Wildstar Housing Teaser

This Week’s Wildstar Wednesday is really amazing! Carbine not only revealed that Wildstar will have housing, but they did it in their own unique way. If you want a peek at Carbine’s art style, humor and none the less at some housing options then read on below!

Making Dreams come True … for money!

P.T. Rotostar, president and CEO of the galaxy-spanning Protostar Corporation, has just announced the immediate implementation of a bold new initiative in planetary settlement: Protostar’s Nexus Housing Initiative!

This is by far the best Feature Teaser I have seen in many years of MMO’s. Usually you get a some form of developer news, or an ingame video footage with comments if you are lucky, but rendered videos of this kind – showing off art style, humor and none the less ingame footage in a cool way – are extremely rare. Absolutely loving this video.

Of course many questions do now arise. Here are some that have come up on our IRC channel.

  • Are large plots, intended for guilds or can ’single‘ players ?
  • Can you own more than one house?
  • Can a single player manage/build a large plot by himself?
  • How expensive is housing? Is it aimed far into the elder game or will starting characters get access to some small „shack/barracks“?
  • Do you continuously upgrade your house from shack to castle or do you have to build each stage from scratch (ofc assuming there are different sizes)?
  • Will it require to have settlers to buy your house, or prepare a plot of land for housing?
  • Will houses decay if you are offline? unsubscribed?
  • „… insignificant chance to kill you!“, elaborate that please Mr P.T. Rotostar!
  • Will there be some quick access to your house?
  • How do you plan to limit locations for plots/houses? Could you place your house close to an instance?
  • Will they cost differently at different locations?
  • Can I invite my friends to the house?
  • Can I break into a house?
  • Can I attack an enemy faction plot?

You like the video? Let us know or add your question below!


169 Antworten auf „Wildstar Housing Teaser“

  1. Between this and GW2 it looks like Ncsoft will get all my money next year, the animation style here is perfect, I cannot believe it took this long for a western mmo to embrace it, considering all Asian ones at least try to look anime. Carbine, you truly make my dreams come true.

    … for money.

  2. This video was probably the first video from an MMORPG that made me laugh. Also, I’m really looking forward to the housing and to the actual game! Glad that some MMOs are bringing back housing to MMOs as an important feature instead of ignoring it.

  3. I can’t wait to build all my „defensive“ cannons all around my house. I just sure hope my neighbors come over to visit when I fire my ’signal‘ at them.

  4. 10/10
    Animation aare really amazing , haven’t see that for a long time . That game gonna be awesome if it based on Guild Wars economic model .

  5. In my opinion it is the „noncartoonish“ games that are the same old. Wildstar has a refreshing nice look, but to judge that you’d have to watch more footage and not base everything on a 20 sec excerpt.
    I find the whole trailer amazing good and the most interesting feature teaser I have seen in many years.

  6. In my opinion it is the „noncartoonish“ games that are the same old. Wildstar has a refreshing nice look, but to judge that you’d have to watch more footage and not base everything on a 20 sec excerpt.
    I find the whole trailer amazing good and the most interesting feature teaser I have seen in many years.

  7. In my opinion it is the „noncartoonish“ games that are the same old. Wildstar has a refreshing nice look, but to judge that you’d have to watch more footage and not base everything on a 20 sec excerpt.
    I find the whole trailer amazing good and the most interesting feature teaser I have seen in many years.

  8. Wanted to say shut up and take my money but it’s the top comment so far…..

    But ummmm yeah shut up and take my money now!

    Although you’ll only get it of you waste millions upon millions on voice-overs and not actual content…….
    Really really liking it and have enjoyed watching about this game since it was first announced last year. Initial impression was a Torchlightesque design but I see hints of Free Realms and that isn’t bad either for a casual just to kill some time game.

  9. Yes! I love this game more and more every time i see it… and i feel like i’ve said this already, but you’re still doing it right, can’t wait to see how it plays myself!

  10. yunno normally i am one of those guys that could give a rat’s ass about housing , but that was very cool and it’s nice to see they take the sanbox elements serious instead of just tacking them on to some themepark. yes Swtor i am looking at you.

  11. Please include a dragon somewhere in the environment; be it a skin, a companion, special move, or anything. I really love dragons and I’m sure there are more like me

  12. Okay, that looks great. Good luck, guys – here’s hoping you don’t go down the way of City of Heroes and the others because this looks too awesome to bury.

  13. Am I the only one who hopes that it will be a monthly fee for this game?

    I’d be so damned arsed to pay 50€~ per month on stuff like that and would much rather pay 10-12~ a month to have access to it all (and skip out on the more JAJA HUEHUE kinda people). Too damned OCD if I actually want to be able to get everything through regular work.

