Enhancement Shaman vs The Lurker Below

It has been a good 4 years and 15 Levels since „The Lurker Below“ was a common 25 man raid Boss. He is located in Serpent Shrine Cavern, Zangar Marsh, Outlands.
On my quest to maximize „looted gold“ I was looking for a new challenge. While The Lurker Below is not a complete walkthrough it looked fairly doable.


The Lurker Below

This encounter is a bit tricky to solo as Enhancement Shaman, but I was nevertheless able to one shot it 😀 Mostly due to previous experience with the fight I suppose.

Reaching Lurker is quite easy. Use the elevator down, and the next one up and before the first thrash pack jump into the water. Each time you breach the water surface some fishes will spawn that attack you. Easiest way is to pop wolves, twin howl, then cast water walking and move to the center area. Before you get aggro from the fishes again, move up on the constructions that stick out of the water until you lose aggro. Then it is safe to get to the Lurker fishing spot.

You need to Fish Lurker up, took me 22 casts, and he will attack you. Position yourself so you do not land in the water after a knockback (and spawn fishes). Once in a while he casts sprout, its a breath that will deal damage (used to kill you) and throw you a good 50-70 yards away. Fortunately you can outrun the cast.

After a while Lurker will submerge and spawn 3 melee and 6 (maybe a bit more) Naga adds. The mobs are on different platforms. After zerging the melee adds ont he ring area, it seems fastest to kill the casters with spells, than jumping in and out of the water. Lurker will cast a new sprout as soon as emerges, look out for that!

Repeat thse steps until he dies and you will be rewarded by 3 epic items and 250 gold.



Added a video of the Kill, enjoy!


[youtube width=“640″ height=“385″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8XvP3PpsQE[/embed]


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