Witcher 3: Debug Console Commands

The debug console in Witcher 3 can be accessed via a mod at Nexusmods. There are a lot of commands available to add items, spawn monsters and to do other fun things. The information on this page is gathered from the comments on the mod-page and from my own research. Thought it would be convenient to gather the commands like this. You are welcome to contribute to this list.

How to install the Debug Console


All commands here are tested and work. If you encounter an error check character case, brackets, space, comma, dash and quotation marks. Some commands require you to target an NPC or do work differently as you think. Leave your questions below, even if I may not be able to answer, someone else might.
Some of these commands will alter your game, e.g. if you enable all MapPins this can’t be undone. Several items that you can pick up can’t be dropped, other commands may overwrite your current gear. A teleport may lead you to unsafe areas. Handle these commands with care and always save the game before playing around with these commands.
I will be adding commands as I stumble upon them and you are welcome to contribute to the list 🙂

[Long lists are hidden by default, click here to expand all lists]


  • god – godmode (toggle, type god to turn off), there is also god2 and god3
  • healme – heals the player
  • killall – kill all enemies in sight, killall(50) kills all enemies in 50y range
  • likeaboss – damage set to 40% of targets MAX health
  • addabl(’name‘) to add a buff and rmvabl(’name‘) to remove it
    • addabl(‚DamageBuff‘) – 200 Attack Power, 200 Spell Power
    • addabl(‚ForceCriticalHits‘) – 100% Critical Chance
    • addabl(ForceFinisher)
    • addabl(ForceDismemberment)
    • addabl(‚ConAthletic‘) – 1000 Vitality, 100 Stamina and higher Stamina Regen
    • addabl(‚ConImmortal‘) – 998000 Vitality
    • addabl(‚StatsRangedSuperLame‘) – increased aim duration

Geralt Abilities

  • cleardevelop – CAUTION: resets Geralt to level 1, gives you starting gear
  • witchcraft – CAUTION: gives you 1 of everything, the game may hang for a couple of minutes
  • addexp(#) – adds „#“ experience
  • setlevel(#) – sets level to „#“, leveldown not available
  • levelup – increase level by 1
  • addskillpoints(#) – increase skillpoints by „#“
  • learnskill(’name‘) – teaches Geralt skill „name
    e.g. learnskill(’sword_s1′) to teach Geralt Whirl
    [click here to show all learnable skills]
  • Cat(1) – see in the dark, Cat(0) to turn it off
  • Drunk(1) – drunk effect, Drunk(0) to turn it off
  • buffme(’name‘,duration) – buffs Geralt with ’name‘ for ‚duration‘ seconds
    e.g. buffme(‚EET_Cat‘,600) – buffs Geralt with Catseye for 600 seconds
    [click here to show all buffs]
  • addabl(‚Rune veles lesser _Stats‘) – +2% Sign intensity
  • addabl(‚Rune veles _Stats‘) – +3% Sign intensity
  • addabl(‚Rune veles greater _Stats‘) – +5% Sign intensity
  • activateAllGlossaryCharacters() – enable all characters in glossary
  • activateAllGlossaryBeastiary() – enable all monsters in glossary

Character Looks

  • addHair1
  • addHair2
  • addHair3
  • addHairDLC1
  • addHairDLC2
  • addHairDLC3
  • setbeard(0,0) – shaved
  • setbeard(0,1) –
  • setbeard(0,2) –
  • setbeard(0,3) –
  • setbeard(0,4) – long beard
  • setbeard(1) – grows a beard
  • settattoo(0) – hides the blue stripe tattoo from the Witcher 2 quest „Hangover“
  • settattoo(1) – show the blue stripe tattoo from the Witcher 2 quest „Hangover“
  • shave – removes beard
  • WitcherHairstyle(‚1‘) – sets Hairstyle 1
  • WitcherHairstyle(‚2‘) – sets Hairstyle 2
  • WitcherHairstyle(‚3‘) – sets Hairstyle 3
  • setcustomhead(’name‘) – changes Geralt’s Head, removecustomhead to reset
    e.g. setcustomhead(‚head_robbery‘) – Geralt with the robbery mask
    [click here to show all custom heads]

Inventory and Items

  • removeitem(’name‘) – removes the item „name“ from the player
  • additem(’name‘,#,slot) – adds „#“ amount of items with the name „name“ to the „slot“ in players inventory. „#“ and „slot“ are nonmandatory.
    e.g. additem(‚Autogen Armor‘) adds 1 Kaer Mohren Armor to your inventory, around your level Range
    e.g. additem(‚Torlara‘,1,1) adds 1 Tor Lara Sword to the Witchers Steelsword Slot
    [click here to show all gwent cards]
  • test commands to add each type of item once
    [click here to show all inventory dev commands]
  • for more carryweight add the buffs from all 3 types of bags – use rmvabl(name) to remove them
    • addabl(HorseBag1)
    • addabl(HorseBag2)
    • addabl(HorseBag3)
  • addmoney(#) – adds „#“ amount of Crowns
  • removemoney(#) – removes „#“ amount of Crowns


  • additem(‚Horse Bag 3‘) – largest bag
  • additem(‚Horse Saddle 4‘) – best saddle
  • additem(‚Horse Blinder 3‘) – best blinder
  • staminapony – unlimited stamina horse
  • instantMount(‚horse‘) – puts player on a horse

