GM Response on LFR Loot Rolls

Just a quick heads up on the LFR Loot Rolls. I was going for a second round as I passed on my first one and noticed I was not allowed to roll on loot. Hence I asked a GM if it was bugged.

GM conversation

  • Eilrethane whispers: Greetings Myrddin, I am Game Master Eilrethane. I am sorry for interrupting your gaming, but can you spare a moment to discuss your issue regarding loot?
  • To Eilrethane: hiya, sure
  • To Eilrethane: I find the previous reply unclear
  • To Eilrethane: sorry for bothering again
  • To Eilrethane: but I am not allowed to even roll greed, as it counts like a NEED roll, which I can only do once per boss per week?
  • Eilrethane whispers: The raid finder allows players to be eligible for loot only once per week. This does unfortunately not take into regard if you need, greed or win an item.
  • To Eilrethane: so I have to pass in order to go and try again?
  • Eilrethane whispers: Actually, not even then.
  • To Eilrethane: so I can only go once a week no matter what?
  • To Eilrethane: (and be eligible to loot)
  • Eilrethane whispers: Yeah, unfortunately. :/
  • Eilrethane whispers: Once per boss.
  • To Eilrethane: pretty silly system
  • To Eilrethane: I can understand the receive 1 item per reset limit
  • To Eilrethane: but everything beyond that is pretty silly
  • Eilrethane whispers: Well, it is a casual alternative to keep people from farming full set of gear from raids for a full raid. :p
  • To Eilrethane: but thanks for clearing it up
  • Eilrethane whispers: Well, in theory, you can get up to 6 items per boss each week, assuming you can roll need on all the loot that drops. :p
  • To Eilrethane: well by getting 1 item per week, sub item level is hardly what you can call “farming full set of gear”
  • To Eilrethane: so it is silly to pass on anythign for worse geared people, since it doesn’t matter at all good good
  • Eilrethane whispers: Exactly. :p
  • Eilrethane whispers: Go crazy, shamans are the new hunters.
  • To Eilrethane: I hope you can pass that on, this is a real flaw in the system
  • To Eilrethane: yeah, I was awesome already before, but this patch really improved it for us
  • Eilrethane whispers: I believe this is something that is already being watched and the feedback will be coming up on the forums quite soon as well.
  • To Eilrethane: for once we are top … guess we will be nerfed soon
  • Eilrethane whispers: Pfft, let’s hope not. ^^
  • Eilrethane whispers: Awh.
  • To Eilrethane: well thanks for clearing things up
  • Eilrethane whispers: No worries. ^^
  • Eilrethane whispers: Apart from that, are there any other issues that I may assist you with, Myrddin?
  • To Eilrethane: no thanks, not like I needed stuff from the lfr
  • To Eilrethane: was just wondering why I was not allowed to roll
  • To Eilrethane: I think LFR is a real fun way to play
  • To Eilrethane: I was in doubt about it, but after trying it was realyl amazing
  • Eilrethane whispers: Hehe, indeed.
  • Eilrethane whispers: If there is nothing else that I can help you with. Farewell then, Myrddin. Hear the tales of the Ancestors, let them inspire and guide you on your journey.

4 Antworten auf „GM Response on LFR Loot Rolls“

  1. so, if i roll on something for a specific boss, i can’t roll on anything that boss drops until the raid resets? i can still roll on stuff other bosses drop right? sorry, didn’t quite understand what the GM said…
    Thanks Myrddin!

    1. @Toughhorn
      With LFR you can basically join as many raids as you like, but as soon as you are eligible to loot an item you will become saved for that boss.
      For example, you join LFR and there is only the last boss left. You will be able to loot on that boss. Now you sign up again for LFR and will be able to roll for all other bosses, except the last one, where you will get the window above, no matter if you got a piece of loot or not, or if you needed, greeded or passed on your first run.

  2. There were blue posts or FAQs about this before the release. Essentially it enforces a weekly lockout of loot per boss without locking you out of the instance. This is great because the alternative is to not let you run it again which also means less people in the system and longer queue times. Also awesome for folks that can’t stick around in a raid that takes forever.

    1. @Thurro
      Indeed, I find it a lot of fun to zerg through content and raid with people you never met before.
      As I said I misunderstood the FAQ, since I am nice and passed on loot rolls (my main is full 391). The I got the message above on my second playthrough. Teh Bue post mentioned something like „1 loot per week“ which sounded like you could run lfr until you got that 1 loot but it is somewhat misleading. English is not my first language and I am out of school for a good 20 years now, which means the misunderstanding might be on my side. Thanks for the feedback!

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