Enhancement Shaman vs Al’ar

Phew Aa’ar … did not really expect this to be soloable. The fight has a few components that make it a bit tricky 😀 For one Al’ar is completely immune to fire … flame shock, searing totem, flame tongue weapon, lava lash … that is a big chunk of lost dps. But it is still doable as solo enhancement shaman. Here is how I did it!


Al’ar <Phoenix God>

Al’ar is the first boss in Tempest Keep, Netherstorm, Outlands. In Burning Crusade (Level 70), it was a 25 man raid encounter. Immune to fire and exploding adds, armor debuff and aoe fire damage (inclusive +fire damage taken debuff) make this fight way more challenging than it may seem at first glance.


  • Flame Buffet
    A stackable debuff incurred every 2s that causes 1750-2250 fire damage and increases fire damage taken by 10% per application. Cast if no players are within melee range.
  • Flame Quills
    Periodically during phase one Al’ar will fly to the center of the room and use his Flame Quills ability, essentially nuking the upper platform around the room. Anyone standing on the platform at that time will receive huge amounts of fire damage which will lead to an almost certain death.
  • Flame Patch
    During phase two Al’ar will spawn burning patches on top of players that do a considerable amount of fire damage (~3000 per tick). Moving from them as soon as possible is advisable.
  • Dive Bomb
    30 second cooldown. During phase two Al’ar will periodically dive bomb a random target. This will cause around 5000 fire damage on a single target. This damage can be partially resisted. Two phoenixes will also be summoned and Al’ar will move to where he landed.
  • Melt Armor
    60 second cooldown. A debuff used on the current target, reducing their armor by 80%. Al’ar must be immediately taunted by a second tank. Lasts 60 seconds.
  • Phoenix
    A phoenix is summoned every time Al’ar switches positions during phase one. Two phoenixes are summoned every time he uses Flame Crash during phase two. These hit for 1500 damage and have ~140000 hp
  • Ember Blast
    An ability used by the phoenix adds that inflict 8750-11250 fire damage to nearby players, throwing them into the air and causing an additional 1000 physical damage. This occurs roughly 15 yards around the phoenix adds when they are killed.

For Dummies

You basically start on the left upper platform (the whole room needs to be cleared). Al’ar will come down to you and you can dps him, I used a pvp spec with „Frozen Power“ and Frost Shocks and Frostbrand Weapon. Everything related to fire are lost gcd’s 😀

Then at some point Al’ar will leave the platform and move to the next. Use Ghostwolf to get theare as soon as possible since he will cast flame buffet with noone in melee range. The spawning phoenix will follow you there and you should kill it as soon as possible on that platform. Place yourself that the 25 yard knockback on the phoenix‘ death will not knock you down.

Once in a while Al’ar will fly to the middle and bomb the uppare area, you need to get downa nd move to the first platform as soon as possible and meet Al’ar there.

Repeat until Al’ar dies.

Phase 2 is fairly simple. Just kill adds and do not stand in fire. Melt Armor will make you take a lot more damage. You can have wolves or earth elemental taunt the boss just in time so they will get the debuff or jsut careface it and put some more effor tin self healing 😀

Al’ar will drop 250g and 3 epic items.

Good Luck!

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