NPC Commands

  • dismember – dismembers an NPC
  • appearance(name) – target an NPC and type the command
  • Ciri

    • Ciri – play as Cirilla, use ‚Geralt‘ to return to Geralt
    • spawn(‚cirilla‘) – spawns Cirilla NPC
    • Abilities, for playable Ciri
      • addabl(CiriBlink) – give Ciri the blink ability
      • addabl(CiriCharge) – give Ciri the charge ability
      • addabl(Ciri_Rage) – give Ciri the rage ability
      • additem(q403_ciri_meteor) – gives Ciri the meteor
      • addabl(Ciri_Q205) – gain 250 vitality
      • addabl(Ciri_Q305) – gain 500 vitality and 100 attack power
      • addabl(Ciri_Q403) – gain 2000 vitality and 500 attack power
      • addabl(Ciri_Q111) – gain 2500 vitality and 600 attack power
      • addabl(Ciri_Q501) – gain 2500 vitality and 80 attack power
      Appearances for Ciri

      • appearance(ciri_winter)
      • appearance(__q103_dirty)
      • appearance(__q103_wounded)
      • appearance(__q205_bandaged_naked)
      • appearance(__q205_bandaged)
      • appearance(__q205_bathtowel)
      • appearance(__q205_naked)
      • appearance(__q305_dudu)
      • appearance(__q310_masked)
      • appearance(__q505_covered_01)
      • appearance(__q505_covered_02)
      • appearance(__q505_hooded_02)
      • appearance(__q505_hooded)


    • spawn(‚triss‘) – spawns Triss Merrigold NPC
    • appearance(triss)
    • appearance(triss_dress)
    • appearance(triss_hooded_01)
    • appearance(triss_hooded_02)
    • appearance(triss_lingerie)
    • appearance(triss_naked)
    • appearance(triss_tortured_bloddy_face)
    • appearance(triss_tortured)


    • spawn(‚yennefer‘) – spawns Yennefer of Vengerberg NPC
    • appearance(yennefer_gown)
    • appearance(yennefer_head_towel)
    • appearance(yennefer_hooded)
    • appearance(yennefer_hooded_02)
    • appearance(yennefer_lingerie)
    • appearance(yennefer_naked_no_hair)
    • appearance(yennefer_naked_panties)
    • appearance(yennefer_naked)
    • appearance(yennefer_no_pendant)
    • appearance(yennefer_travel_outfit)


    • spawn(‚keira‘) – spawns Keira Metz NPC
    • appearance(naked)
    • appearance(naked_lingerie)
    • appearance(keira_metz_sorceress)
    • appearance(keria_metz)
  • spawn(’name‘,#,x,true/false) – spawns „#“ amount of „true=hostile or false=friendly“ „name“-NPCs in distance „x“
    e.g. spawn(‚wyvern_lvl2‘) – spawns 1 strong Wyvern
    e.g. spawn(‚wyvern_lvl2‘,10,20,true) – spawns 10 hostile, strong Wyverns in distance 20
    [click here to show all NPCs, Bosses, Monsters and Members of the Wild Hunt]
  • spawnt(#) – spawns a group of hostiles
    e.g. spawnt(64) – spawns a group of Novigrad Guards
    [click here to show all spawnt groups]

Gwent Game

  • secretgwint – play a Gwent Game anywhere
  • winGwint(true) – win current Gwent Game
  • addgwintcards – adds 1 of each card, except ‚gwint_card_katakan‘
  • additem(‘name’) – adds 1 „name“ card
    e.g. additem(‚gwint_card_katakan‘,5) – adds 5 Katakan cards
    [click here to show all gwent cards]

World and Travels

  • ShowKnownPins(1) – display all „?“ on the map
  • ShowPins(1) – uncovercover all map pins
  • ShowAllFT(1) – uncover fast travel pins
  • AllowFT(1) – enables Fast Travel from anywhere
  • gotoWyzima – portal to Wyzima
  • gotoNovigrad – portal to Novigrad
  • gotoSkellige – portal to Skellige
  • gotoKaerMohren – portal to KaerMohren
  • gotoProlog – portal to the Prologue Zone White Orchard
  • gotoPrologWinter – portal to the Prologue Zone winterly White Orchard
  • xy(posX,posY) – portal to the coordinates posx,posy – use god to survive the fall or type the coordinates again, just before you hit the ground
    e.g. xy(104,140) – teleports player to Fisherman Village
    [click here to show sample xy(coordinates)]
  • SpawnHorse
  • instantMount(‚horse‘)
  • spawnBoatAndMount
  • makeitrain – summons a storm
  • stoprain – stops the rain
  • changeweather(name) – change the weather to name
    [click here to show all weathertypes]
  • settime(time) – sets time to time
  • TM(number) – sets how fast time passes ingame


  • fadeout() / fadein() – turns the screen black
  • dlgshow() – turns the HUD off, also roots Geralt in place … use dlghide() to show the interface
  • testpause() – pause the game, use testunpause() to continue
  • ToggleCameraAutoRotation() – turn off camera auto-center


  • added xy coordinates, taken from Witcher 3\bundles\game\fast_travel.csv
  • added „Relic Armors“
  • added „Crafted Weapons“
  • added Beards, thanks to Florin Percembli, comment section below
  • added spawnt groups, thanks to joosh1195 @Nexusmods
  • added Masks and Decorations
  • reworked Alchemy
  • added customheads
  • added DLC Content
  • added trophies
  • added Skellige DLC Content
  • added buffme lists
  • added monsters to mutagens

355 Antworten auf „Witcher 3: Debug Console Commands“

      1. Awesome work here. Do you happen to know a command that hides all the HUD including the text that shows up when Geralt gets close to an object/enemy/npc? Typing dlgshow does it but it freezes Geralt and I can’t move so it’s not really helpful.

