Skyrim Console Convenience Pack

If you have been working with the Skyrim console you realize that some tasks are super tedious. For example adding perks, removing perks. Noone wants to type in 50000 hex codes and here is where this little utiliy come in!

Convenience Pack, what is it?

The Skyrim console is a very nice and powerful tool to modify the game, however it is also quite complicated to use. I have covered many console commands here. But there is just so much stuff displayed which encouraged me to make things more convenient to use.

Basically I am using a set of commands in a Skyrim batch file which is doing the typing for you. Instead of adding 10 player perks you just run „bat add-restoration“ and your char learns the restoration perks. You have some perks in Archery that you want to get rid off? Type „bat del-archery“ and they will all be removed (You won’t be granted new perk points however) without you having to type every single id.

Here is a list of current commands and what they do:


  • add-spell-tomes : places all tomes in your inventoryadd-spell-tomes

    use „bat add-spell-tomes“ to run this this command
  • add-melee-weapons : adds Draedric melee weapons (one-handed/two-handed/dragonbane)add-melee-weapons

    use „bat add-melee-weapons“ to run this this command
  • summon-spectral-horse : summons a ridable spectral horse at the player Dsummon-spectral-horse

    use „bat summon-spectral-horse“ to run this this command
  • add-armor : adds Dragon Scale Armor (unenchanted) and Draedric Armor (unenchanted)add-armor

    use „bat add-armor“ to run this this command

Dragon Shouts

  • add-all-shouts : adds all dragonshouts and exactly the number of souls you needadd-all-shouts

    use „bat add-all-shouts“ to run this this command


  • skills-100 : sets all skills to 100 (no more levelup possible)skills-100

    use „bat skills-100“ to run this this command
  • skills-20 : sets all skills to 20skills-20

    use „bat skills-20“ to run this this command


These commands also have a remove version, if you type „del“ instead of „add“, e.g. „bat del-all-perks“

  • add-allperks : adds all perks of any treeadd-allperks

    use „bat add-allperks“ to add all perks of any tree

    use „bat del-allperks“ to remove all perks of any tree
  • add-caster : adds all alteration, conjuration, destruction, enchanting, illusion and restoration perksadd-caster

    use „bat add-caster“ to add all alteration, conjuration, destruction, enchanting, illusion and restoration perks

    use „bat del-caster“ to remove all alteration, conjuration, destruction, enchanting, illusion and restoration perks
  • add-combat : adds all archery, block, heavy armor, one-handed, smithing and two-handed perksadd-combat

    use „bat add-combat“ to add all archery, block, heavy armor, one-handed, smithing and two-handed perks

    use „bat del-combat“ to remove all archery, block, heavy armor, one-handed, smithing and two-handed perks
  • add-stealth : adds all alchemy, light armor, lockpicking, pick-pocket, sneak and speech perksadd-stealth

    use „bat add-stealth“ to add all alchemy, light armor, lockpicking, pick-pocket, sneak and speech perks

    use „bat del-stealth“ to remove all alchemy, light armor, lockpicking, pick-pocket, sneak and speech perks
  • add-alchemy : adds all alchemy perksadd-alchemy

    use „bat add-alchemy“ to add all alchemy perks

    use „bat del-alchemy“ to remove all alchemy perks
  • add-alteration : adds all alteration perksadd-alteration

    use „bat add-alteration“ to add all alteration perks

    use „bat del-alteration“ to remove all alteration perks
  • add-archery : adds all archery perksadd-archery

    use „bat add-archery“ to add all archery perks

    use „bat del-archery“ to remove all archery perks
  • add-block : adds all blocking perksadd-block

    use „bat add-block“ to add all blocking perks

    use „bat del-block“ to remove all blocking perks
  • add-conjuration : adds all conjuration perksadd-conjuration

    use „bat add-conjuration“ to add all conjuration perks

    use „bat del-conjuration“ to remove all conjuration perks
  • add-destruction : adds all destruction perksadd-destruction

    use „bat add-destruction“ to add all destruction perks

    use „bat del-destruction“ to remove all destruction perks
  • add-enchanting : adds all enchanting perksadd-enchanting

    use „bat add-enchanting“ to add all enchanting perks

    use „bat del-enchanting“ to remove all enchanting perks
  • add-heavy-armor : adds all heavy armor perksadd-heavy-armor

    use „bat add-heavy-armor“ to add all heavy armor perks

    use „bat del-heavy-armor“ to remove all heavy armor perks
  • add-illusion : adds all illusion perksadd-illusion

    use „bat add-illusion“ to add all illusion perks

    use „bat del-illusion“ to remove all illusion perks
  • add-light-armor : adds all light armor perksadd-light-armor

