Create Enchanted Item Codes via Dropdown Menu

There are a lot of items and enchants in the game, to ease the process of fiddling around with IDs I thought this Dropdown Menu would make it much easier to do!

Create Enchanted Items


  • This tool is work in progress! If you want to help with this, leave working magic effects as comments.
  • Also I am desperately looking for a parse of MGEF effects.
  • There is no error check, not sure if all enchants work everywhere, I am testing each enchant before posting here and try to only have the most potent version up.
  • Enchant Strength depends on your Enchanting Skill

Category Item Enchant 1 Enchant 2

You can use the following command to create the item in your inventory or to place it at your feet:

Use the dropdown menu to display some console commands here


  • std : standard enchanting effect, the kind that you can get from disenchanting items
  • wpn : a typical weapon effect
  • arm : a typical armor effect
  • alch : effect from an alchemy potion; usually an increase by % – can be enchanted with no problems
  • conj : a conjurable creature
  • mgef : other magic effects, often on items or from spells


  • If an enchant is missing, leave a comment and I’ll try to fix it!
  • Nocturnal and Nightingale Shadow need to be on the same item, then it does work

List of Effects

These effects are currently implemented, let me know if some of them do not work. to make it easier I used categories:

  • Absorb Health; standard weapon effect
  • Absorb Stamina; standard weapon effect
  • Banish; standard weapon effect
  • Drain Magicka; standard weapon effect
  • Fear; standard weapon effect
  • Fire Damage; standard weapon effect
  • Frost Damage; standard weapon effect
  • Magicka Damage; standard weapon effect
  • Paralyze; standard weapon effect
  • Shock Damage; standard weapon effect
  • Soul Trap; standard weapon effect
  • Stamina Damage; standard weapon effect
  • Turn Undead; standard weapon effect
  • Articulation; standard armor effect
  • Fire Damage; standard armor effect
  • Fortify Alchemy %; standard armor effect
  • Fortify Alteration; standard armor effect
  • Fortify Alteration; standard armor effect
  • Fortify Archery; standard armor effect
  • Fortify Armor Rating; standard armor effect
  • Fortify Barter; standard armor effect
  • Fortify Blocking; standard armor effect
  • Fortify Carry Weight; standard armor effect
  • Fortify Conjuration; standard armor effect
  • Fortify Conjuration; standard armor effect
  • Fortify Destruction; standard armor effect
  • Fortify Destruction; standard armor effect
  • Fortify Enchanting; standard armor effect
  • Fortify Health #; standard armor effect
  • Fortify Heavy Armor; standard armor effect
  • Fortify Illusion; standard armor effect
  • Fortify Illusion; standard armor effect
  • Fortify Light Armor; standard armor effect
  • Fortify Lockpicking; standard armor effect
  • Fortify Magicka #; standard armor effect
  • Fortify One-Handed; standard armor effect
  • Fortify Persuasion; standard armor effect
  • Fortify Pickpocket; standard armor effect
  • Fortify Restoration; standard armor effect
  • Fortify Restoration; standard armor effect
  • Fortify Shouts; standard armor effect
  • Fortify Smithing %; standard armor effect
  • Fortify Sneak; standard armor effect
  • Fortify Stamina #; standard armor effect
  • Fortify Two-Handed; standard armor effect
  • Muffle; standard armor effect
  • Regen Health %; standard armor effect
  • Regen Magicka %; standard armor effect
  • Regen Stamina %; standard armor effect
  • Regenerate Magicka; standard armor effect
  • Resist Disease; standard armor effect
  • Resist Fire; standard armor effect
  • Resist Fire; standard armor effect
  • Resist Frost; standard armor effect
  • Resist Frost; standard armor effect
  • Resist Magic; standard armor effect
  • Resist Magic; standard armor effect
  • Resist Poison; standard armor effect
  • Resist Shock; standard armor effect
  • Resist Shock; standard armor effect
  • Waterbreathing; standard armor effect
  • Fortify Alchemy ; alchemy effect
  • Fortify Alteration; alchemy effect
  • Fortify Barter; alchemy effect
  • Fortify Block; alchemy effect
  • Fortify Carry Weight; alchemy effect
  • Fortify Conjuration; alchemy effect
  • Fortify Destruction; alchemy effect
  • Fortify Enchanting; alchemy effect
  • Fortify Health; alchemy effect
  • Fortify Heavy Armor; alchemy effect
  • Fortify Illusion; alchemy effect
  • Fortify Light Armor; alchemy effect
  • Fortify Lockpicking; alchemy effect
  • Fortify Magicka; alchemy effect
  • Fortify Marksman; alchemy effect
  • Fortify One-handed; alchemy effect
  • Fortify Persuasion; alchemy effect
  • Fortify Pickpocket; alchemy effect
  • Fortify Restoration; alchemy effect
  • Fortify Smithing; alchemy effect
  • Fortify Sneak; alchemy effect
  • Fortify Stamina; alchemy effect
  • Fortify Two-handed; alchemy effect
  • Invisibility; alchemy effect
  • Regen Health; alchemy effect
  • Regen Magicka; alchemy effect
  • Regen Stamina; alchemy effect
  • Resist Fire; alchemy effect
  • Resist Frost; alchemy effect
  • Resist Magic; alchemy effect
  • Resist Poison; alchemy effect
  • Resist Shock; alchemy effect
  • Restore Health; alchemy effect
  • Restore Health; alchemy effect
  • Restore Magicka; alchemy effect
  • Restore Magicka; alchemy effect
  • Restore Stamina; alchemy effect
  • Restore Stamina; alchemy effect
  • Waterbreathing; alchemy effect
  • Conj Dragon Priest; conjuration effect
  • Conj Dremora Lord; conjuration effect
  • Conj Familiar; conjuration effect
  • Conj Flame Atronach; conjuration effect
  • Conj Flame Thrall; conjuration effect
  • Conj Frost Atronach; conjuration effect
  • Conj Frost Thrall; conjuration effect
  • Conj Potent Flame Atronach; conjuration effect
  • Conj Potent Flame Thrall; conjuration effect
  • Conj Potent Frost Atronach; conjuration effect
  • Conj Potent Frost Thrall; conjuration effect
  • Conj Potent Storm Thrall; conjuration effect
  • Conj Storm Atronach; conjuration effect
  • Conj Storm Thrall; conjuration effect
  • Sum Arniel’s Shade; conjuration effect
  • Sum Dremora; conjuration effect
  • Sum Hero from Sovngarde; conjuration effect
  • Flame Cloak; magic effect
  • Insubstantial; magic effect
  • Konahrik’s Privilege; magic effect
  • Nightingale Shadow; magic effect
  • Nocturnal; magic effect
  • Candlelight; magic effect
  • Invisibility; magic effect
  • Dragonhide; magic effect
  • Night Eye; magic effect
  • Backstab; magic effect
  • Ebony Mail Enchant; magic effect


