Enhancement Shaman Abilities at level 80

With Lava Lash, Lava Burst and Flame Tongue still being somewhat unlear I was curious to test things out on one of the new target dummies in Stormwind. Since we are more hybrid now than ever – melee crits leading to an instant cast spell – and the new effect of Flame Tongue I thought it would be nice to show some data:

The build used for this Recount Report was this one. The idea was to have a daily live all around build, to get out of snares and keep isntant ghost wolf, while maximizing Lava burst damage.


I was using the Winfury, Stormstrike and Strength of Earth Totem Glyph. As you can see due to Elemental Fury the critical damage of Lava burst and Lava Lash were quite insane, averaging to about 2500 Lava Lash crit, and 6100 Lava Burst critical hits with Beginner Sunwell gear at Level 80. Grouping with a Mage my Lava Lash crits were way above 3k and Lava Burst reached 8k damage.

Even though Windfury should do way more damage now (with glyph 1650 ap bonus instead of 475ap at 70) it did way less damage than currently at live, so I think it is still bugged.

These are not RAIDING enhancement DPS values, just a short demosntration of how you look solo freshly dinged at level 80 in sucky gear (18.5% Melee crit, 16.5% spellcrit, etc etc)

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