Burning Crusade Beta: Patch Notes

Here are the latest Burning Crusade Beta patch notes, taken from the Beta Forum.

World of Warcraft Beta Patch 5991 to 6022 | 24/10/2006 16:26:59 UTC


  • Added a Horde Graveyard to southern Hellfire Peninsula
  • Added a new flight path to Swamprat Post in Zangarmarsh.
  • Added meeting stones to the new dungeons.
  • Added a new Alliance base and flight path to Hellfire Peninsula.
  • Non-expansion guards now give directions to expansion Shaman and Paladin trainers.
  • The Giants in Outland are now properly itemized.
  • Various Exodar NPCs have been properly flagged for PvP.
  • Draenei shaman totems have been updated.



  • Added new quests in Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch for level 60+
  • characters.
  • The mini map will no longer switch off and on when events occur in
  • the battlegrounds.


  • Arena games will no longer end as soon as they start.

User Interface

    • Players will now receive a timeout message when a group leader switches their instance preference.
    • Corrected some graphical errors with the LFG system menus.
    • Players on your ignore list will no longer be automatically added to a group when using the LFG system.
    • The Hunter ability Mend Pet icon will now turn red when you are out of range of your pet.
    • The Burning Crusade background art when selecting a realm will no longer glow as brightly with the full-screen glow effect on.


      • Fixed several creatures and NPCs that were falling through the ground.
      • Undercity is no longer missing the doors on the elevators.
      • Fixed several building mouse-over tooltips.
      • Captain Bok’ar’s Furious Rage will now stun himself rather than his target.
      • Fixed a n issue that caused temporary enchants to not work with
      • macros.
      • Fixed an issue that cause Draenei mailboxes to be useable by the Horde.
      • Fixed several quest rewards that were unable to be disenchanted or sold to vendors.
      • Fixed a problem that caused players to get disconnected from the server upon accepting certain quests.
      • Fixed an issue that caused the breath bar to sometimes remain on screen after resurrection.
      • Fixed an issue where players leaving a group that was created by the LFG matchmaking system or leaving the group queue were unable to use the LFG system again.
      • Fixed an issue that caused the LFG icon to not display correctly.

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