New Look!

As you have noticed the past weeks there were some lack of updates.  However I made good use of my spare time as you can see! The previous Theme was pretty nice, but due to all the stuff that was listed it was an Information overkill and the right posts were hard to find. In the next days I plan to improve that a lot. I’ll remove and overhaul pages and navigation.



  • faster loading times (once I got the caches running again)
  • larger, better readable text styles
  • many improvements that will make it easier for me to post stuff
  • flash intro replaced with jquery
  • better navigation (work in progress)
  • FAQ section
  • better Facebook, Twitter integration
  • Updated World of Logs Class Rankings

Since I am often often AFK/Tabbed or am not replying due to being busy raiding I thought it would be a great idea to introduce a way to conveniently ask your questions here and thus build up Q&A section on the site. The main features of the site are already running again but more will come the next days. Be sure to check back.

3 Antworten auf „New Look!“

  1. It’s things like this that makes me itch to get my own domain too. You’ve made a really nice look here actually. Maybe I know I’d put way too much time into it, it’s probably best I don’t have the option ^^

    1. I love to fiddle aroudn with these things and develop things as they come. It costs a lot of time, yes – but at the same time it is fun to slowly see a site adapt. Thanks for the Feedback!

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