Which is the best Enhancement Shaman Off Hand?

There are a lot of discussions about the current available best Off Hand for Enhancement Shamans. Honestly I was expecting a totally different one than the one that made it in the end.

I used the usual testing method, autoattacking a test dummy. In a previous post I used Calamity’s Grasp and The Stray with autoattack to show that Totem of Splintering is not working and ended up with 1650 DPS.

I was hinted to test out Brunnhildar Axe as Off Hand with Flame Tongue. to be honest I was a bit startlet and did not consider even trying it. But in the end my curiosity won.

I tested it with Flame Tongue and to my surprise it was a 300 dps gain on autoattack. Suddenly my Flame Tongue damage was higher than the Windfury damage, even though the Weapon was so slow.

I tried to figure out why this is happening atm. It seems the extra frost damage the weapon does, chilling blow, also triggers flame tongue damage and that it can proc of itself.

Brunnhildar Axe Offhand.

As you can easily see I did 1144 melee attacks and 1432 Flame Tongue attacks, more Flame Tongue hits than melee. Also Chilling Blow hit more often than anyhow possible, since less than half attacks should come from offhand.

I bought 3 Brunnhildar Axe and enchanted them with Mongoose, Ice Breaker, and Fiery Weapon. I am not really sure if I was just unlucky but Mongoose came out last, while I reached 2250 DPS just autoattacking with Fiery Weapon, this is a 600 dps increase from The Stray.

The idea behind fiery Weapon is that it might also be able to proc more Chilling Blows and thus Flame Tongue.

Best combination seems to be Off Hand only (dual wielding those weaposn I ended up with 1600 DPS) and Fiery Weapon as enchant. I have included a WWS for your convenience here.

This has been reported so enjoy it while it lasts.

Edit: This has been now hotfixed 07.01.09 around 19:00

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