Fallout: NPC Lookalike

When I played Fallout New Vegas I was kind of surprised by Cass – Rose of Sharon Cassidy – one of the NPC’s Companions you come across remindeds me totally of my gf Anna. Found it pretty nice to have her running around with me, on the other hand it is kind of disturbing, too 😀 But don’t you find the similarity odd, too?

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Witcher 2: NPC Behaviour, Rain

There are plenty of complaints about the NPC’s lack of reaction to happenings around them at the witcher forums. I was Idling in Flotsam (Act I) when it started to rain and suddenly noticed how the NPC’s ran to take cover from the rain. They caughed, complained and went back out in the sun when the rain was over. I instantly recalled the complaint and thought, „there you go, idiot!“. I absolutely love these details in „The Witcher 2“.