Volcanus, Firelands Legendary Quest Boss

After looting the 25 embers and doing some quests at the bosses in firelands, the quest for the legendary staff Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest leads you to the Quest Delegation. You need to fight an Ancient Protector and he will empower the player who is doing the quest to fight Volcanus. The fight is pretty simple, but at the same time, some of you may not have seen it yet.

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Transmo… what?!? How does Transmogrification work?

In case you wondered, nope myrddin.de hasn’t gone Wildstar! World of Warcraft is still my game, but it doesn’t hurt to peek to the sides now and then, does it? 😀
The chant you seem to hear in WoW everywhere seems to be „Transmogrify!“. So we will take a look at how it works, what restrictions apply and I’ll show you my favourite gear.

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Shadowmourne for Retribution Paladin

Daisan ChaosbaneIn case you did not know, as Retribution Paladin you might consider clicking off the Chaos Bane Buff to increase your dps.

„Your melee attacks have a chance to drain a Soul Fragment granting you 30 Strength. When you have acquired 10 Soul Fragments you will unleash Chaos Bane, dealing 1900 to 2100 Shadow damage split between all enemies within 15 yards and granting you 270 Strength for 10 sec.“

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Paladin versus Molten Core!

On Tuesday evening I decided to try to see how I could do in Molten Core on my Paladin. While some bosses seem to not be a real threat, Gehennas and Golemagg turned out to be somewhat tricky. It took me 3 hours to clear the whole place and a fair share of deaths to get the proper strategies for each boss, but in the end I managed ot get everything down.

To make the run perfect I got the achievement and the Eye of Sulfuras in the first run – I am such a lucky guy!


A Big Grats to Borked Guild for completing the 3rd Atiesh

With SFX, our Gnome Warlock, Borked Guild has completed the third Atiesh last weekend.

The first Atiesh went to Fs (Druid), followed by Viracocha (Priest). I hope for our mages that the next Atiesh will not take too long.

Borked Guild, Atiesh, DruidBorked Guild, Atiesh, PriestBorked Guild, Atiesh, Warlock

On a sidenote, thanks to Borked, I have finally been able to get my dreamweapon „the Castigator„.

Too bad that it ended in a little drama, but now there might be an open spot for an experienced Rogue in Borked. You might want to check if you meet the requirements and apply at the Borked Website.