How to Solo Gehennas

After the post below where my Retribution Paladin soloed Molten Core I got a lot of questions regarding soloing Gehennas. There aren’t many things that can’t be outhealed by Judgement of Light or Seal of Light, but Gehennas casts a -75% healing debuff (curse)  which makes the encounter still challenging.

But how can you do it? Basically I cleared the path back up towards the entrance, to get some room for kiting and started off with Seal of Command and Shadow Aura since the shadow damage is the most damaging move.

Keep in mind:

  • use Shadow Protection Aura
  • always move backwards to minimize the time you stand in Rain of Fire
  • at first get the Guards down
  • make good use of Sacred Shield and instant Flash of Light
  • delay Bubble as long as possible to remove the healing debuff, heal up before you get the debuff again.
  • once the adds are down switch to SoV and outlast Gehennas

I have put up a short video of my last – but not best 😀 – Gehennas kill.

Good Luck! Let me know how it worked for you!

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