XCOM 2 Console Commands

Here is a tested list for  XCOM 2 console commands. I found some of these commands myself and others have been gathered from all over the net. I also created an online tool to class change and buff your Soldiers, to facilitate the process.

These commands are all tested and do work on my game. All you need to do to activate the console is to start the game with „-allowconsole“.

Supplies, Intel, Elerium, Alien Alloy

AddItem AlienAlloy 10000
AddItem EleriumCore 10000
AddItem EleriumDust 10000
AddItem Intel 10000
AddItem Supplies 100000

All Armor and Vests

AddItem HazmatVest 100
AddItem HeavyPlatedArmor 100; adds 100 E.X.O. Suits
AddItem HeavyPoweredArmor 100; adds W.A.R. Suits
AddItem Hellweave 100
AddItem LightPlatedArmor 100; add 100 Spider Suits
AddItem LightPoweredArmor 100; add 100 Wraith Suits
AddItem MediumPlatedArmor 100; add Predator Armor Suits
AddItem MediumPoweredArmor 100; adds 100 Wraith Suits
AddItem NanofiberVest 100
AddItem PlatedVest 100
AddItem StasisVest 100

Utility Items

AddItem BattleScanner 100
AddItem CombatStims 100
AddItem Medikit 100
AddItem MimicBeacon 100
AddItem MindShield 100
AddItem NanoMedikit 100
AddItem Skulljack 100

Heavy Weapons for Heavy Armor

AddItem BlasterLauncher 100
AddItem Flamethrower 100
AddItem FlamethrowerMk2 100
AddItem PlasmaBlaster 100
AddItem ShredderGun 100
AddItem ShredstormCannon 100

Grenades – Proving Grounds

AddItem AcidGrenade 100
AddItem AcidGrenadeMk2 100
AddItem AlienGrenade 100
AddItem EMPGrenade 100
AddItem EMPGrenadeMk2 100
AddItem Firebomb 100
AddItem FirebombMk2 100
AddItem FlashbangGrenade 100
AddItem GasGrenade 100
AddItem GasGrenadeMk2 100
AddItem ProximityMine 100
AddItem SmokeGrenade 100
AddItem SmokeGrenadeMk2 100

Rounds – Proving Grounds

AddItem APRounds 100
AddItem BluescreenRounds 100
AddItem IncendiaryRounds 100
AddItem TalonRounds 100
AddItem TracerRounds 100
AddItem VenomRounds 100

Weapon Modifications

AddItem AimUpgrade_Sup 100
AddItem ClipSizeUpgrade_Sup 100
AddItem CritUpgrade_Sup 100
AddItem FreeFireUpgrade_Sup 100
AddItem FreeKillUpgrade_Sup 100
AddItem MissDamageUpgrade_Sup 100
AddItem ReloadUpgrade_Sup 100

PC Sims

AddItem EpicPCSAgility 100
AddItem EpicPCSConditioning 100
AddItem EpicPCSFocus 100
AddItem EpicPCSPerception 100
AddItem EpicPCSSpeed 100


using these commands will skip cutscenes

GiveTech AlienBiotech; Main Story Tech, use with care
GiveTech AlloyCannon
GiveTech AutopsyAdventMEC
GiveTech AutopsyAdventOfficer; Main Story Tech, use with care
GiveTech AutopsyAdventStunLancer
GiveTech AutopsyArchon
GiveTech AutopsyGatekeeper
GiveTech AutopsyMuton
GiveTech AutopsySectopod
GiveTech BlacksiteData; Main Story Tech, use with care
GiveTech CodexBrainPt1; Main Story Tech, use with care
GiveTech CodexBrainPt2; Main Story Tech, use with care
GiveTech GaussWeapons
GiveTech HeavyPlasma
GiveTech MagnetizedWeapons
GiveTech ModularWeapons
GiveTech PlasmaRifle
GiveTech PlasmaSniper
GiveTech PlatedArmor
GiveTech PoweredArmor
GiveTech Psionics


GiveHackReward Insight_T2; 50% Research Time
GiveHackReward SatelliteData_T2; 50% Faster Scan 4 Weeks
GiveHackReward WatchList_T2; 50% Intel cost to contact nearby region


AddItem CorpseAdventMEC 100
AddItem CorpseAdventOfficer 100
AddItem CorpseAdventShieldbearer 100
AddItem CorpseAdventStunLancer 100
AddItem CorpseAdventTrooper 100
AddItem CorpseAdventTurret 100
AddItem CorpseAndromedon 100
AddItem CorpseArchon 100
AddItem CorpseAvatar 100
AddItem CorpseBerserker 100
AddItem CorpseChryssalid 100
AddItem CorpseCodex 100
AddItem CorpseFaceless 100
AddItem CorpseGatekeeper 100
AddItem CorpseMuton 100
AddItem CorpseSectoid 100
AddItem CorpseViper 100

