Witcher 2: Triss Merigold Nude Patch (Patch 1.2)

Out of curiosity I was looking at the xml-files in the Witcher 2 folder and noticed that there were some skin definitions. It was rather easy to make Triss Merigold appear nude everywhere. Sure it may be childish, on the other hand it doesn’t hurt anyone to give thes dark times a pleasant, bright contrast.


Download the Witcher 2 nude Triss Merigold Patch here.

What does it do?

You put the file def_item_npc.xml into the folder The Witcher 2CookedPCitems

If the folders CookedPC and items do not exist you need to create them.

The location should be The Witcher 2CookedPCitemsdef_item_npc.xml

Triss Merigold will appear naked everywhere.

This mod may override other Item Mods you may be using. Simply remove the file to delete the Mod.

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