270 Antworten auf „Create Enchanted Item Codes via Dropdown Menu“

  1. Okay, I found a new codes:
    If 877d5 gives you a gold necklace, then…
    XXXXX 3EB15 Restore Q Points of health, where Q is your enchantment skill
    16 Same as above, but for stamina
    17 Same as above, but for magicka
    18 Potions mixed are Q% stronger, where Q is your enchantment skill
    19 1-Handed weapons do Q% more damage, ….
    21 Lockpicking is q% easier, where Q……
    22 You are Q% harder to detect
    23 Haggle is Q% easier
    24 Alteration spells last Q% longer
    25 Conjuration spells last Q% longer
    ***26 Destruction spells are Q% STRONGER!!!!!!!
    27 Illusion spells are Q% Stronger
    28 Restoration spells are Q% Stronger
    AND FINALLY!!!!!!

    1. @Daniel,
      Thanks for the list
      You got a bit excited about enchanting though 😀 the proper code for it is 3eb29, you have 3eb22 is “ … % harder to detect“ as you wrote a few lines above. But great codes!
      3eb29 : Fortify Enchanting, „Increases Enchanting by … %“

    2. I was wondering if you could post an example of a command and the function for what you have found – or if anyone who understands it can help.
      I use the ENCHANTOBJECT 877d4(for a GOLD RING) 3EB18
      And I get what???? A gold ring that lets me enchant potions that are %(MY ALCHEMY) stronger? I’m not sure how one is suppose to use these commands.
      I would appreciate help because the first time I tried to enchant an object with the commands I found here, I gave myself green & yellow leaves flying around
      my feet that I can’t remove. Yeah, I did save but I thought it was a feature of the enchanted object until I read an article 5 months later talking about the SPRIGGEN/WISPMOTHER BUG and I realized that I couldn’t remove the leaves by removing the enchanted object (which by this point I had forgotten WTH I enchanted.)

      So while I“d like to use these commands, perhaps someone could help me out and explain it a little more to the slower kid in the class. Remember, in Skyrim, No Child Is left behind.

      Sorry to be dense, but where did the NECKLACE come from?? I thought we were working with a gold ring?
      How do the above command work with the “ ENCHANTOBJECT OBJECTCODE ENCHANTCODE1 ENCHANTCODE2 code?


      1. @Irving
        The item is created through the command, some effects are buggy and don’T work. But as people like to experiment with stuff I have left them in. The statincreases, etc depend on your current enchanting skill.

  2. Hello!
    I was wondering about „nocturnal“ and „Nightingale Shadow“ for my part no works, is there something special to do?

    ps: sorry for my English, thank you google translate!

        1. @Casore
          It seems that they are part of an item set that is currently not working. There are 2 notes on the wiki:

          1.) The Shadowsight, Shadowstrength, Shadowstrike, and Shadowthrive enchantments are learned from disenchanting Linwe’s Armor, Linwe’s Boots, Linwe’s Gloves, and Linwe’s Hood. The Blessing of Mara is obtained by disenchanting The Bond of Matrimony after you get married. Yes the table is correct, these enchantments cannot be placed on anything. This may be a bug either in that the enchantments may not be intended to be obtained, or that they are unable to be placed on anything.
          2.) The Shadow Warrior perk (from the Sneak tree) conflicts with Shadowcloak of Nocturnal. This occurs because of the way the Shadow Warrior perk works. (Shadow Warrior causes you to go invisible briefly, causing enemies to pick a different target) With Shadowcloak of Nocturnal active, crouching when enemies see you will cause both Shadowcloak of Nocturnal and Shadow Warrior to make you go invisible, but after about half of a second, Shadow Warrior removes the invisibility.

          I’ll just keep them on the list and hope for a fix in a future patch.

  3. Re!
    When I use „nocturnal“ + „Nightingale Shadow“ on the same item as:
    „playerenchantobject c8913 17121 1058a9“

    Here my character becomes invisible in sneak mode! Thank you!

