Cataclysm: Glyph Changes

glyph uiThe current Cataclysm Beta build shows some very interesting changes to the glyph system.

On live Realms you need to use a fresh glyph each time you want to change glyphs. However the most recent changes allow you to learn a glyph and add it to your character’s spellbook instead.

To swap a glyph you just use the ability in your spellbook and after a 5 second cast it will add or replace a glyph in your characters currently active dual spec.

At the moment the glyphs still look somewhat messy and unordered and I suppose they will get their own spellbook tab or ui at some point.

What does it mean for You?

From a player’s point of view this change is awesome, a fast and extremely convenient way to quickly adjust on the fly for all your needs.

As auction mogul I am somewhat disappointed 😀 The Introduction of dual spec massively cut down glyph sales, but this will most likely turn out to become another big blow to sellers. Of Course it wills tart with a massive sale boom until everyone has each possible Glyph – prepare a huge stock – but after that, only alts and new players will need Glyphs.

A quick look at Ravencrest’s Auction House showed 51000 active auctions including the 12500 glyphs (my 3000 weren’t even up). I suppose this is one of the reasons to change these game mechanics. Easy profit, up to 2000% of crafting costs, overflowing auction house, massive mail load. 12500 glyphs are 1250 per class or  25 pages.

Fortunately I have been slacking with glyphs lately anyhow so I’ll be able to fully enjoy the positive side of this change, easy access to all glyphs.

Spellbook Glyphs

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