Moved to New Server

It’s been done! Last week I moved to a bit faster and better Server. Nah! Not in World of Warcraft! The Hardware that this Website runs on. Not like I have thousands of visitors, but now and then some major site links to this one and things start to get slow, really slow 😀

The major issue of the server was its operating system that had end of life cycle 2 years ago and new features became more tedious to deploy.


Newer, Faster, Bigger

It was a good time for a general overhaul of running applications and to not daring to touch the core services. All in the sense of „never touch a running system“.

All these things have beenreworked, reconfigured and the site is running much faster now, despite the huge Cu3er Slideshow.

It seems somewhat odd to report Website related infromation on a WoW-themed Blog and thus I revived my old domain for tech & admin talk.

If you like, you can head there and take a peek. At the moment the site is still „work in progress“, but it is starting to look good 😀 I’ll have to translate some pages to English and do the side bar.

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