    1. @Touth:

      Where Q is the value of your enchanting skill, it is changeable based on the following:
      Make an item with increase enchantment on it. If your current enchantment level is 100%, then the item will become 200%, or 200Q.
      Equipping the new item and performing the same action will make a 300% item. If you keep doing this eventually you will be able to have an item that will grant 10,000% enchantment.

      1. you can stack the fortify enchanting (enchant) with the fortify enchanting (alch) on any item. make a whole set of it (I use falmer helmet + circlet since that creates extra slot). wear that set of + enchanting and make a whole new set. But it goes up exponentially, not just by 100, since it increases your enchant strength by x% and increases your enchanting skill by x.

    1. @Touth
      Well I am not balancing stuff, just passing numbers to the client 😀 I think the balancing for mana cost reduction is 25% at 100 skill, meaning you need to get 4 enchants (with maxed enchanting and perks) to get 0% man costs.

  4. So, does anyone know how to rename an item after it has been produced? I don’t like having a bunch of items listed as „gold diamond ring“ in my inventory, all with different effects.

    If anyone knows how to change Gold Diamond Ring:
    Increase damage by 100 for 0 second to…

    Ring of Obliteration:
    Same effect, that would be epic.

    Also, does anyone know if we are able to disenchant an item we made through the console?

    1. Agreed. I have made some of these items, and have tried to disenchant them with no luck, saying I have already learnt that enchant. Then I try to enchant gear with it, and I don’t have the enchant in question detailed in my list of enchants…Quite perplexing.

  5. Locate the ‚Backstab‘ enchantment found on the Dark Brotherhood gloves (it comes in various titles too, like the Jester’s is different wording), and report the code on that. I cant figure it out, but it would make a lot of heavy armor sneakers happy to put that on their gear. 😉

        1. Sooper! thanks for that.. 😀

          I’m done with the main quest for Skyrim, so gonna start my 2nd playthrough..
          Is it just me, or is the code for Fortify Destruction, standard armor enchant missing?

          Do post it up.. would love to reduce destruction mana cost.. 😀

          1. @subhashjo
            As mentioned before, Bethesda was smart enough to have 4 magic effects called „Fortify Destruction“ and it would confuse if it was 4 times in the list, meaning I added only the most powerful version of it. The code for the enchant one you are looking for should be „playerenchantobject 877d5 7a0f6„.

  6. Ha, I got my bow to do 700 damage, and that’s just with 47% more bow damage on a few items… I wonder what would happen if I made some items with 100% more bow damage >:D

    Thanks again, this website has been a lot of help!.

    1. bow damage plus +% damage + perks, once my bow exceded mid 800’s it glitched back down to 200ish. not sure if just visual.
      so with one of these enchants (100%) I could only make a bow about 400 and some change without it glitching…

    2. dude if u make all equiped items values %100 for bows your damage increase to 2500 if u using daedric bow and if u enchanted your bow it doesnt show in bottom where your current damage value shows but i think it wil icrease to 3200 and you able to kill whoever and whatever u want in 1 shot! (note:yes im pretty sure cause i tried 😀 )(note2: sorry for my bad english)

  7. I made a bow that did 100% more archery damage, but my bow damage didn’t go up past 700. This leads me to think that the max you can have a weapons damage, by use of enchants, only going up to 700. However, there is a console command to increase the damage you deal, but the weapon itself will only go up to 700 before capping.

  8. i changed my smithing skill to like 99999 and used the grinding stone on a bow and its attack rating went to like 25750323 or something like that.

    1. @Alex
      Most sites list only one enchant since they are not aware of the „Extra Effect“ perk, which basically allows for 2 enchants on an item. Think this command only reflects this change. It may be possible with an addon to increase the amount of effects you can place on an item.

      1. ahhh yes i noticed that! But my point is there is a mod up at nexus, that allows 4 enchants per weapon, but obviously the command doesn’t recognise that, and so you’re still limited to just the 2 if doing it by console. Just wondering if there is a way to actually edit the command? Or any easy way we can put 4 enchants on via the console?

  9. For things I can enchant with the game’s normal means to have a permanent +40 sneak enchant, your method gives me items with „+100 sneak for 0 seconds“

    For one thing, I don’t really want 100 sneak, that just breaks the game. for another, „for 0 seconds“ seems to indicate the enchant won’t work at all.

    I figure I’m probably missing something obvious?

    I’m using your code like the following „playerenchantobject 13966 3EB22 92A57“ for example produces items with fortify effects „for 0 seconds“.

    1. „for 0 seconds,“ means it’s permanent. It will last as long as the item is equipped.

      As for your other problem. A simple fix is to decrease your sneak to 40, then use the code, then put your sneak back to it’s original level. IIRC, the number you get is dependent on the level of the skill. So, fortify alchemy will increase by x, where x is the level of your alchemy skill.

      If you have 20 alchemy, then the command will give you an item with fortify alchemy by 20 points for 0 seconds, and if you have 98 alchemy, it will increase it by 98 for 0 seconds.

      This is my understanding, at least.

