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„Which are the best enhancement trinkets?“ This is a question I get a lot. Actually I have never really tested all trinkets before. Heroic Essence of Cyclone dropped very early for me and as 372 trinket it just seemed to be the best choice. With Fluid Death it seemed to be a nobrainer, especially since mastery wasn’t really that high and the Darkmoon Card: Hurricane did not really hit that hard.


Update: Upon Patch 4.2 the 2 BIS Trinkets are

While Fluid Death is still a very good trinket, Darkmoon Car Hurricane does no longer scale with Mastery and does only 7000 damage per charge (before resist).

Fluid Death

This seems like a nobrainer. Passive 380 Agility and hit rating – a very useful stat – make this trinket very good. Even with excess hit from Items you can reforge it to another stat. Even compared to heroic Trinkets, like Essence of the Cyclone (-17 Agility, and crit rating proc, instead of passive hit)

Fluid Death
Binds when picked up
Requires Level 85
Item Level 359
Equip: Increases your hit rating by 321 (2.67% @ L85).
Equip: Your melee and ranged attacks grant 38 Agility.  Lasts 15 sec, stacking up to 10 times.

Darkmoon Card: Hurricane

This trinket scales as you get better gear since the damage proc is affected by mastery. My concern compared to heroic Essence of Cyclone was that the loss of 44 Agility, but it seems to be a nonissue.

Darkmoon Card: Hurricane
Binds when equipped
+321 Agility
Requires Level 85
Item Level 359
Equip: Chance to strike your enemies for 3750 to 6250 Nature damage when dealing damage with melee or ranged attacks.

Here is are 2 Screenshots, the left one from my Feral Druid and the right one from my Enhancement Shaman.

As you can see, mastery beefs up the damage quite a bit. Let us look at an example fight and see what it means in numbers. You can find the original log here.

The fight took 160 seconds, 23 Lightning Strikes went off. this sums up at 1 proc each 7 seconds with roughly 13k average damage. As you can see this is quite a lot (actually a bit higher than previous tests), 7.6% of my total damage or 1880 damage per second.

As melee attack Lightning Strike uses our melee crit rating and it does not proc elemental devastation.you can see, the trinket does not use our spell critical strike rating, but the melee crit rating (treated as melee attack elemental devastation will not proc from it). On my previous tests the proc alone averaged between 4-6% of my total damage. Last week I started using this trinket and my damage went up a lot, as you can see in the log above more than 28k dps on argaloth for example.

In my opinion these 2 trinkets are the 2 best in slot (BiS).

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  1. I had heard these were the best trinkets for enhancement, but never realized just how good Hurricane was. More than 7% of total damage is quite awesome for just one trinket. Thanks for the post! Will have to go grind money to afford my Hurricane now…

  2. Hello .. off topic question, but do enhance shamans use Earth ele totem on boss fights now ? Wouldn’t it be a dps increase ? in my raid there is usually 1 other enhance shaman and 3 other deathnights so strength of earth totem isn’t a problem.. thoughts ? and thx !

  3. I have at my disposal almost every trinket 359-365 that you can play with. in real world testing i simply cannot see why Hurricane is and has been so undervalued. Even with Unheeded pumped weapon damage hurricane was more output. noticable enough that hurricane is STILL in my main gear set.
    i am not quite sure about the „seed“ trinket will need to do some more testing. it maximizes Lust but knowing lust is going to be hit at a certain time and having to hold off on the CD reduces its overall uptime.

    1. @Captw
      Thanks for the Feedback. A couple of things to note.

      Unheeded Warnig was always a crap Trinket for Enhancement Shamans, I had it from the begin on and tested and did various bug reports about it. Pre 4.2 it did not improve the damage of our special abilities at all, which means it only affected autoattacks, unlike for example rogues or feral druids.

      Hurricane was insanely good pre 4.2, since it did scale with mastery as you can easily see in the parse above. 13k damage on an average proc. But since 4.2 it does no longer scale with mastery, caps at 7000 damage before resists and it can no longer crit. If you cannot see how that made it much less effective, then I do not know how to help 😀

      The Ancient Petrified Seed Trinket is pretty nice. The 1 minute cooldown and Feral Spirit work very well together, especially also with Burn Phases.
      1 Mastery rating is 1.04 dps for me = 383 DPS; The 1341 agi proc15/60 = 335 agi average = 869 dps = 1252 dps total

      Fluid Death is probably nearly as good, if you can make use of the hit

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