Volcanus, Firelands Legendary Quest Boss

After looting the 25 embers and doing some quests at the bosses in firelands, the quest for the legendary staff Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest leads you to the Quest Delegation. You need to fight an Ancient Protector and he will empower the player who is doing the quest to fight Volcanus. The fight is pretty simple, but at the same time, some of you may not have seen it yet.

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Borked: The Frostwing Halls (heroic)

After what felt like and endless amount of tries and many many 3-8% wipes, we finally got Sindragosa on heroic mode with the last possible try (2/35).

You can’t possibly feel the weight that fell off our shoulders and the tension that built up during the last 2 minutes of this fight.

As you can easily see here the fight was a pretty close call at the end, about to hit the enrage timer and a tank death during the fight. Fortunately we made it anyhow!

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Borked: Tribute to Insanity

So we finally did a Tribute to Insanity today, Trial of the Grand Crusader without any wipes and 50 tries remaining! The Anub’arak fight becomes so very tense at this point, because any mistake can mess things up and cause a wipe.

Personally I am not a fan of this limited tries per boss strategy, due to the extreme delays it may cause to wait for cooldowns and, which is even worse, the huge frustration that comes with a wipe.

Not like Ravencrest is a particular stable Realm, but we have many players with random disconnects here and there, especially hunters and rogues which have the particular important job of misdirecting adds to the tanks. A little disconnect may cause a wipe and ruin Insanity.

In the end you are never happy that you killed Anub in 49 tries, which is still better than most guilds manage. Instead you are insanely frustrated by a mistake. Imo Blizzard should think this over and find more suitable ways to create challenges.

For some reason I forgot to take a Screenshot of this, but here is the WoL Log:

Borked: Alone in the Darkness

We almost forgot about Alone in the Darkness and decided to give it a try again. It turned out to be still somewhat challenging and we almost made it in a clean kill!


Doh, I lost the Roll on Mimiron’s Head, but there is always another try! Anyway Gz to <Borked> for Alone in the Darkness! Without the help of any Watchers!

Edit: I found it quite funny, but here is a picture fo our second kill:

Yogg_Saron_0_Watchers_take_2As you can see it was another flawless kill! But who cares as long as the Boss is down!

Borked – Tribute to Mad Skill

Borked Guild did it again! It finally payed off polishing our tactics on Anub’arak, final boss in the Trial of the Grand Crusader. We were consistently bringing him into Phase 3 and got on our first kill „A Tribute to Skill“ with 35 tries remaining last Monday.

Now we even managed to improve our success and got „A Tribute to Mad Skill“, by killing the ugly bug with 48 tries remaining. Too bad that we had two stupid wipes before, but that leaves room for progress next reset! Really well done Borked!


Here is a Screenshot of our damagemeter:


P.S.: If you happen to be an experienced and skilled Holy Paladin or Rogue you might like to head to borked.eu and send in an application!

A Big Grats to Borked Guild for completing the 3rd Atiesh

With SFX, our Gnome Warlock, Borked Guild has completed the third Atiesh last weekend.

The first Atiesh went to Fs (Druid), followed by Viracocha (Priest). I hope for our mages that the next Atiesh will not take too long.

Borked Guild, Atiesh, DruidBorked Guild, Atiesh, PriestBorked Guild, Atiesh, Warlock

On a sidenote, thanks to Borked, I have finally been able to get my dreamweapon „the Castigator„.

Too bad that it ended in a little drama, but now there might be an open spot for an experienced Rogue in Borked. You might want to check if you meet the requirements and apply at the Borked Website.