Cataclysm: Epic Ride into the Maelstrom

epicus maximus undead on raptor on shark with lazerbeamsA few days ago I uploaded this video to YouTube. After completing Hyjal or Vashir you will reach Level 82 and be eligible to help Thrall at the Maelstrom.

When this area first opened players complained that this experience wasn’t epic enough and that they were disappointed. Then the Top people at Blizzard had a meeting on how to increase the epicness of the Maelstrom.

Enjoy this, you will be able to visit Thrall only once. I haven’t found a way to get back there again.


Blizzards Response

[…] Maybe I missed the memo on levels of „epicosity“ or something, but I’m pretty sure the Maelstrom is a CLASS 10 epic zone. Though I guess it is missing sharks with laser beams patrolling the waters and Arthur Fonzarelli jumping

[…] After reading this post I called for a meeting with TOP TOP MEN (that’s two tops) in order to figure out a solution to the problem at hand. Frankly, I think we hit a home run. The next 4.0 build (or the one after) should have a Maelstrom that’s between 10 – 50x more epic than what currently exists.


[…] I’m on a shark.


Anyway here is the video! Enjoy!

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