WildStar Wednesday: The Recipe for Perfect Music

This weeks Wildstar Wednesday is all about Music. Lead Composer Jeff Kurtenacker talks about the musical opportunities to play with tonality and colors fitting to a future-fantasy setting. We also get to hear 2 new tracks, „What We now call Home“ and „Justice doesn’t always wear a Badge

2 new Tracks

When I say 2 new tracks you may wonder since wildstar-online.com doesn’t currently feature any other tracks. Before carbine studios went public with the title of the game they were working on the carbine website featured 2 tracks. You can check them out here.

Listen – Do You Smell Something?

Hello! My name is Jeff Kurtenacker and I’m excited to talk to you about what we are cooking up in the audio department here at Carbine Studios. I am the Lead Composer and one of the sound designers on WildStar, and today I want to touch on our recipe for serving up a musical score that captures the fun, adventure, and pioneering spirit of WildStar!

Read on here!

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