XCOM 2 Soldier Booster and Classchange

XCom 2 Character Booster. Simply enter the name of your Soldier and select a class. The script will return the console commands that you need to enter to buff your soldier.


Classchange and Buff your XCOM 2 Soldier

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The Soldier ID is required for the Abilities, if you leave the field empty they will skip it.

Get the Soldier IDs with DisplaySoldierClass -1

Prename Name Class
Soldier ID:
Sight Radius:
Crit Chance:
Armor Pierce:
Flanking Aim:
Flanking Crit:
Psi Offensive:
Utility Slots:

You can use the following console command to Buff your Soldier

Use the dropdown menu to display some console commands here


How do I use this script?

Usually I run this script for each Squadmember and add the contents into a text file.

Then I save this text file inside the binaries folder of the game, in my case „F:\Games\XCOM 2\Binaries“

Then switch to the game and use the console command „exec soldiers.txt“ to buff all my soldiers.

That’s it! Enjoy!

10 Antworten auf „XCOM 2 Soldier Booster and Classchange“

  1. Hi,

    I can not get the soldier ID.
    When I type Displaysoldierclass -1, I get listed gremlin, engineers and scientist. No soldier.

    What should I do ?

    Thank you

  2. Clever user Antifringe from pavonisinteractive forums managed to find a solution

    „The commands you want are
    GetAll XComGameState_Unit strNickName
    GetAll XComGameState_Unit strFirstName
    GetAll XComGameState_Unit strLastName
    GetAll XComGameState_Unit ObjectID

    typing one of the first three commands will give you a list of all units and their names (fist, last, or nick, depending on which command you used). The list doesn’t contain the ObectID, but it does give you something called XComGAmeStateUnit, which is a temporary number given to the unit by the game.

    Next, you use the GetAll XComGameState_Unit ObjectID command, which lists everyone b their ObjectID. This list will also contain the XComGameStateUnit number from before,, so you can match the two lists and get everyone’s permanent ObjectID. Write those down, and you can add extra perks.“

  3. The Command has changed in War of the Chosen!
    Change your command from e.g.:

    SetSoldierStat eStat_HP 10 Katya Wolff


    SetSoldierStat eStat_HP 10 „Katya Wolff“ 1

    Now it should be working. ONLY WAR OF THE CHOSEN!

  4. it has changed with wotc, you now have to type for example :
    SetSoldierStat eStat_Offense 120 „Pratal Mox“ 1

    the changes are the „“ around the name and the 1 at the end.

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