How to create a Raid for Soloing

To enter raid instances you obviously need to be in a raid. Especially late at nights or early mornings it is not easy to find a player that will help you with that. Joining your raid means, loss of queue for battlegrounds or instances, players can’t do their daily quests (since you cannot do most quests while in a raid) or people are simply afk. So what is the best way to get a raid up?


Quick Option

The quickest way to get a raid up is to:

  • invite a player (> Level 20)
  • convert to raid
  • enter the instance
  • (if you are in zul’aman, you need to click the gong before next step)
  • once you are inside you remove the other player

If you leave the raid instead you will see a brief message „You left the raid group.“ and the other player will become owner of the „raid group“ and its instance. You will get ported out. If you remove the other player you will stay owner of the raid and its instance and you can stay solo inside – until you die.

This goes very fast and you don’t need another player for longer than 20 seconds, then they can continue what they have done before. However if you die, you’ll need to reinvite a new player and thrash might respawn, since you basically create a new instance. In case you expect to die Option 2 is probably the best way.

Offline Raid Member

Someone’s Alt

A player can keep an existing raid up even when he is offline. If you find someone willing to relog quick do it this way:

  • invite an Alt (> Level 20)
  • convert to raid
  • the Alt can log off

Your own Alt

You can use an alt of another player or simply use your own alt to keep the raid up.

  • invite a player (> Level 20)
  • convert to raid
  • promote second player to assistant
  • log off and log your alt
  • have the second player invite your alt
  • the second player can now leave the raid
  • you can log back on your character

I hope that helps your instance farming, good luck!

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