    2. @Tsais
      Its fine if you want to play the „for things, for one“-game lets to that. For one, the enchant you linked was the muffle effect, not the sneak effect. When I enchant boots with a muffle effects there is no duration on it, which indicates that it is not the enchant we are really talking about „Fortify Sneak […] 3eb22“, which is the only stealth enchant on the list with a duration. However the (alch) behind it, you should read about the abbreviations below the dropdown list, indicates that you chose an Alchemy Effect instead of a (std,arm) effect and it should not come with a surprise that alchemy effects have a duration.
      Also if you are unsure if the effects work at all, its easy to test them then you could omit stuff like „indicate the enchant won’t work at all“ with a fact – and thus also help to track down possible errors.
      As you wrote correctly there are plenty of different „sneak“ efftects on item: e.g. +stats, +..% harder to detect, + sneaking is ..% better. They are all called „fortify sneak“ and would probably confuse anyone if they appeared 4 times in the drop down list.
      The Enchants I am using above are all labeled „0007A103 Fortify Sneak (EnchFortifySneakConstantSelf)“ versus the one you chose „0003EB22 Fortify Sneak (AlchFortifySneak)“
      Also you cannot control the „power“ of the enchants other by changing the enchanting skill or enchanting power effects. If you are into „real values“ or limits in terms of which items can use which enchant you can always use the ingame Enchanter.

  10. Has anyone found a code that works for a % off all magic school costs like the Archmage robes? I’ve found 10E80A that gives 3% but doesn’t seem to scale with a higher enchant level.

    1. Oh and there is an ENCH B7A30 that is called „fortify all magic skills“ but doesn’t work via playerenchantobject. Is there another way to use that code?

      1. @Terry
        Here is the mentioned enchant, don’t forget that you cannot enchant most „ENCH“ effects, instead they call MGEF effects, like the ones listed here. „Fortify All Magic Skills“ calls these effects, and yes probably with standard values. But yep I do not know atm how to enchant the item with playerenchantobject.

  11. This may is a noob question, but I am new at this. But how do i get my enchant skill higher? If i try „3eb29“ it does not work, can you help me?

    1. @Newuser
      this page is only for enchanting items and giving you a convenient way to do it. Use the dropdown-fields to select item and one or two enchants and you will receive an item. If you select fortify enchanting(alch) you will receive an item that will increase your enchanting by ..% of your current enchanting skill.
      To increase your enchanting skill you may need to use the player.setav enchanting [value] command to raise it.

  12. well i’vw been tryin to figure a way to get the Ebony blades enchant on a ring so i can just wolf out and have some fun any feedback would be great thx

  13. @ Myrddin – these days the term ‚Legend‘ is thrown around quite frequently.. but you sir DESERVE it! 😀

    would it be possible for you to add the code for the Falmer Helmet/hood or whatever its called.
    i’m trying to enchant it so that i can use it with the dragon mask glitch.. 😉


    1. @subhashjo
      Thanks for the feedback and for the notice abotu the item. It is easy for these little errors to slip in with these huge lists. The Falmer Helmet was listed under Light Armor and I moved it to heavy armor, where it belongs. The code is „playerenchantobject 4c3cb [enchantid] [enchantid]“.

    2. Just realized i had more queries.. (pardon the inquisitiveness) 🙂

      I just enchanted my armor, gauntlets, boots & helmet with fortify 1 handed.
      but in the active effects, it just shows my armor.. does not reflect the other 3 articles of armor.

      Same with the case for enchant smithing & alchemy; only smithing seems to reflect.

      Any ideas for a workaround?

      1. @subhashjo
        If you used the Fortify One-Handed(alch) it does not stack – since you can’t drink more fo the same potions for better effect. What I did was to create items with fortify enchanting +100%. Then I put on the item and did it again. At some point the enchants were +2000% and then used different enchants for all armor. 2000% magicka regen/helath on chest, destruction/restorartion magic on gloves, etc etc …
        If that isn’t enough you can go to the right sidebar and use the „all magic effect“ list and try the other fortify one handed id’s … you can use control+f to open a search window in firefox.

  14. Is there a way to add the dawnbreaker glow effect or the glow brighter when undead are near effect to other weapons and armor? Also none of the detect life variations seem to work inside/outside, friendly, or not. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. @Fool
      I am sure there is a way to make the glow brighter, but I suppose you need a mod for it.
      Was not able to get them to work either. I tried tons of different possibilities. Hence their removal in the menu.
      Edit: just noticed that I forgot to push the change online.
      Edit: fixed

  15. 7f82f seems to work for bows at least. It adds the shout knockback effect. It doesn’t seem to show unless its the only enchantment on the weapon. Seems to work fine if your enchanting is 100 but changing to 1000 or 10000 causes it to fail.

  16. i am trying to enchant the nightingale armor set and i cannot get any enchantments to appear on the armor, gloves, boots, or hood. the only enchantments that appear are the ones that are base to the set. i downloaded a mod that contained unenchanted versions of the set and i found and used thier item codes in place of the one in the tool above. still to no avail. any idea as to why it is not working for me?
    Edit: nvm, i found the problem.

      1. the problem was simple, i had to actually reset the game for the item to appear with the right enchantments on it. i have no idea why it was only working that way, but i figured that id try everything before i give up and let someone else find out the problem for me. i really appreciate the time you have put into the troubleshooting for this website and others games. thank you.

          1. thanks Myr, but Casore referred to the nocturne and nightingale shadow enchants.

            I posted in this sub thread because doing „Nightingale Armor“ doesn’t create an item. That being said I guess a mod is required to unlock it. I am trying to steer clear of mods as I am only using codes to modify my 360 character on my PC version then exporting it back.

