A look at Carbine’s Prop Team!

This Wildstar Wednesday we will have a look at „The Prop Team“ at Carbine Studios, which is creating the little gadgets that we have seen in previous videos. It is always nice to look behind the scenes, see the excitement for the project at the average worker, how and what they work on, giving the company a face.

The Prop Team

As stated above, todays video will feature the Prop Team and also some of the items they are working on. Enjoy! Btw, the sound volume seems kind of low, don’t forget to turn the volume down afterwards again.

Always wanted a tablet like that, but even if I had one I am not sure I could be as good as a real artist. It would be fun though! I’d create a rocking chair to sit in! Hmh, maybe with a prop parasol and holo-display, with remote auction house access!

Well maybe the rocking chair is not your favorite idea, what props do you want to see? Send us your questions for the Team, Carbine promised some answers 🙂


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