        1. There are MANY of the posted debug console commands that won’t work for me that seem to work for others. That said, here are some entries from the full console dump text that pertain to the HUD… Maybe they will work for you (?) : (Try at your own risk!)


    1. Yeah, I was looking for people who help me find out of they work 😀 They are int he game and as such should be able to work somehow.

      1. Is there a „legal“ way to get Bleidd (WicherSilverWolf) love the way it looks and seems its glitched gives me lagg in the controls and when you swing it it clashes against something invisible.

  1. Hi myrddin. I was the one on the nexus forums who discovered you can change character appearance using the appearance command and porvided those short lists (gona get pull together other characters lists when I get a chance). Just to inform you, the command does indeed work on spawned NPC’s too, not just original in-game characters. While I originlly thought it didn’t, it does work with spawns. You might want to edit that part. Thanks for gathering and putting a lot of the commands in one place though.

    1. Was so glad that you found these commands, big thumbs up from my side. I tried a bit with a spawned Ciri, but wasn’t really patient with it, so I figured you were right.
      As for this page, I like to gather the information and present it in a convenient way, so you won’t have to dig through dozens or even hundreds of forum pages. Think it is for the best of all. I did also find some commands and posted them on Nexusmods so all can participate, think that is in the best spirit 🙂

      1. Hi where can i find all of the npc spawn codes. I would like to spawn some temerian soldiers or nilfgaardian soldiers and have a epic battle.
        Thank you.

  2. I’m completely new here (This is the first post I’ve read) so I don’t know how to officially contribute to the list, but I found a „Drunk(1)“ command (Remove quotation marks) and I’ve not seen it posted anywhere else. The command makes everything hazy, as if you crossed your eyes.

  3. Can someone help me with godmode?
    I can’t revert to non-godmode state.
    Geralt is either killable, but have unlimited stamina, or he has limited stamina, but doesn’t take damage.
    Also, sometimes godmode allows Geralt to take damage, but he never dies (HP never drops below 0).
    I think i messed up with „god“ commands. I typing „god“ again to turn godmode off doesn’t actually disable it.

    1. There is god, god2, god3 and I think staminaboy is an unlimited stamina toggle. You might like to test with these. It might also be that there are several „stages“ of god. Just tried „god“ and spawned some nekkers, was able to get back to lose stamina and health with no problems.

  4. Hey Myrddin, I was looking through the comments on the Nexus and saw where you said that the Ciri appearance commands work with out the two underscores at the beginning, but instead just one. I just wanted to tell you that you may want to add that those commands may require an extra underscore because mine only works with two and not one.

    1. I would like to know the commands to make this code: indeed the underscore key does not match the other? appearance (__ q205_naked)

  5. Nothing for adding items works. Using 1.04. Tried every combo and not a damn thing. Been trying to add saltpeter, or any type of bombs.

  6. witchcraft – CAUTION: gives you 1 of everything, the game may hang for a couple of minutes
    everything = every item in the game? (quest item, gear, books, materials) EVERY item?

    1. Not 100% sure if it is every item. Just look at addgwintcards, it is supposed to give you every card, but is in reality missing one of them. I suppose witchcraft calls each of the add commands individually. As usually, there is no harm in saving your game and then trying what it does 🙂

  7. witchcraft – CAUTION: gives you 1 of everything, the game may hang for a couple of minutes
    everything = every item in the game? (quest item, gear, books, materials) EVERY item?

  8. Using f1 for flycam is my favorite but sometimes the zoom level for flycam gets stuck overly zoomed in and doesn’t reset until you close exit/not just reload. What key unzooms flycam to its original level?

    Be careful with diagrams/all items. Some quests trigger by reading something and I know for a fact the scavenger hunts bug out in the journal if you already have the diagram as you won’t pick it up but instead random loot in its place.

    Also be careful with restrictionless fast travel. Don’t use it during main quests as the game tunnels you at points and something scripted has to happen and if you fly off it won’t.

    I’d like to know the noclip command for funz

  9. Does anyone know if we could use „learnskill“ or „addabl“ to force him to learn the defined skills the NPC’s use for their weapons? I’m currently attempting to add weapons that Geralt normally can’t use, like two handed axes, spears, halberds, Wild Hunt weapons ect. You can get them into his inventory, but he seems unable to attack with them.

    I’m also curious if we can make Geralt shoot lightning like one of the mages this way.

    1. these swords were removed after the E3 Demo as you can see in def_items_weapons.xml there is a comment:

      name ="Silver sword 3"

      1. What does that mean? can it be brought back in by removing the comment slashes or asterisks (whatever are used to turn into comment)?

        1. These are just comments in an xml file, you’d need to recompile the changed stuff, likr the addons do … and then i am not sure if these are the only things you’D have to comment out and if the actual files/moddels that are being used are still available. Doesn’t hurt to try though.