Continental Buffs

GiveContinentBonus ContinentBonus_AllIn; Resistance sends 20% more resources
GiveContinentBonus ContinentBonus_ArmedToTheTeeth; All primary weapons gain an additional upgrade slot
GiveContinentBonus ContinentBonus_FireWhenReady; All Ammo, Grenade, and Weapon experimental finish instantly
GiveContinentBonus ContinentBonus_FutureCombat; All GTS Tactic costs reduced by 50%
GiveContinentBonus ContinentBonus_HelpingHand; Workshops provide an additional Engineer when built
GiveContinentBonus ContinentBonus_HiddenReserves; +5 Power for the Avenger
GiveContinentBonus ContinentBonus_LockAndLoad; PCS & Weapon Upgrades may be re-used
GiveContinentBonus ContinentBonus_PursuitOfKnowledge; +20% Research Speed
GiveContinentBonus ContinentBonus_QuidProQuo; Black Market Items cost 25% less Intel
GiveContinentBonus ContinentBonus_SpareParts; -50% costs for all „Proving Grounds“ projects
GiveContinentBonus ContinentBonus_SpyRing; +25% for Intel rewards
GiveContinentBonus ContinentBonus_SuitUp; All Armor & Vest experimental projects finish instantly
GiveContinentBonus ContinentBonus_ToServeMankind; Recruits only cost 10 Supplies
GiveContinentBonus ContinentBonus_UnderTheTable; Black Market pays 33% more for items

Combat Commands

PowerUp; Godmode Player only
ToggleGodMode; Godmode for ALL Units
TakeNoDamage; Invincibility
ToggleUnlimitedAmmo; Unlimited Ammunition for ALL Units
ToggleSquadConcealment; Concelament for your Squad
GiveHackReward Blitz_T2; Run and Gun for Squad
GiveHackReward DisguisedSignals_T2; Concealment for Squad
GiveHackReward IntegratedComms_T2; Squad Sight for 2 Turns
GiveHackReward Targeting_AimAndCrit_T2; More Aim and Crit chance for Squad
GiveHackReward Targeting_Dodge_T2; Dodge Bonus for Squad
GiveHackReward Targeting_Crit_T2; Crit Chance Bonus for Squad
GiveHackReward VideoFeed_T2; Sight Bonus
RestartLevel; Resets the current Deployment
TTC; teleport currently active unit to your mouse pointer
TATC; teleport the whole squad to your mouse pointer

Combat EnemyDebuffs

GiveHackReward Hypnography_T2; Enemy Will reduced by 50%
GiveHackReward Override_T2; ?????
GiveHackReward Distortion_T2; ?????
GiveHackReward Deception_T2; ?????
GiveHackReward Intrusion_T2; ?????
GiveHackReward Disorient_T2; ?????
GiveHackReward CentralCommand_T2; ?????


RemoveFortressDoom 2; Remove 2 Bars of the Avatar Project
GiveFacility AdvancedWarfareCenter 3; Numbers from 3 (top left) – 14 (bottom right)
GiveFacility Laboratory 13
GiveFacility OfficerTrainingSchool 6
GiveFacility PowerRelay 10
GiveFacility ProvingGround 9
GiveFacility PsiChamber 12
GiveFacility ResistanceComms 4
GiveFacility ShadowChamber 14
GiveFacility UFODefense 5
GiveFacility Workshop 7

Avenger Engineers

GiveEngineer 10; adds a highest level engineer

Avenger Scientists

GiveScientist 10; adds a highest level Scientist

Avenger Soldiers

LevelUpBarracks 1; Levelup for all Soldiers in the barracks
RankUpPsiOp Prename Name; gives the player a random Psi Spell
There is a nifty tool to easen the class changes and buffs here.

MakeSoldierAClass „Prename Name“ Rookie; Class change to Rookie and Soldier loses all Ranks
MakeSoldierAClass „Prename Name“ Ranger; Class change to Ranger and Soldier loses all Ranks
MakeSoldierAClass „Prename Name“ Sharpshooter; Class change to Sharpshooter and Soldier loses all Ranks
MakeSoldierAClass „Prename Name“ Grenadier; Class change to Grenadier and Soldier loses all Ranks
MakeSoldierAClass „Prename Name“ Specialist; Class change to Specialist and Soldier loses all Ranks
MakeSoldierAClass „Prename Name“ PsiOperative; Class change to PsiOperative and Soldier loses all Ranks
MakeSoldierAPsiOp „Prename Name“; Followed after the MakeSoldierAClass „Prename Name“ PsiOperative
SetSoldierStat eStat_Will 10 Prename Name
SetSoldierStat eStat_Mobility 50 Prename Name
SetSoldierStat eStat_HP 10 Prename Name
SetSoldierStat eStat_Offense 10 Prename Name
SetSoldierStat eStat_PsiOffense 10 Prename Name
SetSoldierStat eStat_Dodge 10 Prename Name
SetSoldierStat eStat_SightRadius 10 Prename Name
SetSoldierStat eStat_Hacking 10 Prename Name
SetSoldierStat eStat_CritChance 33 Prename Name
SetSoldierStat eStat_FlankingCritChance 50 Prename Name
SetSoldierStat eStat_FlankingAimBonus 15 Prename Name
SetSoldierStat eStat_ArmorPiercing 5 Prename Name
SetSoldierStat eStat_ArmorMitigation 5 Prename Name
SetSoldierStat eStat_UtilityItems 3 Prename Name
SetSoldierStat eStat_BackpackSize 4 Prename Name
SetSoldierStat eStat_CombatSims 2 Prename Name

