Bind on Account – Heirloom Enchants

Borked has hit Level 20 past week end, meaning we were able to get Heirloom Helms now. If you remember, to screw twink chars over – oops … to balance enchants for lower level characters, Blizzard reworked all enchants and added minimum levels during Wrath of the Lich King. This was done to prevent too strong enchants on lower level characters. But which are the best enchants you can use on your BoA Gear?


Bind on Account Heirloom Items

These items give a special bonus to your xp gained from killing monsters, completing quests and experience gained from battlegrounds. They also grow with you while leveling up, improving their stats to be roughly equal with blue items of your current level.

For enchanting they are treated to be level 1 items, meaning you cannot use enchants from The Burning Crusade and up since those enchants require a minimum itemlevel of 35.


If you have access to a guild with level 20 you are able to get a nice selection of heirloom head items. Those give an xp bonus from Level 1 to 85. As you know there aren’t really regular enchants for heads and rewards from Zul’Gurub (the old level 60 version, hope you saved some), TBC Factions, WotLK and Cataclysm.

Vanilla Head Enchants

  • Enchantment requires Level 50
  • +8 to 1 stat, list here

Burning Crusade Head Enchants

  • Enchantment requires Level 70
  • For example 34 ap, +16 hit rating  or Intellect +16, Spirit +18, list here

Wrath oh the Lich King Head Enhants

  • Item is too low level, no enchant possible.

Cataclysm Head Enchants

  • Enchantment requires Level 80
  • +60 primary stat, +35 in a secondary stat, list here
  • It is most likely that this is an oversight and that Blizzard will fix it, so you better get your heads enchanted while it is possible


In my opinion the best enchant you can get on your BoA Chest is „Greater Stats“, +4 to all stats. The recipe is quite rare, been hunting it for 3 years at the AH without luck 😀 It was one of the reasons I farmed Azuregos and other Outdoor Dragons, Zul Aman, etc.

All TBC, WotLK, Cataclysm enchants have a minimum level requirement, which means they cannot be cast on bind on Account Items, which are treated as level 1.


Scribes can enchant their BoA Shoulders with their profession specific enchants, but ofc they are only available to characters with Inscription and the proper skill levels (400+ or 500+).

Vanilla Shoulder Enchants

  • Chromatic Mantle of the Dawn, +5 resistance to all schools, requires Level 50
  • Zandalar Shoulder Enchants (if you still have one), for example 30 attack power, requires Level 55
  • Naxxramas 60 Shoulder Enchants (extremely rare), requires Leve 60
  • full list here

Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm Shoulder Enchants can’t be used on Bind on Account shoulders since they are treated as Level 1 items and you get the Error message „Item is too low level“ when you try to use it.


Cloak enchants suffer the same fate as the other BoA enchants, an item Level of 1 limits the choice a lot. If you are tailor you can use Embroidery to spice up your cloak.

Vanilla Cloak Enchants

  • Stealth, +8 Agility, +8 Dodge rating, probably best for all physical dps classes. There is no +Strength enchant.
  • Casters can choose between resistance or armor
  • full list here

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