      1. For me is not working too, neither in normal gameplay or a race. Version 1.06 and all dlc´s from GoG (10 in total) installed. Rest of commands i´ve tried work properly.
        I´ve tiped also several methods, staminapony (1), or staminapony (true) or stamina pony, but with no result.
        I´ve added the three horse bags to roach, perhaps is this?
        Someone have used this command and worked fine for him?

  10. Thanks for the comprehensive guide but I have a problem. I can add currency through the add money command but nothing else works.i can’t add items or skill points. Just wondering if anyone else had a similar issue?

    1. It is working fine for me, not sure if you aren’t doing typing errors. That seems like the most common mistakes. Spaces, character case, dashes, quotation marks … they matter.

  11. Man this compiled info is awesome, I spent a couple hours trying to figure out how to use something like the info here and combine it with autohotkey I finally got my first script to work perfectly in game. I made one that enters in every single crafting recipe. I tried the other commands but some of them kept getting shuffled over in the loading of the game. Now I will be able to work on a script for each section for a full blown mega cheat if i so desired. we’ll see.

  12. debug console stopped working after I updated my game. Recommend waiting for a new version of the mod till updating the game.

  13. Are we able to add the plans for potions/bombs using this tool? I recall they do not actually appear in inventory so this may be hard?

    1. Schematics can be added, they are under additems: all schematics, books and notices. I just noticed that recipes for potions and bombs aren’t in, yet. I’ll add them as I have time for it. Caution when adding recipes, it may hinder progress for „Treasure Hunt“ and other quests.

  14. I can not sell my trophies.
    It seems to be locked.
    Does anyone know the name to remove by the console?

    EX: removeitem(‚Griffin Trophy‘)

    1. There are several Griffin trophies, might want to try one of these: mh301_gryphon_trophy, q002_griffin_trophy, sq108_griffin_trophy

    1. function CStoryScenePreviewPlayer::god(){
      if (!thePlayer.IsInvulnerable());
      thePlayer.SetImmortalityMode(2, 1, true);
      thePlayer.AddBuffImmunity_AllNegative('god', true);
      thePlayer.SetImmortalityMode(0, 1, true);
      function CStoryScenePreviewPlayer::god2(){
      function CStoryScenePreviewPlayer::god3(){
      thePlayer.SetImmortalityMode(3, 1, );

    1. So far I know only of

      • addabl(HorseBag1)
      • addabl(HorseBag2)
      • addabl(HorseBag3)

      To manually add several saddle bag buffs on top to Geralt

  15. Does somebody know how to tget the black panther mask via console that you wear in the Triss romance quest „A matter of life and death“? That thing is amazing. I want it forever. But can’t find its code. Please help!

      1. Can you undo the map pins once you’ve done them? All I wanted was FT, and stupidly did the ShowPins(1) instead. I tried HidePins(1) just as an experiment, but no dice. Any suggestions, or am I stuck?

  16. These might come in handy if you’re starting a new character at a higher level;

    additem(‚Autogen steel sword‘) – Generates a rusty velen sword around your level
    additem(‚Autogen silver sword‘) – Generates a version of Disglair around your level

    1. It is an NPC Weapon, not all can be equipped or show up in the inventory. The code works though. You do see a „received Novigrad Longsword“ text.

  17. Hi Sorry if this is out of topic but does anyone have a save game file with most sidequests completed just before the isle of mists quest? I used the debug console command for fast travelling from anywhere and skipped a favour for radovid after exiting whoreson’s residence accidentally. thus I cannot recruit Triss and have screwed up my playthrough. Any help would be much appreciated?

      1. Yes but sadly you get stuck afterwards when you have to go back to several people, like Triss, it says you still have to help her on some matters.

        Thing is, if you teleport after killing the Bastard, you don’t get caught by the king’s guard, thus you don’t get the „favour for radovid“ quest nore the „ennemy number one of redania“. This one able Triss for the main quest…

        So I’m like you KOBEGOAT, totally stuck… :'(
        I’ve tried many things but nothing seems to trigger the radovid quest…

        Please help if you think you have a solution!

  18. I cant seem to type “ ` “ to get armor, is there another work around for this? thanks. If i press the ` button the console closes.

    1. Can only advice to try out different keys. On my german keyboard I have to substitute the following keys (it is probably different for yours)
      ‚ on ä
      ( on )
      ) on =
      _ on ?

  19. hi all im still having problems with additem. ive tried a lot of things potions swords eg additem(‚black blood‘) or additem(‚black unicorn relic steel sword‘) ect but I cant seem to get any items to work…….could anyone help with the correct way u have to type stuff cheers……

    1. Well, check the commands above. ‚Black Blood‘ won’t work as there are 3 typed of Black Blood.

      • additem(‚Black Blood 1‘)
      • additem(‚Black Blood 2‘)
      • additem(‚Black Blood 3‘)

      same goes for ‚black unicorn relic steel sword‘ which does not exist. Scroll up, open weapons. You’ll find:

      • additem(‚Blackunicorn‘)

      voilà 🙂

      1. It’s been a couple of years now, so I don’t expect this to get updated, but I’d still love to know what the additem() ID is for bolts, particularly exploding bolts (relic quality).

        1. Another year – but… I just looked for these recently, so maybe someone else will – THESE seem to be the highest level bolts – that I find anyway. The „Exploding“ and „Target Point“ are quite high dmg…near to 60 I think, and with the Toussaint Crossbow – definitely killer.