DisplaySoldierClass -1; Displays Object ID’s Useful for Ranks and Abilities
SelectSoldierProgressionAbility 415 1 0; Enable Ability for Soldier 415, Rank 1, left Skill
SelectSoldierProgressionAbility 415 1 1; Enable Ability for Soldier 415, Rank 1, right Skill
SelectSoldierProgressionAbility 415 2 0; Enable Ability for Soldier 415, Rank 2, left Skill
SelectSoldierProgressionAbility 415 2 1; Enable Ability for Soldier 415, Rank 2, right Skill
SelectSoldierProgressionAbility 415 3 0; Enable Ability for Soldier 415, Rank 3, left Skill
SelectSoldierProgressionAbility 415 3 1; Enable Ability for Soldier 415, Rank 3, right Skill
SelectSoldierProgressionAbility 415 4 0; Enable Ability for Soldier 415, Rank 4, left Skill
SelectSoldierProgressionAbility 415 4 1; Enable Ability for Soldier 415, Rank 4, right Skill
SelectSoldierProgressionAbility 415 5 0; Enable Ability for Soldier 415, Rank 5, left Skill
SelectSoldierProgressionAbility 415 5 1; Enable Ability for Soldier 415, Rank 5, right Skill
SelectSoldierProgressionAbility 415 6 0; Enable Ability for Soldier 415, Rank 6, left Skill
SelectSoldierProgressionAbility 415 6 1; Enable Ability for Soldier 415, Rank 6, right Skill

16 Antworten auf „XCOM 2 Console Commands“

  1. On the part where you had „additem (supplies,allienalloy,eluriumdust,cores etc.), it won’t work because it adds them as an actual item, so the command is „GiveResource Supplies 10000“ and so on.


    1. That must be new. It used to work just fine as I only post console commands as they work on my client to make sure they are valid.
      Haven’t touched the game recently. Thank You for your update.

      1. hola muy buenas como están todo . mi hermanito me podría decir por favor si ay un temporizador para que despues de terminar una pelea el juego no dura mucho para entrar por favor

  2. Below is quoted from forums here: http://www.pavonisinteractive.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?t=23717

    GetAll XComGameState_Unit strNickName
    GetAll XComGameState_Unit strFirstName
    GetAll XComGameState_Unit strLastName
    GetAll XComGameState_Unit ObjectID

    typing one of the first three commands will give you a list of all units and their names (fist, last, or nick, depending on which command you used). The list doesn’t contain the ObectID, but it does give you something called XComGAmeStateUnit, which is a temporary number given to the unit by the game.

    Next, you use the GetAll XComGameState_Unit ObjectID command, which lists everyone b their ObjectID. This list will also contain the XComGameStateUnit number from before,, so you can match the two lists and get everyone’s permanent ObjectID.

  3. Also to direct the console output to a file, add -log to the command line.
    This will create launch.log in documents\my games\xcom2\xcomgame\logs\
    The file remains open while the game is in progress, so use something like tail or notepad++ to see it as it is added to.


    Using „MakeSoldierAClass“ in WotC will remove ‚XCOM‘ ability tree from them, meaning they won’t be able to gain abilities outside their class.

    Useful WotC commands:
    – GiveResource AbilityPoint [X]
    – Bondsoldiers „Soldier A“ „Soldier B“ 1
    – GiveFactionSoldiers //adds 1 Reaper, 1 Templar and 1 Skirmisher to your soldier list/barracks.

  5. a few remarks :
    First :
    Prename = First Name
    Name = Last Name
    Because you make it sound like the last name comes first

    SetSoldierStat eStat_ commands should end with a 1 so if the soldiers name Joe Smith (joe being the first name)
    Then changing his mobility to 20
    should go like this :

    SetSoldierStat eStat_Mobility 20 „Joe Smith“ 1

    The 1 at the end states the the command is TRUE

  6. Yooo Guys . I need Help. Those commands dont working for me. Can anyone help me. Ty

    Weapon Modifications
    AddItem AimUpgrade_Sup 100
    AddItem ClipSizeUpgrade_Sup 100
    AddItem CritUpgrade_Sup 100
    AddItem FreeFireUpgrade_Sup 100
    AddItem FreeKillUpgrade_Sup 100
    AddItem MissDamageUpgrade_Sup 100
    AddItem ReloadUpgrade_Sup 100

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