Create Skyrim Weapon/Armor/Item ID’s per Dropdown Menu

To make it easier to add items in Skyrim you can use this Item ID Creator. I have all Weapons, Cloth, Light and Heavy Armors, Ammunition, Jewelry, Food, Ingredients and more to come. Check back!

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Hope you like this nifty tool, would be nice to leave a comment (no registration required) if you do!

Category Item Amount

You can use the following command to create the item in your inventory or to place it at your feet:

Use the dropdown menu to display some console commands here

Special Containers

There are also a couple of special containers available. These contain a lot of Items at once which causes some issues with slow machines and it may take a while to open or crash the game client.

  • player.placeatme 000C2CD4 1 : All Ammo
  • player.placeatme 000C2CD6 1 : All Standard Armor
  • player.placeatme 000C2D3B 1 : All Books
  • player.placeatme 000C2CD8 1 : All Clothing and Jewelry
  • player.placeatme 000C2CD7 1 : All Enchanted Armor
  • player.placeatme 000C2CDF 1 : All EnchantedWeapons
  • player.placeatme 000C2CDA 1 : All Ingredients
  • player.placeatme 000C2CDB 1 : All Keys
  • player.placeatme 000C2CDC 1 : All Misc Items
  • player.placeatme 000C2CE2 1 : All Potions
  • player.placeatme 000C2CE1 1 : All Scrolls
  • player.placeatme 0010D9FF 1 : All Skill Books
  • player.placeatme 000C2CDD 1 : All Soul Gems
  • player.placeatme 000C2CD9 1 : All Spell Tomes
  • player.placeatme 000C2CDE 1 : All Staffs
  • player.placeatme 000C2CE0 1 : All Standard Weapons

And special thanks to Dormilich and Acoder for help with the script!


135 Antworten auf „Create Skyrim Weapon/Armor/Item ID’s per Dropdown Menu“

    1. @Loose Cannon
      Thanks for the feedback! Ingredients are already on the list btw. Sinc eI had been updating the page quite a bit you might need to force a reload by using shift+reload. It is Ingredients, Food, Keys, Soul Gems, Spell Tomes at the end of the list.

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the greatpost I don’t think there is anything better on the web atm. However I still can’t manage to find what I’m looking for. I would like to spawn Bookshelves in order to display my books. In the same way I would like to spawn Mannequins to display armors.

    I have looked into the console with the command help and tried all the bookshelf/shelf/book/book shelf/mannequin commands and none seemed to work or some strange things happened.

    If you could provide a solution to my problem, that would more than welcome!


    1. @Owld
      Currently, I do not know either how to place a proper book shelf. There seem to be 2 variables to it, the shelf and then an activation „trigger“ to make it an usable object.

  2. Hey Good job man but I think your missing the Stones needed to make the crown of Barenziah :/ I need them to finish my Quest for the Guild but walking around picking them up is so damn annoying. Good job with the other things though.

    1. @Kolur
      Thanks for the Feedback. Yeah I have only the plain version of items here, but added buttons at the right sidebar for every item. You can find missing items there, but you are right the stones are kind of important and I’ll add them here, too.

  3. i would post this in my last comment, but i didnt notice until now. i think that execution hoods should be categorized as light armor, and not as heavy armour. XD its just a black bag that goes on your head. kind of funny that you can actually wear an execution hood and still see fine.

  4. once again, your work here amazes me. Do you know the command code to delete a chest, like ones with all armor. i tried clicking the chest while in the command prompt page then typing markfordelete but nothing happens. Thanks again

          1. No problem, Im just glad to be of some help ^^ Thanks for putting all of this together, it has been a tremendous help ^^

  5. Btw Myrddin, there is one thing I have not found yet in this list, the Dark Brotherhood Robes/Hood/Hand Wraps/Shoes. They are named „Shrouded“ as the other set but i can not seem to find them.

    They can be found in the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary on a shelf next to Astrid’s table with the map and daggers on it.
    I dont know how you get the right item codes for them so I’ll leave that to you ^^


    1. @Crotaphos

      Heh, sorry I haven’t done the Dark Brotherhood questline, yet. What you could try to do is to open the console and to target the item and you can crossreference the id with the list here to see if it is the correct item.