          The exploding bolts are fantastic for Sirens/Ekhidna… they just drop… target practice can be fun, heh. Drowners too. I sometimes stand like 50 yards away from a bandit nest and start bombarding them with exploding bolts – it’s hilarious… their comments are a riot sometimes too. REMEMBER: Case matters — one letter wrong and ya get nothing.

          additem(‚Explosive Bolt Legendary‘)
          additem(‚Split Bolt Legendary‘)
          additem(‚Target Point Bolt Legendary‘)
          additem(‚Broadhead Bolt Legendary‘)
          additem(‚Blunt Bolt Legendary‘)

          Best crossbows I think:
          additem(‚Toussaint Crossbow 2‘)
          additem(‚Geralt of Rivia Crossbow‘) … there’s one for the Ravix identity too, but I’ve never tried it.

      1. Myrddin,
        Man ur my personal hero, Thx for the Magic Lamp code, I had my game crashed and used Add All Armors and fucked my quest items :(. I really need at least a few of those if I wanna continue this amazing game but I don’t dare to use the Lua stuff, I’m very bad at programming things. Would u find and send me at least this item code: The Eye of Nehaleni code. I think with the Magic Lamp and the Eye of Nehaleni I might try to continue.
        Nevertheless, my missing list of quest I haven’t found code objects yet is not so big if you think any of the following objects is important would u find that code for me too?:

        Lizard Figurine
        Bull Figurine
        Dandelion’s Planner
        Misterious Notes
        Witcher Georges Journal
        Dobromir’s Journal
        Prince Adrien’s Journal

        Thank YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!!

          1. Hey, I had a look but can’t seem to find the Eye of Nehaleni in that .xml, any ideas as to what the code might be for that one? I lost mine and now cant complete some of my side quests!!


    1. Because you are doing it wrong. wrong command and you also forgot the ‚ ‚, the command is exactly as shown above additem(‚Light armor 08r‘)

  20. Was wondering something. After the get junior quest, I used the fast travel to get wherever i needed to be. That made me miss the A Favor For Radovid quest. Anyway to get it back? If not just a warning!

  21. Hey all! Just thought I would add some commands I found if I couldn’t find them here. Anyways just recently i noticed the alchemic ingredient „Ergot Seeds“ wasn’t listed here. I will add more as I find them!

    In short, Ergot Seeds is:

    additem(‚Ergot seeds‘)

    one love

  22. Hi Guys,

    I have just stupidly used the reset code for the console to reset geralt to level 1. about 3 hours after this I realised I don’t have the Eye of Nehaleni anymore!!!! Does anyone know the console code for it? I looked through the Rewards.xml but cant find it??

    Any help?

    1. I’m searching for that as well. Best I can make out from the xml file is that it’s likely „q104_something_something“. But I’m no programmer, that’s just my assumption based off of the code for the magic lamp.

  23. For everyone wondering; the EYE OF NIHALENI is simply called the Illusion Medallion in the console. So you type in “ additem(‚Illusion Medallion‘) „

  24. Is there a different key for a PC Witcher3…I can’t open it with „~“ or should I be put in the whole of this and not just the middle one?

  25. hay jack ass most of codes works but additem(‚Horse Bag 3‘) – largest bag dont even work same with the other,learn how to do things right you fuckwit

    1. Judging from your typing I’d say its not your strongest trait and that the problem lies there. The code does work. Must be embarrassing after all the loudmouthing.

      1. it would of helped showing every one how to make cap letters in debug,ok here how it goes in debug you do this hold the shift key and the letter H and you do the same for B

        1. The ( ) _ ‚ and cap keys are different for each keyboardlayout and locale setting. Apart from being unable to install and test each of them it would totally blow the dimension of this page. That shift + letter does capital letters is basic computer knowledge.

  26. tried additem(‚Weapon repair kit 1‘) -> gets Grindstone. Unable to locate the item in inventory.
    tried additem(‚Armor repair kit 1‘) -> gets Basic armor enhancement kit. Also unable to locate them in the inventory.

    Though I can’t find them in my inventory, my weight increase each time I add these items using console.
    Anyone encounters the same problem as me?

    1. I’m experiencing this with certain items. Weapon & armor repair kits don’t show up in my inventory, but after trying 10 times i’m now over-encumbered. Swords and stuff enter my inventory fine though.
      All i wanted was some weapon repair kits because at my point in the questline I don’t have access to blacksmiths and I’m all out of them. 🙁

    1. Help! I’m still looking for some way to add Light Essence to my inventory. I’ve tried every combination of additem() and additemalchemy() with every case and nothing seems to work. I ended up adding ‚Golden Oriole 1‘ to get the potion but would really prefer to mix it up. Thanks! Awesome work, it has added to my enjoyment of the game.

      1. If you display all lists and use browser function to search for „essence“ it takes about 15 seconds to find it 😉 Not trying it to be a smartass, just want to show a convenient way to quickly scan through all items and thus find what you are looking for 🙂
        additem(‚Noonwraith light essence‘)

  27. additem(‚Weapon repair kit 1‘) and additem(‚Armor repair kit 1‘), after entering these commands you’ll get a Grindstone and Basic armor enhancement, but they can’t be located in inventory.
    Anyone has the same problem?

