Burning Crusade: Beta Account Upgrade Success

In order to take part in last years’s World of Warcraft Beta I bought a Pre-Order via Ebay. When the release of the came was about to begin I realized that this would leave me 1 day behind with leveling and I would have had to compete with the thousand’s of other players for mobs.

So I talked to my personal Gameshop and they agreed to give me a WoW Final 1 day before release, so I would be able to start the first second the servers went up. It was very important to me, since Slant and Myrddin are popular enough to be taken quickly.

However I never reactivated the first preorder I bought via Ebay until I started to work in Velizy for a company we all know 😉 I did not want them to know my real Account and activated the pre-order Account.

Just last week I sent this mail:

To: WoWAccountReviewEU@blizzard.com


I am the owner of Accont XXXXX, XXXXXXX. I will never ever reactivate the Account again and ask You to delete it and its Chars.
I have not found an option to do this in the Account Management and thus I am contacting You directly. I got this Account when working in France, but since I am back in Germany now I have no longer any use for it, and also do not want anymore unwanted mails from Blizzard that are referring to this Account.


And today I got for my Beta-Key for this Account 😉 So I guess I will be posting new content first hand soon 🙂

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