Feral Spirit, Spirit Wolves at Level 80

I just finished uploading a new video of Spirit Wolves at Level 80. I am fighting 3 Elite Mobs, to show their DPS, Taunt and Spirit Hunt (heal on hit).

The last mob Kreug, in Dragonblight, is the target in a 5 man kill quest, with 120k hp and hits up to 5k.


All in all the talent is really awesome now. I love it. I aways hated, how other classes were able to solo some of the more difficult quests, while I had huge issues. This has been fixed and the wolves are a really amazing, in PvE and PvP. A nice change after all the recent nerfs.

On a sidenote, the Wolves did about 450-600 DPS, selfbuffed with totems and heroism on my tests.

„The last numbers I saw, the wolves did fairly nice dps. They do scale their strength, stamina and resistance from yours and inherit your hit. We can make sure nothing broke though.

They are intended to be burst damage, like the elementals. The root breaking is useful and the healing is a little bonus. The taunt will probably always be pretty situational, but the idea was you might be able to save the day sometimes if adds are running amuck.“

„From a quick glance, it looks like the wolves are not set up to scale the way the elementals are. This is a bug and we can get it fixed. And yes, it should be AP, not Strength.

Pets always showing up in autocast is annoying especially with so many pets now. We’re trying to decide whether to fix it or overhaul the whole autocast system.“Ghostcrawler

Thanks for reading.

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