    1. They are under Miscellaneous Items, these aren’t necessarily for proper usage. The kits are in a special file that I had not added, yet 🙂 Carried away by real life 🙂

      • armor_repair_kit_1
      • armor_repair_kit_2
      • armor_repair_kit_3
      • weapon_repair_kit_1
      • weapon_repair_kit_2
      • weapon_repair_kit_3

      Hope that helps 🙂

  28. Anyone know if there’s a way to display item codes onscreen? I’ve got a bugged quest and need to open a door, but I don’t know the code for it (or is there a file for each quest where I could look it up and see which door was supposed to get opened)?

    Alternatively, is there a way to move through walls? I can teleport with xy() but I end up on the roof.

    Oh, or is there a way to reset a quest?


        1. Hmh, if you target her (face her, and have your head look towards her head) and type appearance(ciri_winter) or appearance(__q505_hooded) she should be dressed. Do you happen to have a nude patch installed maybe?

          1. I don’t have a nude patch but i tried this : I put the „Ciri“ control and I noticed this : with control Ciri dressed but when it’s a round of Ciri in the game, there is always naked. What to do?

  29. So, I couldn’t help noticing there are two quest items related to Iorveth, (’sq313_iorveth_letters‘) and (’sq309_iorweth_arrow‘). Has anyone found them in-game, without inputting commands? On my third playthrough and haven’t found anything related to Iorveth, though granted the Scoia’tael camps can be hard to find.

    1. The only thing I have found so far was: novigrad_lg.csv -> world\quests\sq313_hospital\sq313_iorveth_investigation, which could be related to the sq313_iorveth_letters mentioned above. A quick search told me that there is a conversation somewhere about him. Found a comment here that he is mentioned somewhere: http://witcher.wikia.com/wiki/Iorveth

  30. anybody know the item name for the Feline\Cat armor tried additem( ‚Cat Armor 3‘ ) and additem( ‚Feline Armor 3‘ ) its not listed anywhere online Strange. Help 😀

  31. Question about fast travel – is there any way to display the coordinates on the map? Because for no it’s just a guess with those numbers…

  32. I have turned the likeaboss command on and cannot get it to go away. Have tried adding (0) and off to the end, as well as typing it again etc like god command, but no luck, any suggestions?

  33. Some mistaken commands, the numbers for armor, pants, gloves and boots range from 1 to 4, I just tested myself and it’s working.

    (‚NGP Wolf School steel sword 1‘)
    (‚NGP Wolf School steel sword 2‘)
    (‚NGP Wolf School steel sword 3‘)
    (‚NGP Wolf School steel sword 4‘)

    (‚NGP Wolf School silver sword 1‘)
    (‚NGP Wolf School silver sword 2‘)
    (‚NGP Wolf School silver sword 3‘)
    (‚NGP Wolf School silver sword 4‘)

    (‚NGP Wolf Armor 1‘)
    (‚NGP Wolf Armor 2‘)
    (‚NGP Wolf Armor 3‘)
    (‚NGP Wolf Armor 4‘)

    (‚NGP Wolf Pants 1‘)
    (‚NGP Wolf Pants 2‘)
    (‚NGP Wolf Pants 3‘)
    (‚NGP Wolf Pants 4‘)

    (‚NGP Wolf Gloves 1‘)
    (‚NGP Wolf Gloves 2‘)
    (‚NGP Wolf Gloves 3‘)
    (‚NGP Wolf Gloves 4‘)

    (‚NGP Wolf Boots 1‘)
    (‚NGP Wolf Boots 2‘)
    (‚NGP Wolf Boots 3‘)
    (‚NGP Wolf Boots 4‘)

  34. Any idea how to spawn relic weapons or armour that comes in various levels at a given level? Such as Relic swords or Assassin gloves etc… otherwise it seems to be random 2-4 level behind you current level.

    1. Found some armor items with added „r“ as relic version with some random stats. But worked only for some items e.g. additem(‚Heavy armor 05r‘)

  35. Any idea how to spawn an item at a given level? For example additem(Caroline) adds the named sword 2-4 levels below your current level. Is there some way to force the level of the item spawned?

  36. Anyone know how to make dropped items disappear?
    I spawn 20 swords to get the best stats and drop them, and they don’t ever disappear, kinda annoying.

  37. Is there a command to enable Letho to be alive? I started a new game but didn’t pick the question/answer session. Found out too late. So can I change the default to where Letho is alive and will appear in his quest? Thanks.

    1. I chose simulate Witcher 2 save for my 2nd option difficulty level. Gen Moorhis asked Geralt abt his testimony during shaving scene. I choose the answers in such a way that all/most characters assumed alive in W2. Later I see if Letho is alive in Valen quest.

  38. Are there any commands to either enable Letho to appear or to change the simulate import option. I messed up at the start and when I got to Vizima I did not get the question/answer session with the general so it defaulted to where Letho is dead. I do have a save from just before leaving White Orchard.

  39. When I play as Ciri, Ciri has Geralt’s head. There was no problem until I tried to tp with Ciri to Novigrad with console commands. Is there a way to fix this?

  40. For wolf set e.g armor additem(‘Wolf Armor 3′) numbre 3 its the mastercrafted try this today and workout with 1.06 withcer version.