          2. @Rangerlump
            Thanks for clearing it up, wasn’t quite sure what you were referring to. Another comment above mentioned relogging after creating the items, maybe that will help you.

          3. No worries, he said he downloaded a mod, but the items were showing proper enchant, I am not even seeing the items, just like executioners robes etc. so must be a mod that requires it. sorry for taking up your time. this site is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

        1. If anyone else needs just the nightingale armor use player.additem [with the corresponding number from wikipedia(nitingale armor page)]

          1. Yeah, you can see the ID of the armor above, too or even better here. Just that you can’t give it additional enchants, like any other item that already has enchants on it.

        1. Do You mean:
          -Skyrim Console Convenience Pack (has just deadri and dragon armor w/e enchantments)
          -All Skyrim Weapon/Armor/Item ID’s per Dropdown (spawn it invisible and weightless?)
          -Lists: All Armor (spawn leveled 3 of those and one invisible and weightless)

          1. @VVirus
            The Convenience Pack gives unenchanted (standard) armor, yes. So you can enchant it manually (sort of like the people who like to cheat without removing all challenge of the game.
            But I was hinting that the List with all armors has them all listed and a text search on the page will show shou all related results. It seems that the „blank“ version of the armor is invisible, I have not tried reloading a save (was mentioned in one of the comments as „fix“), while the „enchanted“ version comes in a few different strengths just like many quest rewards. If neither of these work for you the normal nonmodded game has no solution for you sadly.

  17. To save ench slots one may addspell Shadowcloak [17122] as long as you have Nocturnal [1058a9] on an equipped item. I think this is probably better than putting the Shadowcloak mgef on an item as it seems to have the 1/day and 2m duration so one would want to be able to selectively activate it as a power.

    17121 and 17122 seem to call on 1058a9 for the invisibility but I don’t know how to add the 1058a9 effect to my character. Also appreciated if you continued to find a way to set a name to these enchanted items. Thanks again for your work.

    1. I think it is hardcoded since it is the enchant of the Amulet of Talos, if I remember correctly. The one that is on the beheaded guys body (in solitude). But at least you could add this and another enchant on the same item, I suppose which does not sound too bad.

    1. @Sebasitan
      I am pretty sure you can check the mgef effects of staffs and apply the effect to a blank weapon. Just haven’t seen a list of blank, empty staffs that could be used.

      1. I can help you with that. If you go to coc qasmoke, there’s each of the different DisplayID’d staffs, unenchanted. Namely:
        Necromantic Staff.
        Illusion Staff.
        Conjuration Staff.
        Alteration Staff.
        Restoration Staff.
        Destruction Staff.
        Those are the unenchanted version. Oh and, you might not be the right person to ask, but I’ve been snooping around trying to find out if the visual and spell effects of “ Staff of Magnus “ is a available as castable player spell – Any idea?

    2. Oh and, it would be great if someone could give me status on the Cost Reduction of all skills, or boosting all schools power, for an enchant. Also, Myrddin, would it be possible to fix the enchanter so that you can control it’s values :)?

  18. You are currently unable to enchant items that already have enchantments on them, E.g. shrouded armor, Nightingale gloves. Is there any way to bypass this? Also is it possible for you to add the ability to create enchantment X without disenchanting an item with X?

    1. @Substar
      As mentioned above it is difficult to have all enchants in here without having it bloat up, especially with the way enchants are being labeled. If you have any missing enchant, you can check the list to the right, which includes all enchants and all magic effects. I’ll try to provide missing standard enchants.

  19. 000E1F14 — DBArmorBootsSP (Ancient Shrouded Boots)
    000E1F15 — DBArmorSP (Ancient Shrouded Armor)
    000E1F16 — DBArmorGlovesSP (Ancient Shrouded Gloves)
    000E1F17 — DBArmorHelmetSP (Ancient Shrouded Cowl)

  20. Is there anyway to remove learned enchantment effects. I’ve learned the shadowstrength enchantment and I’m now unable to learn the Fortify sneak enchantment. (i disenchanted linwe’s armor).

    I would also like to know if theres a way to rename your armor after it’s been enchanted? I tried throwing it on the floor and clicking it while the console was up but i didn’t know any commands to rename it

  21. Hey, I’m looking for the ID of the Mehrune’s Razor effect : Instant kill, which allow you to do stealth kill cinematic at every single kill. Anyone have it ?

  22. Great info!
    I have been looking for the enchant codes for the mage robes, and have thus far been unsuccessful. I’d like to throw them on a set of heavy armor, nothing too gamebreaking or anything.

    The ones I’m looking for are (skill) spells cost (x) less to cast, magicka regenerates (X) faster
    Or, the fortify destruction & magikca regen enchant code would also be cool
    Has anyone seen these?

  23. Just got a question for this, I enchanted my daedric armor with ebony mail effect, but the ebony mail effect is hurting enemies from really far away…is there any way to fix this problem?
    Also, is there a command that i can upgrade my weapons all to legendary?

  24. Hey, thanks for all the great works. However, just got a few questions : i enchanted my daedric armor with ebony mail effect, however, it is affecting enemies from a far distance away… is there anyway to fix this? is this because of my 100 enchant skill?

  25. The only ones that seem to work for me are the objects that are „blank“ to begin with. Nightingale’s, Guildmasters, and such will only give me another copy of the armor with the generic pre selected enchantments. But thank you very much for this resource. I remember finding your complete list a few weeks ago and I spent a lot of time experimenting. Thanks for sorting through all of that mess for us.

