Cynthia, Philippa Eilhart’s Lover nude (Patch 1.2)

If you recall Cynthia in Act 2, you will surely remember the love scene with Philippa Eilhart. Since a nude model exists, it can be extracted the usual way and by swapping out the models will make her appear undressed at every scene ingame.


Download the Witcher 2 nude Cynthia Patch here.

What does it do?

The 2 related files are inside „The Witcher 2game2_act2npc“ and cynthia_naked.w2ent and cynthia.w2ent. If you overwrite one file with the other you get the desired result.

You put the file cynthia.w2ent into the folder The Witcher 2game2_act2npc

If the folder game2_act2npc does not exist you need to create them.

The file should be placed as follows The Witcher 2game2_act2npccynthia.w2ent

This mod may override other Item Mods you may be using. Simply remove the file to delete the Mod.

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