    use „bat add-light-armor“ to add all light armor perks

    use „bat del-light-armor“ to remove all light armor perks
  • add-lockpicking : adds all lockpicking perksadd-lockpicking

    use „bat add-lockpicking“ to add all lockpicking perks

    use „bat del-lockpicking“ to remove all lockpicking perks
  • add-one-handed : adds all one handed perksadd-one-handed

    use „bat add-one-handed“ to add all one handed perks

    use „bat del-one-handed“ to remove all one handed perks
  • add-pick-pocket : adds all pick-pocket perksadd-pick-pocket

    use „bat add-pick-pocket“ to add all pick-pocket perks

    use „bat del-pick-pocket“ to remove all pick-pocket perks
  • add-restoration : adds all restoration perksadd-restoration

    use „bat add-restoration“ to add all restoration perks

    use „bat del-restoration“ to remove all restoration perks
  • add-smithing : adds all smithing perksadd-smithing

    use „bat add-smithing“ to add all smithing perks

    use „bat del-smithing“ to remove all smithing perks
  • add-sneak : adds all sneaking perksadd-sneak

    use „bat add-sneak“ to add all sneaking perks

    use „bat del-sneak“ to remove all sneaking perks
  • add-speech : adds all speech perksadd-speech

    use „bat add-speech“ to add all speech perks

    use „bat del-speech“ to remove all speech perks
  • add-two-handed : adds all two handed perksadd-two-handed

    use „bat add-two-handed“ to add all two handed perks

    use „bat del-two-handed“ to remove all two handed perks


The download file is in zip format and has text files with a list of skyrim console commands to execute. For example the add-smithing command is stored in the add-smithing.txt

player.addperk cb40d
player.addperk 5218e
player.addperk cb40e
player.addperk cb410
player.addperk cb412
player.addperk cb413
player.addperk cb40f
player.addperk cb414
player.addperk cb411
player.addperk 52190

More commands will follow, I am still tuning how to work this tune stuff properly – like a proper levelup, etc. If you find errors or want to help with your own commands leave a comment below, thanks in advance!

–> Download <—

1.) Extract all files into your Skyrim directory
2.) Run commands in the Skyrim console, e.g. „bat add-archery“

Please link to this page and give proper credits, thanks!


You may need to clear your Browser Cache in order to get the newest version of the download.

  • 2011.11.22 : Bribe Perk; missing, got added
  • 2011.12.02 : Pick Pockets; fixed an error

63 Antworten auf „Skyrim Console Convenience Pack“

          1. Downloaded once more ( Didn’t notice the speech perk being absent in the first place, since I already increased that one from the start. ) Thanx once more, Myrddin.

  1. Thanks for the bat files! You’ve made it much easier to get the perks I want with my character, without worrying about running out, and you’ve saved me the time of typing out the text myself.

    1. @Mitchell
      Hiya, if you could supply a bit more information, then I could try to make it work for you! Which command were you trying to do? Did you copy the files into the correct folder?

  2. del-pick-pocket.txt is broken- need to add spaces. Copy/paste error Im assuming 🙂

    I made some nice batch files for adding perk points. Since there’s no console command for it, I basically
    1) Set level to 1
    2) set all skills to 1
    3) player.incpcs everything to 100

    Then you can go thru and take all the levels and get a ton of perks.

    1. @David Affinito
      Just depends on how you want to add stuff. I don’t like fiddling around with skills, since you need to reset them and also your level to have the reamining feel of „progression“ while playing with a modified game. I like to create a char, add the pers I like and then the shouts, spellbooks and take it from there. Hence this solution works fine for me. There is no command to set perk points to a special value, if that becomes available the add stuff here is obsolete.

    1. @Mquesay
      No, since depending on the current skill level, there is a different amount of increases required, I have explained this above. You can use a simple search and replace if you prefer to change the command.

    1. @Lio
      I’d really like to help, but „the console command“ is not nearly precise enough. If you are telling me which command exactly you are typing then I can launch my Skyrim and check for errors.

  3. it works now guess it hat set in but i have a question about another bug in the game thats really troublesome i cnt store items on people or in barrels or other storage its like drop is non existant when it comes to containers or people

  4. Just a suggestion; do you think you could edit the batch files so that they can be used for followers? I’d do it myself but I’m too lazy! xD

  5. this skyrim part two is better than the first one and one thing some of this stuff all you people i don’t know some of this all of you put on here don’t i don’t understand

  6. Hey dude thanks very much for these bat files they have saved me so much work. Thanks for putting in the time and sharing it with the Skyrim gamers!! 🙂

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