  26. Nightinggale set + sword seems to not work, nothing happens. Can this be because i allready got the items in question in my stash from solvingn the related quests?

  27. I noticed 1 missing enchant, Fiery Soultrap (Soultrap+10fire dmg in same enchant). I have no idea what the code for it is, but it can be found on an item in the endboss room in Ironbind Barrows leaning against the back of the throne.

  28. I was wondering… I used the fortify smithing, and got 15%, but an ingame high end item is all the way up to 25%, is there a way to guarantee the highest possible when using a “ Fortify “ enchant?

  29. Having Nightingale Shadow on any item makes you invisible by crouching, you dont need Nocturnal (that enchantment doesnt do anything that i know of). But, the enchantment lasts EVEN if you remove the enchanted item – from the moment you equip the Nightingale Shadow enchanted item, every time you crouch, even if you have removed that item, you become invisible. Does anyone knows how to „fix“ this? Or better, can any modder fix the Nocturnal enchantment?


  30. How goes it, Myrddin.
    I’ve been trying to figure something out, though I think it’s something similar to the ENCH for reduced magicka usage overall just being several MGEF’s stuck together.
    The item „Steel Battleaxe of Fiery Souls“ (UESP Description here: under the „variants“ section) is a basic Steel Battleaxe with what seems to be Soul Trap and Fire Damage already on it. However, the item only has one enchantment on it, and disenchanting it results in a unique enchantment, „Fiery Soul Trap“. It seems to me that „Fiery Soul Trap“ is similar to the overall magicka use reduc ENCH, and is just the Soul Trap MGEF paired with the Fire Damage MGEF. The thing is, if that were so, the Fire damage would scale in intensity with the duration of the Soul Trap, but it doesn’t; The Fire Damage portion of the enchantment is a maximum of 10, regardless of enchanting skill or weapon it is applied to.

    Second, applying Damage MGEFs to armor is BAD. It sits and hurts the wearer until they take it off or die.

    The „Flaming Familiar“ Conj effect is missing from the list, I think. Here’s its MGEF: 106e35

    I happen to be the author of the „Dremora’s Wrath“ batch list here:

    The Fiery Souls enchant, if it has its own MGEF, would make an excellent addition to the weapons.

    There are a LOT of FX MGEF’s; that is, vanity effects, like the Wisp FX MGEF (F1183), that are unlisted; perhaps they should have their own dropdown box?

    A huge list of MGEFs, not all of them, but a ton, are listed here: They aren’t sorted in any way, but ctrl-f serves me well.

    I hope this helps, and doesn’t cause too much work for ya figuring out the Fiery Souls MGEFs.

    P.S. the Dawnbreaker has an ENCH, but no MGEF when searched in console, it may just be Fire Damage and Bane of the Undead MGEF’s mashed together. Bethesda is so lazy like that.

    I’ll post a bunch of FX MGEF’s that I know work properly here shortly.

    Forgot to ask, what did you use in the screenshot of the ENCH file above?
    I’d like to take apart some stuff, and see how it works.

    1. Another note(I hate that I can’t edit my previous posts) is the Guardian Circle spell MGEF. I find it useful on my Paladin-type character. It creates a Circle when the player equips the item(I favorite it the item and attach it to a number so i can just press it to put one down) and remove the old circle when it is re-equipped. Interesting thing about this one is that the level of undead the Circle will make run away is equivalent to the player’s Enchanting result; I will have a look-see into some other, similar spells like Calm and see if I can’t get them to work in a similar fashion.

      1. @Deanthelis
        Thanks for the huge update. I’ll add the famillia as soon as I have a minute. I store all the stuff here in a huge excel file and need to export it for the scripts to pick it up 😀
        As for your question, the MGEf comes from the Skyrim Viewer and a simply alt + print screen key, copies a screenshot of the current window into the pastebin where you can load it into other programs and edit.
        As for the edit function. Sure it is a limit of this CMS, but if you just post 2 slightly changed comments, I am usually deletign the first and posting the second only. Doing this on a regular base. It is not perfect, but all I can offer.

        1. Hei @ all
          I need help =/
          I can’t find a item with Fortify heavy amror.
          Can i do it with a code from here ?
          If so please write it to me

          Sorry for my bad english x)

  31. 48ACD – I put that on a cowl and it made the game go nuts. I was inside the flagged ragon and all the objects flew everywhere and everyone was in fast motion. I think it makes you slow down in time.

  32. sup i wanted to know if there is a enchantment for critical dmg since there is a dager in the game that you can obtain through quest that increases the weapons crit chance was hoping there would be one as a enchantment

    1. @Filip,
      I would try: PlayerEnchantObject b994e FF15C 91AE5
      That should add to your inventory a Valdr’s Lucky Dagger with the BackStab effect and Instant Kill effect from Mehrune’s Razor. NOTE: The scale of the effect(s) being applied is based on your character’s enchanting ability. So remember to boost your Enchanting level before you run the above command for ultimate benefit.

  33. Just tested the backstab enchant FF15C it says „Double sneak attacks with one handed weapons“
    This the the enchantment taken from „Jesters Gloves“

    The shrouded gloves has the enchantment „Doubles backstab damage“ – Enchantment from the ‚Shroud Gloves‘
    I’m not sure about this, but i think this one works for all weapons?

