Earning Gold on a New Realm

People often wonder how to start earning Gold on a new Realm. It is really not difficult to start out. When 3.3 launched 4 weeks ago I created a little Orc Shaman on EU-Ravencrest. Originally I intended to move Myrddin from Eu-Magtheridon, but I do not want to pay Blizzard money for a Realm Transfer.

I leveled the Char up to level 9 until I had about 8 Silver and went to Orgrimmar, asked a Guard for the Enchanting Trainer and bought 1 Strange Dust and put it on AH for 45/90S buyout. It sold quite fast actually and I was able to buy more Strange Dusts and put them on AH.

I took the Zeppelin to Thunderbluff and bought the Strange Dusts there, too … and also started to buy the Essences and the 2 Green Recipes from each Enchanting Supplier and put them up for 8.5/12.5G Buyout.

As you can see, money adds up quite fast. From my first 5G spare I bought a Portal to Dalaran. This way you can buy Dust in Thunderbluff, Hearthstone to Dalaran and then head to Orgrimmar. You end up with 2 Green Recipes, about 6-8 Strange Dust and about 4-6 lesser Magic Essence (~30G)

It is nice for starters, but the more lucrtative stuff is Illusion Dust/Greater Eternal Essences. The reason for it is that those can’t realyl be farmed easily. There are only Wicked Leather Headbands that DE into Illusion Dust and Greater Eternal Essences. All other items require hard to find rare and expensive materials to craft.

To level Enchanting there is no way around Illusion Dust and Greater Eternal Essences, so it is a good way to get some money from players who level Enchanting.

It is often possible to buy Greater Eternal Essences for 10-12G, but since the low cost Formulas to level enchanting require LESSER Eternal Essences some people really overlook the greater ones 😀

So you buy Greater Eternal Essences up to 15-16G and turn each into 3 Lesser Eternal Essences and sell them in Stacks of 10 for 84.5-89.5G.

Then you can expand to other Dusts and Essences. Vision Dust, Arcane Dust, Dream Dust would be the ones I’d go for.

Now after 4 Weeks it looks like this: 1450G cash, 156G average earned per day (Level 9!! )

Inclusive materials the Char’s worth is about 5 000 Gold, which isn’t bad for a char that you log once a day for 5 minutes.

With that much gold – and the speed you earn it increases each day – it is no problem to start playing and have enough to level the character up.

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  1. ICC with Lich King, Hardmodes coming and having a Power Alt that needs to raid also limits the time I can spend on this test a bit atm. Anyhow, today 04.Feb.2010 I hit 12 850G worth.

  2. Copper rod are a great way to make money on a new realm. You can buy them for about 1s, and sell them very often anywhere from 10-30g or perhaps even more.

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