff will be sent to Gregorius.

Daisan is target for any type of enchanting dust, select essences and Finewares is will receive any other farming stuff, like AQ 20 scarabs, idols and any form of ZG drops, Greater Planar and Greater Cosmic Essences.

The last part shows how easy it is to add an item from current inventory.

If you have any of these items in inventory they will get attached to an autosend list (you can clear it if you do not want to use the feature) and you only need to click „send“ and all useful items will land right away at the proper mule.


Here are the links for these addons.

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