    1. @Codryn
      It seems that there are indeed some issues with this armor. The link above mentions to reset the game to make the item visible. Not sure what is meant exactly, but you could try to save and exit the game, then reload the save. Other than that you may have to use a mod for it. Good luck and let us know if you managed to solve it.

  34. Reading through the comments, and I noticed that nobody’s mentioned the Dragonbane effect (extra effective on dragons). Is this a viable enchantment?
    Thanks for all your hard work.

  35. Many effects say for „0“ seconds, one post indicates that this shows permanency. How does this work and does it mean that the enchantment is working.

    1. I’d like to know this as well. I enchanted my Blades sword with Soul Trap and it says „if a target dies within 0 seconds fills a soul gem“. I tried killing creatures and stealth killing bandits (I have the black star as well as empty soul gems) and I never seem to be able to fill any of them.

      1. @insaneshadowblade
        If you try: help „Soul Trap“ 4 and test all the ids you will see that all of them return the „if a target dies within 0 seconds fills a soul gem“. If someone has a solution for this I’d welcome if you let us know how. Thanks

        1. I found a little workaround for this. All I did was buy a weapon with the soul trap enhancement and disenchanted it. You could use a console command to spawn in a weapon if you want though, just don’t spawn in the Mace of Molag Bal since you can’t disenchant it. Also, make sure your enchanting level is 100 and you have all the perks in that skill tree(player.setav enchanting 100). You can find the codes for the perks here (; type in player.addperk (perk id here) to get the perk.

          When you have all the perks in the enchanment tree you can double enchant an item. I went with soul trap and absorb health on one weapon and soul trap and absorb stamina on the other weapon, so I’m sitting good right now.

          For the absorb health enhancment I spawned in Gauldur Blackblade (player.additem 000f5d1d 1) [that’s the level 36+ version for the best absorb health on that weapon] and the Drainheart Sword (player.additem 000f71dd 1); after I spawned those into my inventory I disenchanted them and learned the enchanments. Also, adding the 1 at the end of the item ID tells the game how many you want to spawn into your inventory. You know, for anyone that doesn’t know.

          Kind of a long workaround, but it totally works for me.

  36. man i got a prob. when i create an enchanted item. ex dragonscale armor the armor rating is 0 😛 omg i got the perfect enchanting but no armor protection?????

    1. @fotis
      Pretty difficult to tell what you tried to do and thus find where things went wrong 😀 How about you try to show us the code you entered, then it is easier to check, if the issue happens to others aswell.

      1. whell i am just on the nightingale quest..and i got the whole armor.. when i cheked it in my inventory..i realised that tha armor was also 0 and it was not a created item… it was a quest item.. so i gues the prob is not about the codes but about my game files…i got no idea how to fix it… any sugestions? :/

  37. Whenever I use the paralyze enchant, it doesn’t paralyze at all. It says ‚chance to paralyze target for 0 seconds.‘ how can I fix this?
    Ps. Love the site X)

  38. There is a lot of enchantments hear but there is one enchantment that I would relay like you to add. It is the fortify unarmed enchantment. Please could you get back to me on that. Thanks

    1. @Gloriel John
      Hello, I can’t tell you why they won’t work for you, but you need to make sure to have no errors while typing. There should be no error message and a message of an item added to your inventory should appear. Then you open the inventory and can see the item. Some item combinations may not work, especially if they already have effects of their own – they are listed under artifacts here.

  39. I was making a set of „merchant“ items (speech is 20% better, etc) and the theives guild armor doesnt show when enchanted. so i was wondering if you could see if you can fix that

    1. Hello Zachary,
      You can’t enchant items that already have an enchant on them. There are plenty of „merchant items“ in the game already. Check the „Armor Weapon Lists“ at the right. They have standard enchants … +10 +20 +40 stats. They are usually quest rewards. If you want to create your own items you need to use blank items to put the enchants on.

  40. if you use fortify enchanting to make it 100% better, you can then put it on and reenchant it to get 200%. this can be carried on for how many extra % you want to achieve…thanks again

    1. Or just use this command:

      player.modav enchanting X (Where X is the desired boost percentage you want)

      For example, say I have 100 enchanting. If I used the command player.modav enchanting 500, that would put me at 600 enchanting, and it would show up green in the skills menu. Just use a negative value on the code to go back to normal.

    1. @Christophery
      Thanks, nice find. Does it work like the Dremoras? Where you summon them and they follow you around or does the dragon come and stay where you put the item on? I experiement with some area spells, but they only stayed where the player was when he put the item on and did not move with him, sadly.

  41. Is there any cheat code to obtain an unenchanted (customizable) amulet of Mara? It’s the prettiest necklace in the game, but would be so much better with some serious enchantments instead of the standard restoration. Thank you! 🙂

  42. thanks for this excellent compilation, just in need for a set of smithing apparels. Leveling up enchanting and smithing perk tree were just too repetitive, doing the same thing over and over again like forever. The last time it took me 8 hours to get only 30 level of smithing skill point.

    Now with the double smithing enchant for each of the 7 apparels, I can get a total of 14 29%-fortify-smithing stacked, added it with a 50% smithing potion, bringing my dragonplate armor set to 1100 armor and i’m not even half way through the heavy armor perk tree yet. Hopefully now I can run through the game without worry about dying anymore.

    thanks against for this hard work.

