Cataclysm: Fun Quest in Uldum

Uldum Fire Sphere QuestEven though Uldum is still closed in the latest Cataclysm Beta build it is possible to enter via the „back entrance“ in south western Tanaris, close to the descent to Un’goro Crater.

It is clearly visible that Uldum is still „work in progress“ and it is pretty much empty for now. However while poking around I found a single Quest and just had to test it out.

At first I though „WTF is this ?!?!?“ as I turned into a glowing ball of fire!


Burn a little brighter now

There is a huge drill at the seaside entrance of Uldum and it is surrounded by a huge amount of crazed gnomes. The quest is not yet implemented, but you can race around as fiery sphere to burn them all. It is kind of funny to see them whirling around, their tiny feet sticking out and you can almost smell the delicious gnome barbecue!

There is no limit at the moment and you can even leave Uldum. No npc but the crazed gnomes are affected by the fire, but if you are patient enough you can actually reach Orgrimmar or Stormwind 😀

Anyway here is the video, enjoy!

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