A Big Grats to Borked Guild for completing the 3rd Atiesh

With SFX, our Gnome Warlock, Borked Guild has completed the third Atiesh last weekend.

The first Atiesh went to Fs (Druid), followed by Viracocha (Priest). I hope for our mages that the next Atiesh will not take too long.

Borked Guild, Atiesh, DruidBorked Guild, Atiesh, PriestBorked Guild, Atiesh, Warlock

On a sidenote, thanks to Borked, I have finally been able to get my dreamweapon „the Castigator„.

Too bad that it ended in a little drama, but now there might be an open spot for an experienced Rogue in Borked. You might want to check if you meet the requirements and apply at the Borked Website.

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