Burning Crusade Beta: Rogue Talent Shadowstep

The 41 point talent in the Rogue subtley tree Cloak of Shadows has been replaced by Shadowstep. Cloak of Shadows, which removes all negative spelleffects on the Rogue and increases his resistance to all spells to 90% for 5 secodns, has been been moved to become a spell for all Rogues.

Cloak of Shadows

To make up for the loss, the subtley tree’s most powerful talent, „Shadowstep“ has been introduced. Basically it teleports the stealthed Rogue, right behind his target, ready for ambush.


There is a nice Video available here.

You have to sacrifice either the increased crit chance, or the increased crit damage bonus if You want to use this talent. On the other hand, 2 shadowstep rogues could cause major havor in PvP.

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