OffTopic Video: Lugosi sr

An Acquaintance of mine plays in a Punk Rock Band and they have asked me to help animate their video. We managed to get it published for Olympia as a Protest vs all the corruption, etc around the Games. Hope you like it!

Lugosi sr – Wanking goes Olympic

It was quite fun, they usually wanted to make the Video as animated GiF, There is not much to do just alternate 2 graphics, that is all. Offered my help, but was a bit surprised when a sketchbook arrived 😀 Turned out to be a bit bigger than expected, but quite fun to do.

Basically I have an invisible Layer with rotation and random placement and pickwhipped all the ~100 Layers to them. If I moved a frame around or did a rotation then all the others would do the same. This frame would have the expression to change its opacity.

Each section has a Picture A and Picture B, and I set Picture B’S Opacity to 100-Opacity of the invisible player, basically like this:

Since Wiggle does a constant motion I stumbled upon a script that makes the movement more jumpy.

wiggle(fps,amount,octaves = 1, amp_mult = 0.5,(Math.round(time*fps))/fps);

This expression does shake the layer 5 times a second for 15 pixels in x and y direction. Combined with an equal expression for rotation the whole „animated“ feeling of the clip got supported.

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