      Here are some items that may fit:
      000E1F15 : Ancient Shrouded Armor (DBArmorSP)
      000E1F14 : Ancient Shrouded Boots (DBArmorBootsSP)
      000E1F17 : Ancient Shrouded Cowl (DBArmorHelmetSP)
      000E1F16 : Ancient Shrouded Gloves (DBArmorGlovesSP)
      000D2844 : Shrouded Armor (DBArmor)
      0005ABC3 : Shrouded Armor (DBArmorShortSleeve)
      000D2845 : Shrouded Boots (DBArmorBoots)
      000D2842 : Shrouded Cowl (DBArmorHelmet)
      0005ABC4 : Shrouded Cowl Maskless (DBArmorHelmetMaskLess)
      000D2843 : Shrouded Gloves (DBArmorGloves)
      000CF8A9 : Shrouded Hand Wraps (DBClothesHandWraps)
      000CF8A1 : Shrouded Hood (DBClothesHood)
      000CF8A0 : Shrouded Robes (DBClothesRobes)
      000CF89F : Shrouded Shoes (DBClothesShoes)
      00105966 : Worn Shrouded Armor (DBArmorWorn)
      0010EB5B : Worn Shrouded Armor (DBArmorWornPlayable)
      00105967 : Worn Shrouded Boots (DBArmorBootsWorn)
      0010EB5C : Worn Shrouded Boots (DBArmorBootsWornPlayable)
      00105969 : Worn Shrouded Cowl (DBArmorHelmetWorn)
      0010EB5D : Worn Shrouded Cowl (DBArmorHelmetWornPlayable)
      00105968 : Worn Shrouded Gloves (DBArmorGlovesWorn)
      0010EB5E : Worn Shrouded Gloves (DBArmorGlovesWornPlayable)

      My guess is ont he bolded ones

      1. These are the one’s I’ve been looking for ^^ Thanks!

        000CF8A9 : Shrouded Hand Wraps (DBClothesHandWraps)
        000CF8A1 : Shrouded Hood (DBClothesHood)
        000CF8A0 : Shrouded Robes (DBClothesRobes)
        000CF89F : Shrouded Shoes (DBClothesShoes)

  6. can you spawn an item, wuuthrad for example, with other enchantments? im wondering because i like how it looks, just want it to have the soul trap enchantment/ability on it and dont wanna end up messing up my game

    1. @tb0067
      You can play around witht eh playerenchantobject command. You just need the item id and the enchant id and there is a tool on this site that can help with that, check the content slider at the top of the page.

    2. Hey man i have the code for you : enchantobject 000956b5 0004dba3 this will add another wuuthrad in your inv and with the soultrap enchantment, this soultrap will work but you wont be able to see an effect like a purple glow around wuuthrad

    1. I can’t get added Nightinggale Armor to actually appear in my inventory either. The console says „Nightinggale Boots added“ but they do not appear in my apparel list, nor are they available for me to upgrade at the workbench.

    1. @wopfer
      As mentioned these containers with hundreds of items can be tough on your system. If your system can’t handle it you need to manually enter above item ids for items you want.

    1. @Raz
      You can find all Weapons here. I left out some quest rewards since they come in different strengths and it would confuse people if there were for example 5 chillrends to choose from.

      • 000F8313 : Chillrend (TG07Chillrend001)
      • 000F8314 : Chillrend (TG07Chillrend002)
      • 000F8315 : Chillrend (TG07Chillrend003)
      • 000F8316 : Chillrend (TG07Chillrend004)
      • 000F8317 : Chillrend (TG07Chillrend005)
      • 000F8318 : Chillrend (TG07Chillrend006)
    1. @Darkslayer247
      I am not sure what you are talking about, I am sure it would help to tell us the name of the item you are looking for „or something like that“ doesn’t really help when we are talking about 10000’s of item/spell/npc ids.
      Edit: A Quick Google search helped. You are looking for a Book that increases Skillpoints the Oghma Infinium, itemid 0001A332.

  7. This website and its creator is absolutely awesome, but i feel that with these cheats, it took away the play out of the game. good thing i played skyrim up to level 55 without cheats and it’s at master level, i had fun. Now running around with jacked up armors and weps from this website and everything just dies when i walk by them, lol. Thanks for everything you’re great it’s much appreciated. 🙂

    1. @JamesBond007Killer
      Thanks a lot for the feedback! Usually I don’t meddle with cheats before I beat the game once, but then I like to do all, see all, get best stuff and focus on stuff I have missed before. But I guess you are right, the more you boost your char the more boring it gets 😀 I did one run through with 2 dremora lord rings and had them kill all my opponents and stuff. That was kind of fun 😀

  8. Man! Epic! Really really really helpful! Rather than the console „help“ command, and going on google and checking the item id’s of every item. Thanks a lot! 😀

  9. Any chance this may be expanded to include spells, rather than spell books?

    Also, do you know of any way to use the console (or anything, really) to obtain a list of spells a player has? Tytanis added *something* (don’t know quite what) and now my game crashes after uninstalling whenever I access the magic menu. I’ve narrowed it down to *something* added by Tytanis that can be added to the player via the command PBS, but I can’t open up my magic menu to see the normal list of spells. (I’ve got tons more info about this problem on the bug report I made here: if for some reason you’re interested)

    1. @Joseph
      I have no idea what Tytantis is, hence I can’t help with that. But maybe someone else can help. While this page lists all physical items, there is also a list with all Spell IDs and MGEFs.

  10. Hi!I have a really big problem..I used the special container on the throat of the world and now when i need to learn dragonrend the special container blocks that warrior and they can’t start fight alduin.What should i do?I don’t want to lose all i did..

    1. Hey i have a solution i think, it seems you are on the PC so try clicking the container and type : Disable it will remove it, if you placed stuff in it wait until you learned the shout and when it is done go back in the console and type : Enable then it will respawn with all your stuff! 😀 hope i helped.

