Enhancement Windfury Glyph 3.08

Patch 3.08 will bring the following Enhancement Shaman changes:

  • Static Shock has been swapped with Mental Quickness and moved to Tier 8.
  • Mental Quickness has been swapped with Static Shock and moved to Tier 9.
  • Mental Quickness PTR changes have been reverted and now properly scales from attack power again, increases your spell power by an amount equal to 10/20/30% of your attack power.

Glyph of Windfury Weapon changed from:

  • The attack power bonus on the additional attacks granted by Windfury Weapon is increased by 40%.


  • Increases the chance per swing for Windfury Weapon to trigger by 5%.

Since we are all wondering what this change will mean for us I decided to do an approximately 1 hour long fight, only autoattacks on a target dummy on Live and on PTR, using the same gear and only the same totems.

Live: http://wowwebstats.com/altn2rmj45rea?a=xade4a3

Swing (Physical) 4056153 damage 62 %
Windfury Attack (Physical) 1391211 damage 21 %
Flametongue Attack (Fire) 1059910 damage 16 %

Number of Windfury Attacks: 683

PTR: http://wowwebstats.com/skoeu4gujfqza?a=xb4662e

Swing (Physical) 3783135 damage 58 %
Windfury Attack (Physical) 1732833 damage 27 %
Flametongue Attack (Fire) 985742 damage 15 %

Number of Windfury Attacks: 854

As you can see the percentage of Windfury attacks has significantly increased. While on live realms Windfury procced only 683 times, the number of proccs raised to 854 on PTR with 3.08.
The overall damage was a bit lower, due to a higher missrate. This resulted in less normal melee damage and less Flame Tongue damage.

Another thing I noticed was the damage of Windfury Attacks:

Live Windfury Damage:

Avgerage hit: 1556; Max hit: 1850
Average crit: 3203; Max crit: 3788

PTR Windfury Damage:

Average hit: 1564; Max hit: 1906
Avgerage crit: 3212; Max crit: 3815

The glyph should lower the damage, but apparently the damage is exactly the same. This implies that the WF Glyph is currently not working on live Servers.

If these changes come live we can actually look forward to them.

Here are some more undocumented changes and hopefully incoming fixes:

  • Spirit Wolves
    „Just wanted to post a thanks and an update to the Shaman community that Feral Spirit is indeed scaling now with Attack Power and Crit in the PTR.“
    The patch notes tend to record larger changes to the way things work. We fix literally hundreds of bugs that don’t get incorporated into the patch notes. This one was just a bug.
  • Spirit Walk
    Spirit Walk is supposed to break roots and snares on the wolves and the shaman. I know we’ve had a bug on that. I’ll need to do some research to know if it’s fixed. (Source)
  • Mental Quickness
    Shaman talent Mental Quickness is currently bugged, it corretly works for spell damage (the tool tipway of 30% ap to sp conversion), but for bonus healing it is still calculating from 70% of the shaman’s agility (the old build’s model).
    We’ll look at it. Thanks.

3 Antworten auf „Enhancement Windfury Glyph 3.08“

  1. Posted this Informaion on WoW Forums:

    To test the Windfury Glyph on PTR I decided to do an autoattack series and look at the difference on live and PTR. To reduce RNG I decided to make the series about 1h long each and not use any special attacks.

    The good news at first, indeed the Series had way more Windfury procs on PTR. Live Windfury Attacks: 683 versus PTR Windfury Attacks: 854

    That was no surprise due to the change from the Glyph from:
    „The attack power bonus on the additional attacks granted by Windfury Weapon is increased by 40%.“
    „Increases the chance per swing for Windfury Weapon to trigger by 5%.“

    But now things become odd. Windfury Wepaon gives 1250 AP + 212 from Totem of Splintering. On PTR I would have a 1462 Windfury AP Bonus and on Live 2047 Winfury AP Bonus. So I expected Windfury Hits to drop about 100-150 per hit.

    Enh. Autoattack Live 3.0 – with Totem of Splintering
    Avgerage hit: 1556; Max hit: 1850
    Average crit: 3203; Max crit: 3788

    Enh. Autoattack PTR 3.0 – with Totem of Splintering
    Average hit: 1564; Max hit: 1906
    Avgerage crit: 3212; Max crit: 3815

    As you can see the numbers are pretty much the same. This means a) The glyph is not working on live b) The glyph still gives +40% AP on PTR and the 5% increased chance to apply Windfury (my favourite)

    Not knowing if I should report it, since we get a bigger chance to apply WF and keep the damage I got kind of restless about the subject. I started to wonder if +windfury damage was working at all and did another series on Live. I am currently using the totem of Splintering from Badges, which gives +212 AP to Windfury and decided to take it off.

    Enh. Autoattack Live 3.0 – no Totem of Splintering
    Average hit: 1557; Max Hit 1854
    Avgerage crit: 3232; Max crit: 3778

    As you can see after 714 Windfury hits/crit they average out at the same number as the other tests above. In all sets I had the same gear, same totems, same lonely Level 80 target dummy in exodar with no debuffs. Maybe I am overlooking something and thus would like to get some information on the subject.

    On all the tries it semeed that my dps on ptr was varying between 1550-1620 on recount it was 1650-1720 on live, by autoattacks. I did a couple of recount only tests first, but when the results above started to show I decided to look deeper into it.

    Another thing that puzzled me was that I had a higher missrate on PTR and thus less damage even though I had 25% more windfury damage done on ptr, which should be the only diffrence really. My items had the same hit rating, talent tooltip haven’t changed either. Maybe there are some issues with the Draenei Racial? It would be nice if you could look into that aswell.

    Thanks for reading and hopefully passing on.


  2. hi,

    gerade (durch mmo-champ) auf deinen blog gestoßen.

    spiele zwar derzeit kein wow, aber werde wohl meinen schami weiterzocken demnächst.
    die informationen sind sehr hilfreich, … muss mir mal genau anschaun wie stark der enhancer nun ist im pve.

  3. Thanks for the compliment edge. Enhancement Shamans are really good in single target dps, with AoE as their weak spot. Imo playing a class is not about playing the „best“ class of the moment, it is more how you enjoy playing it. I have 6 chars 70+ All DPS classes and Shaman is the only class I really enjoy. The class doesn’t only provide great DPS, but also the perfect support and fun.
    Of course we have our weaknesses, especially PvP, but personally I can live with that.

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