Burning Crusade Beta: First impression

As first step You should start the download of the client, which took roughly 4 hours for the 2,7 GB. After that you need to upgrade Your existing account for Burning Crusade and start one of the 4 possible character copies or either create a premade character.

After more than 24 hours, my main char is still not copied and the function to create a premade Character is not working. Well I decided to look at the life of a Draenei Shaman. At first I wanted to start a real mean looking mean Draenei but the the faces of the female Dranei looked quite cute so I chose one of them.

Istarted the Game with a clean Interface and it looked quite nice. There was no lag at all and everything was moving smoothly on my old machine. The plain interface look, does not show NPC Names, the Scrolling Combat text is not shown, no instant Quest text but it looks quite neat and clean that way.

Well I started the first quests, some kill quests, gathering Quests and a heal wounded Draenei quest, infuse Moonkin and pickup spare parts fromt he Spaceship. Nothing real unusual.

The area seemed well designed and everything was easy to find for me. There were quite a few of other new Draenei but Alliance-like noone talked 😉

In comparison with the regular client the character screenhas been changed. You can now chose which Information is visible on which side. Base Stats, Melee Stats, Ranged Stats, Spell Stats.

The female Draenei has an eastern europe accent when talking, sounded quite nice and reminded me of someone 🙂

Since our Naxxramas Raid was about to start I did not have the possibility to check things out further. My first impression was that the Expansion looks pretty neat and clean.

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