    1. Phew, thought at first you blamed me for it 😀 but there is nothing on this site that can get you hacked
      Then I realized that you were thankful for providing these codes so you could get back to your previous game. Glad that it helped you 🙂

  11. Hey man this is really helpfull! a little notice that at „“Daggers““ the blade of Woe is missing, or i`m overlooking it :S but i really cantfind it
    thnx for the work on this epic site.

  12. Is there a item code for the Elder Scroll? cause i sold it to Winterhold and now i found out that Septimus needs it and i cant get the scroll back

  13. What a great Tool!!! Love the effort put into this to help others quickly get the codes they want. Two things that would improve it not by much as it is already the bomb! 1. make it to where I can just say Weapons and get all weapons or Keys and get all keys not have to do one key at a time. Other than that man it is the best thing I have seen on the internet.

    1. @scalpskinner
      Thanks for the Feedback! At the right side you find lists like „All Weapons“ „All Scrolls“ „All Books“ … sounds like pretty much the stuff you were looking for!

  14. Hey can you help me the nightingale set doesn’t show up in my inventory i saw the comments here and i just did what you told him but i still cant see the nightingale set plssssss help me !!! Can you just email me the steps, my email is [removed for privacy]. Alot of thanks for the website.

    1. @Jerome try these:
      OOOFCCOD ArmorNightingaleBoots
      OOOFCCOE ArmorNightingaleCuirass
      OOOFCCOF ArmorNightingaleCuirass
      OOOFCCIO ArmorNightinga!eGauntlets
      OOOFCC11 ArmorNightingaleGauntlets
      OOOFCC12 ArrnorNightingaleHelmet
      0OOFCC13 ArmorNightingaleHelmet

  15. I just want to say this is the best site for all of your skyrim’s needs THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!!!!! I use this all the time your a God send and again THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH Please whatever you do please don’t get rid of this site ok? I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. @D
      Hello, glad you like the site, but I can see bound arrows. Try to select „Arrows“ -> „Bound Arrows“ -> „10“
      It will return: „player.additem 10b0a7 100“

  16. These codes are really awesome but i cant find one for the dragon masks, do they exist cause i lost one of these masks so can i get it back??

  17. early on in the game i was tryin to level my sneak and pick pocket so i started takin stuff from the college and i took the 5 rings by accident ive torn my houses apart went to everyone ive sold stuff to and cant seem to find the rings im getting very agitated about to just say F*** it and start over unless anyone happens to know the item codes cuz its really getting on my nerves badly…SOMEONE SAVE ME THE TROUBLE OF STARTING OVER!!!

  18. Hey! I really want to thank you! This is really really awsome and it’s a lot of usefull too. I don’t usually cheat (at least until I have finished the game once) but I can see all the effort you have put into it. Nice work 🙂 (excuse if my english is bad, but I hope It’s was clear enough jaja)

  19. Hey so why wont it work for me i am going to the console command bar than i type, playerenchantobject 487d8 3EAF3 CDB75
    for the item i want and it says item not found why is that?

        1. @Hachouma
          Hmh, I think they are ready to be filed, but I am not sure. It has been a while since I did this 🙂 Just reinstalled my PC and don’t have Skyrim installed atm.

  20. JUST A HEADS UP….AS I LOVE ENCHANTED archery ARMOR….so i made a stock (with your tool)
    set of dragon plate boots and armor archery enchanted to ramp up my soulmaster bow
    to 800+ damage strength…. where you can shoot dragons out of the air….try spawning 5 at once… lol

    ANYWAYS : i was enchanting a moon amulet with „TWIN: archery enchantments ok
    BIG MISTAKE….because when i put it on, i keeled over dead like rigamortis had set in already ->DEAD
    so, to double the same enchantment is a NO NO

  21. This site is awesome! I have been playing Skyrim for a few months, and have recently started using the Console to enhance the game for me. I am really interested in the House decorating possibilities. I stumbled onto this website after literally hours of Googling for Item ID’s ( I had less than two pages). This site is exactly what I have been looking for THANK YOU! I have browsed the „Items“ Category and am having trouble finding light sources like you see inside buildings and houses. I would really appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction for finding those types of Item codes. Thank you again for your efforts, please let me know how to donate to your site.

    I was wondering if you plan on adding a Build/Decoration category? I have found codes for all kinds of things from Tanning racks to Walls and Floors. I personally do not care to build my own buildings, but I like adding things like display cases to my houses around Skyrim.

  22. Was looking for the Nightingale set as well, do not use the 0004xxxx series of armor as they will just show up as carried weight and nothing else – must be the quest armor you get and need to be flagged for. the 0005xxxx and 000Fxxxx series of armor does show up in inventory – there are 3 enchantment levels. Have not tested the weapons extensively, but I know one blade type shows up and the other just adds weight (as above)

    1. @qman35
      You realize that you can get the exact item you want via console, instead of porting somewhere and having to look through thousand items for the one you actually wanted? 😀 There is also only a limited amount of items at the secret room, here you have all you could possibly want.

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