  41. (‘Wolf School steel sword 1′)
    (‘Wolf School steel sword 2′)
    (‘Wolf School steel sword 3′)

    (‘Wolf School silver sword 1′)
    (‘Wolf School silver sword 2′)
    (‘Wolf School silver sword 3′)

    (‘Wolf Armor 1′)
    (‘Wolf Armor 2′)
    (‘Wolf Armor 3′)

    (‘Wolf Pants 1′)
    (‘Wolf Pants 2′)
    (‘Wolf Pants 3′)

    (‘Wolf Gloves 1′)
    (‘Wolf Gloves 2′)
    (‘Wolf Gloves 3′)

    (‘Wolf Boots 1′)
    (‘Wolf Boots 2′)
    (‘Wolf Boots 3′)

    This how it workout for me.

  42. Where can you find the appearance name list (e.g. „triss_dress“) in the game’s files?
    I’ve been looking, but haven’t managed to locate them.

    1. Personally I’d extract all .bundle files and then use wingrep (it can search through many files at once, with nice filters and regex), look for triss_dress and go from there.

  43. Is that any triggers quest debug command? Cause i can’t triggers Triss romance quest „now or never“, i already complete all Novigard main & side quest but still unable start this quest, it’s just never appears in my quest log.

  44. Hey Guys,
    Didn’t know if this was possible to do through debug but I’d figure I’d give it a shot. I want to change Geralt’s eye color. Preferably to the AllGod’s color. If anyone had figured out to do this I would appreciate the info. Thanks all and killer work on the codes.

  45. Is there any way that you can check for an item ID that you have in your inventory? In skyrim you clicked on an item with console on, this doesn’t work here. I have quest items but maybe these quests were finished and they just stayed in inventory. Does anyone know IDs for these items?

    – Silver Monocle
    – Mysterious Notes
    – Old Vine from Toussaint
    – Edwin Grellofs 3rd Map
    – Ibrahim Savi’s 1st Map
    – Squirrel tail
    – Letter of safe Conduct (I have 2 of those)
    – Short letter
    – Adalbert Kermith’s 1st Map
    – Fragment of silver cylinder
    – cage key
    – silver lid

  46. Does anyone know commands for lowering / changing your skills? Like changing sign intensity or vitality etc. my sign intensity is stuck at 1.5k% (because of the bug) and I need to lower it

      1. Found a way to lower it, you have to remove the Synergy skill and add it back, do that 10 times or so until stats are back to normal. You have to have appropriate mutagens equipped as well so if sign power got affected do this with blue mutagens equipped

  47. I have a question about the xy coordinates for the e3 areas. It seems for me at least, when I use them it just puts my in the novigrad/velen area. Is that what its supposed to do?

  48. Question: is there a commend to set/reset the POV offset? I keep getting a bug that moves the camera so close to the back of Geralt’s head I cannot see anything and only restarting fixes it.

  49. Anyone know how to remove (ForcedFiniser) and (ForcedDismemberment)? rmvabl(ForcedDismemberment) and rmvabl(‚ForcedDismemberment‘) aren’t working. Every time i punch someone (no swords equipped) they’re cut in half or an arm goes flying.

  50. Where the Cat and Wolf Play DLC
    additem(‚mq1058_cat_school_sword‘) – Teigr Sword

    Quest items:

  51. Anyone knows how to use the console on quest? for example, I romanced both Triss and Yen but I want to end with one of them, so it would be cool to reset one of the quest lines.

  52. I know it’s a longshot..but
    I saw in a video(gameplay) that shows Geralt with a sword with Orange writing on it,i think it was also black sword…
    Does anyone know what sword is it?,and what the sword’s code is?

  53. Does anyone know the command for infinite/unlimited adrenaline? i know addFocus() gives you full adrenaline but once you use abilities and special moves it drops back to normal, is there a command to keep full adrenaline at all time? I ask this because in your character branch upgrade „Flood of Anger“ (Red branch) unlocks all the special sign’s bonuses if you have full adrenaline. So i just want to spam all signs along with their bonuses, anyone found the command? Many thanks!

  54. Hi fellas,
    I got some many nice commands from this web so I felt like have to share with this.
    For those who love fight against humans during free roam I found nice console command:
    #- stands for type of group or single human enemy
    for example
    spawnt(120) generates nice lvl16 bandit group,
    spawnt(1) generates witch hunters (one commander lvl 31 I think and 2 support crossbow lvl 18),
    spawnt(123) is a skellige bandit lvl24 if Im not mistake etc,
    spawnt(88) or spawnt(87) or generally 80s gives redanian army members
    …I’ve noticed that also work spawnt(01) or spawnt(097).
    Other nice thing is that you can set distance like spawnt(1,25) will get your enemy spawn 25 meters in direction of looking. But dont make to far cause won’t work (at least for me and Im playin on full graphic details). KEEP IN MIND THAT SOME DIGITS ARE EMPTY, like I’ve tried 55, 56 or 48, 39 was empty for example. Try and find your favorites 😀
    Tested on 1.07 patch but I think shoud work on other versions as well
    Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do

    1. It does work in general, just not under certain circumstances. I’d add the various buffs for horse stamina individually if I were you.

  55. buffme(‚EET_‘,600) doesn’t work with ver1.5?
    if you guys wanted to load all the sword wrote addsilversword or addsilversword2 on the steel wrote addsteelword or addsteelsword2

    1. I only provide the list of commands that are in the client. These are internal CD-project commands and as such need to be fixed by CD-Project

  56. Does anyone know the Item ID for the Jade Figurine? I badly need this Item ID so I can remove it on my quest inventory. Thank you so much!

