Solo’ed Doomwalker

Usually we duo/trio Doomwalker for a fast kill and easy cash, but a few days ago there was noone around that was willing to help to kill Doomlord Kazzak and Doomwalker so I decided to give it a try solo.

Doomlord Kazzak worked out nicely at the start but the constant mana drain and the need for dispells ended up in a  heavy consumption on mana. Either I was not able to keep up the hp or the mana  and I am not really sure how to counter that. After a few tries I decided to skip him and rather try my luck on Doomwalker.

Doomwalker was really easy, I could keep up nearly 100% hp using Judgement of Light and Seal of Vengeance, it just took some time to get him down 😀

Doomwalker at 20%

At 20% however things start to become tricky, Doomwalker enrages and attacks harder and faster (hat some 10-12k hits).

Doomwalker at 07%

Even with Sacred Shield, Seal of Light, Judgement of Light he was slowly wearing my HP down.

Doomwalker at 04%
Doomwalker at 01%

The Earthquake Phase during his Enrage is probably the best time to gain up some hp. Other than that I was slowly drained of HP, let Argent Defender keep me alive, saved LoH for the next time I was low on hp, to have Argent Defender available right after.

Doomwalker Dead

The fight took roughly 17 minutes, which is a long time on a PvP Realm. Fortunately people were busy hunting turkeys at the time 😀

The loot was 498G and 2 BoE Cloaks that I sold for 275g each, nothing to complain about!

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