Got any Plans for the Weekend?

When it is hot like today 32°C/90°F it is essential to find other ways to fatigue our dogs.

Huskies are very adaptable to warm weather, they lose all their undercoat and a lot of the top coat. Their fur, while protecting them from cold in winter, is no more than a breezy shirt. I find them able to handle the heat a lot better than other dogs in our packwalk.
Some of them refuse to move past the first crossing in the woods, and just want to return home.
Ninja and Smilla however still enjoy a hike through the woods. They are calm and move slowly, but they enjoy to be outside. Be careful with your fur-friends, it is easy for a dog to overheat in these temperatures.
Dogs can only regulate temperatures up to 86° by themselves via panting. If it becomes warmer it lies in your possibility to help them cool down. Dog ice cream, frozen meat (in small bits), frozen fruit (Ninja loves banana), plenty of water, maybe a wet towel, where they can lie on, a kiddie pool, cool tiles in the kitchen/bathroom/cellar… fresh ground they can dig up an lay on the cool ground below, etc… there are plenty of way to help them through the day.
We do not always want to hike at the river, but prefer to take things slowly… with a lot of rests. Once the panting stops we keep Ninja and Smilla busy using their brain and noses, as you can see in our Storyvideo of today.
We should do a longer hike in the Frankfurt area again… But the „Bruchseen at Hanau“ or the mountains at „Kelkheim“ are probably too crowded to enjoy them right over the weekend. Not sure, what we will do, yet. Do you have any plans? What are Your tricks to help the dogs with the heat?

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