Soloing Molten Core, reduce Fall Damage

With current health pools soloing Molten core for  Gold/Recipes/Reputation/Legendaries is not a problem anymore. The biggest threat seems to be fall damage. Now that a heal no longer fills up all our health it makes Baron Geddon and Ragnaros more difficult than before 😀 While they aren’t really a challenge you can still minimize the incoming damage.

A couple of times players mention the fall damage in these encounters but there is an easy way to avoid it all. I have some screenshots with positioning.


Baron Geddon

At the opening to Baron Geddons room is a little slanted area at the right side. Stand on top of it and you will not receive fall damage when you get the bomb. Like this:


Place yourself with the back to the North East, there is a large area behind it without rock or shallow magma. If you get the knockback you will always land swimming in the lava and ths receive no fall damage.
This should help minimize fall damage by a great amount. Good luck farming!

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