New Look!

As you have noticed the past weeks there were some lack of updates.  However I made good use of my spare time as you can see! The previous Theme was pretty nice, but due to all the stuff that was listed it was an Information overkill and the right posts were hard to find. In the next days I plan to improve that a lot. I’ll remove and overhaul pages and navigation.

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Theme Showcase

As some of you may know I sometimes create wordpress themes. Once in a while you run across a design, that doesn’t fit the goal you had in mind, but at the same time is too nice to just thrash. There are probably a a couple of people who can use these and finish customization for themselves.

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Adding Adsense to an Artisteer 2.5 generated Theme

adsense artisteer codeAs stated previously about adding a „share this“ button to your artisteer geenerated post, it became more difficult to do that due to the modular way artisteer works now.

Generally I had the idea, to show an add ad the front of a post/page/list and if there were comments another small link ad before the comment form or after the third post.

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Moved to New Server

It’s been done! Last week I moved to a bit faster and better Server. Nah! Not in World of Warcraft! The Hardware that this Website runs on. Not like I have thousands of visitors, but now and then some major site links to this one and things start to get slow, really slow 😀

The major issue of the server was its operating system that had end of life cycle 2 years ago and new features became more tedious to deploy.

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How to add a „share this“ button to Artisteer 2.5 Theme

The latest Artisteer 2.5 included a big change in the file structure. Everything seems a bit more complicated now, but it is still easy to apply customization changes. While I am not the biggest fan of all these new social networking sites this may be different for visitors to this site and I decided to add a „share this“ button to posts and pages.

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Improved Performance, basics

For a couple of months I have been moody about this site’s performance. This server serves only a couple of domains and this is by far the most visited of them – yes, really 😀

This server is a vServer from a mass hoster running on ancient hardware shared with other people and I assumed it was one reason aside a bloated WordPress install with loads of plugins that raised response times to an unendurable degree. We had like 5 seconds on a cached page before anything was even served.

„Improved Performance, basics“ weiterlesen in new look!

Here it is, the new look of the site! It all started out when I noticed that Google often pointed visitors tot he wrong pages related to the search terms. I started the category „recent searches“ to write some posts to get google to point at better content by targeting at the exact search terms.

When browsing for information about wordpress I realized that the look of the website was quite old and the „cool myrddin 3D model“ (you can still find it under „My Characters„) cost a lot of loading time. Also there are some nice plugins that helped to improve serving content.

Now, if you come here via search engine, for example „mace rogue“ the right sidebar will show the search query and a list of related posts. At the end of each post there is a link to other posts dealing with similar content. If that doesn’t help you can use the search function ont he right or any list of tags, categories, pages. Hopefully you find what you are looking for now!

Just notice the rogue stuff is rather outdated sinc eI stopped playing „Slant, the Mace Rogue“ at the start of Tbc. Basically I am not trying to gather all information tha tis available, and prefer to provide summaries of Shaman related information and other „cool“ stuff, like for example taming garwal.

Everything is modular now which makes it easier to add and modify new features.I know there are still a few glitches, but I am working on resolving things asap.

Thanks for stopping by!