  43. hi
    it is probably wrong section 😀 feel free to move it.
    for those who wants to divorce and marry again.

    removefac 51596
    player.removefac c6472
    resetquest 74793
    resetquest 21382
    setstage 74793 10

    I have got one file called divorce.txt
    every time I have got enough my present wife> bat divorce and ready to marry again.

    1. Oh to be more clear i am trying to make a daedric dagger have the paralysis enchant but it says „when bla bla bla is hit bla bla bla is paralyzed for 0 seconds“ how do i change the „0“ seconds to like „50“ seconds or soemthing

  44. the one enchantment you need to add is the one set of gauntlets you find on the one enemy when you go through the ratway to get to the thieves guild. the gauntlets i think do about 10+ unarmed damage. thats what i think it is. not really sue the exact amount they do though. id really be appreciated if you add that enchantment.

    1. @Aaron
      Ooops forgot about your comment. Sorry about that, but I got carried away by wolf-puppies if that is any comfort to you.
      The nightingale blade (as the bow, I suppose) are already enchanted and that means you cannot put other enchants on them and you have to live with the built in versions.

  45. I have two questions that I am sure other players would love to know about…thats if its possible to obtain. Is there a way to console command enchant items with „Valdr’s Lucky Dagger“ enchant? =O ( Cause that all to itself would make things a lot more fun >=). Second question would be, is there a way to enchant things wtih „Fortify Attack“? Hope someone can help me with these questions.

  46. i cant get any items using the above codes. only the blades sword works though the enchantments i put on it takes no effect. in the console, when i put the playerenchantobject cheat along with the item and enchant codes, it does not give any error. But the item idoes not appear in my inventory. please help.

    1. @saptarshi banik
      Would probably help if you told us which item you’d like to create. Not all the items work, especially if the base item already have an enchantment on it. Also in some cases you may need to relog, to make them appear (load and save game).

  47. hi im trying to find out the code to put the lightning cloak as an enchantment on armor just like flame cloak but i dont think the code is listed here…. can someone help me out asap please? 🙂

  48. Hi, I am trying to make a Priest of Meridia using enchantments from Dawnguard. Could someone post the Dawnbreaker enchantment and the new sun damage enchantments and spells added in Dawnguard? Thanks!

  49. I tried to make a awesome nighingale armor, but it did not work.
    playerenchantobject 483c2 7A0F8 7A105
    I had fortify health and stamina regen since im a vampire but i did not get anything, what is wrong?

  50. Do this commands spawn the item in your inventory?
    playerenchantobject 483c2 7A0F8 7A105
    Will this command just spawn a nighingale armor with enchants in my inventory or do i need to enchant an already existing nighingale armor?

    1. @Bob
      I removed those on purpose, since you cannot enchant an item that has an built in enchant, like blade of woe. The enchant would not work for you. If you want to you can try and use the enchant codes from this page and the item id from the link creator, which you can find also under „Tools -> Skyrim -> Create Enchanted Item Codes

  51. Question, oh great one: I created five Nightingale hoods ‚cause I wanted to give some to friends as Christmas presents. After typing in the code, the game informed me that I had indeed created five NIghtingale hoods. However, when I went into inventory, none were present. Where in Oblivion did they go?

    1. @Pappylap
      You might try to close the game, sometimes it takes a save and reload of the game to make them appear (or zoning in the game, entering, exiting a building e.g.) But in this case you probably used the wrong tool to create the Nightingale Hood. Since it has magic effects of its own this tool (like mentioned in many comments) will not work properly on these items. Use this tool instead.

  52. I’m looking for the enchantment ID of the Gauldur Amulet’s triple fortify enchantment, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Any help?

    1. You mean the ingame list int he enchantment interface? Just create a batch of items and Disenchant them? There is a command to summon a crate of all „normal“ items in the game, then just disenchant them.

  53. Hey guys, I’m not sure if this will work as I haven’t been able to try it yet, but I know that if you wear an object (e.g. Galdur’s Amulet) and drink a „Fortify Restoration“ potion it will enhance the ability of the object worn. So would it be possible to enchant an object with a „Fortify All Spells“ enchantment (such as the Archmage’s Robes) and, by using a high enough „Fortify Restoration“ enchantment, enchant the object so that it would reduce the cost of all spells to 0

  54. The only missing effect that I noticed the the „Burning Souls“ one. It did both fire damage and soul trap. It is my favorite enchantment, so place add it when possible!

  55. Hey, I dont know if the author still checks this, but I am still checking this out occasionally and it would be great if you add subgroups for the DLCs

  56. Paralysis and Soul Trap enchants doesn’t work for me, just says „paralyse target for 0 secs“ or „if target dies with in 0 secs, fill a soul gem“

    Kinda Sad :/

  57. I don’t seem to find the chaos damage effect. And when I try to use it after finding it with the help command, it doesn’t work. I want to create a dragonbone battleaxe with that effect. But nothing seems to work.

  58. not sure about mgef, but tried putting dragonhide and flame cloak on a silver necklace, both have „for 0 seconds“ and only work the instant you put it on

    playerenchantobject 9171b CDB75 10FC13

  59. I LOVE this! I have discovered some things. Using any of the Thieves Guild set , Guild Master Armor set,Nightingale set, or Karliah’s Armor set with any of the codes does not work. Also when using Ebony Mail Enchant on anything else causes you to radiate poison and become dark all the time instead of just when sneaking.
    Other than these problems,I love this! I’ve already outfitted all followers! Awesome! and thanks for taking the time!

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