  14. Protostar already answered that with Protostar brand Insta-Ground. Can fill up any unsightly excavations within seconds, allowing minimum downtime in building more houses. More houses means more money, and if it’s one thing Protostar loves more than making your dreams come true, it’s your money.

  15. Thirded.

    F2P just = getting nickled and dimed ALL the time, making your gameplay experience immensely unenjoyable >.<

    Better to just pay upfront and do whatever you want.

  16. I love the way he gesticulates and his facial expressions, it really is the icing on the cake, most cinematics don’t put in that much effort.

  17. I agree with the others – I hope this is subscription-based so that I can just fork over $15/month and be done with it instead of getting nickle-and-dimed.

  18. This is actually a pretty fun and well-made video. I would just argue that the voice doesn’t really suit the poor guy, could have been potentially funnier with a weirder and not so clean voice.

  19. That is so fucking awesome!! i just love the cartoon style of this game and everything in it, i hope it’s not a subscription game.. i wont have time to play it all the time.. maybe work like a console game: just buy it once and everything else is free and includes extra items in a cash shop or something..

  20. Really nice detail where his eye twitches a little and he struggles just a bit to keep the smile at the end. Also „…for money“ =))))

  21. I wonder, can we build a house with a friend? Or conect my ireland with a friends ireland? That would be so good! *drool*

  22. Well, they have a Farmville style system (it’s literally just that. Don’t hit me..) where your friends can visit your home and clear out any problems or use your resources a bit where they get a small portion of the rewards you would get. So if you go out and monsters spawn out your home, your friends can go there, clear it up and get something out of it. It’s like “always on-invite for friends“ if you want ofc 😛

  23. I dunno how “dead“ since there’s a movie coming out of Ratchet and Clank in 2 years.. 😀 There’s a teaser trailer out 🙂

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  25. Personally I’m hoping for B2P. Guild Wars 2 is working out just fine with that model, and so did the Secret World when they went that route.

  26. acturly from what we have seen its all done by ingame currency i ashume they will probley have fancy stuff you put in your house etc for money

  27. Speculation huh… lets hope that’s true, and i wish this game come out asap before halloween, as i believe most of us will lose interest by then to GTAV and so on many triple A games.. also if this game require monthly sub, then i can forget it.

  28. The Question you gotta ask yourself is what Race is this guy??
    Please Carbine dont make these guys a race in upcoming expansions lol… LIKE<–

  29. That is so what I was thinking with every trailer I saw. Looks like Ratchet & Clank, but then an MMO. Surely something I want to try as a Ratchet fan :D.

  30. First time I saw this game I thought it was a Ratchet and Clank MMO, They still have 2 races to reveal, hears hoping for a Lombax. :3

  31. when he says ‚for money‘ at the end is he just sayn that cause his race is greedy like goblins as a joke? or does he mean it as in you have to buy it with real money. cause this game is free to play it would make sense if you had to buy the option to build your own home

  32. I feel ya, just don’t forget who owns wow. (activision). At least NCSoft didn’t make the game or it would be TIts asian but hips the game.

    I kind of have faith in Carbine Studios.

    But dat NCsoft tag ;/

  33. This reminded me of SWG.

    I would spend HOURS in my houses as I had so much fun doing that.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this awesome! I miss SWG crafting and making stuff and playing around with things in my houses. The other things look awesome but THIS will be what I will be spending most of my time doing.

  34. I *really* hate being ignored, it’s very rude not to answer someone when they ask you a question, so answer this! So, what happened to the Beta applications we filled out in late 2011/early 2012…now that you’ve brought out „new“ apps?!

  35. Please clarify. I understand you can’t just walk up to another person’s house plot, but can you at least SEE it in the sky while in the main world? Or are all those floating islands just there as generic examples of what houses look like? If you can’t at least SEE your home in the main world and point it out to other players, then I just don’t care about this feature and there’s no real reason to care. Rift has the exact same thing for the most part already.

  36. Don’t delete your account just yet. WildStar doesn’t come out until Spring.
    But yeah, WS > WoW in terms of gameplay(all aspects), lore, features, and
    sense of humor. I’ve tried it at a Con and I can say so from experience.

  37. This looks very well formatted, and I am excited to see what new directions
    they take with this. Also, I was worried they were going to make the houses
    a kind of pay to decorate feature, but after seeing some of the beta game
    play, I was pleasantly surprised when people picked up house items from
    downed enemies.

  38. Can’t freaking WAIT for the 31’st!!!! Why couldn’t they give digital deluxe
    a week headstart? Damnit I want it now!!!!

  39. Instantly made me think of ratchet and clank when I first saw this i swear.
    Instantly hooked me because I loved that series lol.

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