  57. ok so I used the add coin code and I got the max amount but I cant seem to remove the coins with the remove coins code. Any way to fix this I need to buy something and I cant buy it because I have the max amount and it wont go back down.

  58. How do I remove all the items i have, in both my chest and my pockets because i have too much that i can’t sell them, it would take ages, even when i put something into my chest, the game freezes and THEN it stocks it. This is getting out of hand. Pls help me.

  59. Myriddin you are a god mate. cheers for this.

    i looked through but might have missed, or these commands might not exist, any way to remove fall damage and water on the lens?

    thanks brother

  60. Is there a way to activate multiple commands in one go, like the Bethesda Batch files? Like a „bat“ file that if activated via command will perform a list of „additem“ commands for a bunch of items? Example: typing „bat.alchemyitems“ (Or whatever you name the file) would give me all alchemy ingredients?

  61. I heard there was a command to give yourself the Caparison of Lament. Every site has the command listed as ‚Devil Saddle‘ but this one. It doesn’t work. Was the command later patched and removed, or was this a hoax from the start?

    1. i think , i have solution
      when i input it on debug console
      don’t just copy all „additem(‚Devil Saddle‘)“ just copy Devil Saddle‘)
      type additem(‚ manually and paste Devil Saddle‘) so it write ~ additem(‚Devil Saddle‘)
      and enter
      hope it work with you as well

        1. it does not work because the quotation mark are fucked up, I copied all forms of writing and it did not work until : additem (‚Devil Saddle‘), and then check the inventory.

  62. I’m running the GOTY edition and noted on Nexus that the console enabler only works if you add DBGConsoleOn=true to the general.ini file. I have done that but the console still won’t open. Yes, I do have the Visual C++ 2013 redistr. installed.

    If anyone else here is running GOTY v1.31, perhaps you can help me solve this, please?

  63. so i used command
    additem(‚Weapon repair kit 3‘.20)x2
    additem(‚Weapon repair kit 2‘,20)
    since it was not working i entered kit 3 twice and kit 2 once
    after checking my inventory there was no repair kit in it but now my weight is 129 idle without any items in inventory even i dropped all equipped items still i have 129 weight with no items
    think my inventory got bugged with invisible items adding weight to it
    how do i reset my inventory or fix this issue?

  64. Hi, sorry I’m not a serial cheat user, but I just don’t have time to farm money on this game, i tried the addmoney one but it doesn’t work.
    I typed:


    it should give me 3 crowns right? Except it doesn’t 🙁 any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

  65. how to complete a quest i failed it but it never showed me i guess after i did ugly baby i failed a few quests and clearing every place of interest i have only now realised taht it was failed. any way to force it to complete? thanks.

  66. Can you tell me how to remove louis or margots‘ urns. I’m stuck in the game because of this. I don’t know what item name to use with the remove item command.

  67. HI
    i failed brother in arms velen immediately after ugly baby i didn’t kill keira but let her go but i want her in kaer morhen is ther anything i can do ?

    1. Adam – To use conversational choices that will lead to Keira Metz being at Kaer Morhen (you don’t have to fight her), use the following choices when she comes down from the tower.. Say: „You used me“ / „Joking aside, what exactly are you playing at?“ / „Radovid never forgets“ / „It’s suicide“ / „Go to Kaer Morhen“ / „See you at Kaer Morhen“.

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  69. These are great, but if you change the weather using the console – for instance, changeweather(WT_Clear) – does it then stay clear weather forever? Or is it just temporary, only lasting the usual time for any given weather pattern? If permanent, is there a way to change it back to the dynamic default? Thanks!

  70. Hi everyone, sorry I’m kind of a noob at this whole console thing but is it not possible to add particular alchemy ingredients like „Blowball“ ?? I’ve been trying to do it for an hour plus I don’t find a specific code for it anywhere on the cheat codes lists.. Thanks for your help!

    1. try additem(‚Blowbill‘) for blowball flowers that worked for me ( :

      it goes like additem(‚itemname‘) for all items and if you want to specify more than one do additem(’name‘,407) or to put something in a slot do additem(’name‘,1,1) the second number puts it in a slot.


  71. Which button to teleport in the free pos mode (F1)?
    Mit welcher Taste kann man sich denn teleportieren wenn man im free pos Modus ist? Steht leider nur für Xbox- und PS-Controller da.

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  73. I Can’t believe someone actually worked hard , write all this and helps to the people in the comment who needs help. thats too freakin‘ awesome dude good work ^^ BTW Do you k’now which ones are the best , strongest gwent card ? ı almost got every card but ı can’t figure out which to use

  74. who knows how i can fix the Unlucky’s Treasure quest? it’s the only one bugged in my journal and i’m stuck with it.
    i have tried this command


    where at XXX i’ve tried several combinations of numbers, none with success.
    i will check here once in a while, but if you want you can e-mail me the answer if you know it at sergykid@yahoo.com

  75. I wish there would be a way to spawn Syanna, I did the happy ending on B&W but after the story she is nowhere to be found, so I’d like to spawn her right beside anna henrieta so if anyoen got the code to spawn syanna I’d appreciate it

  76. additem(‚Rune tvarog‘) works for getting said rune should you need like I did! Didn’t see it in the list so figured I’d try and see if it worked annnnd it did.

  77. HoS Items

    „additem (‚EP1 Witcher Armor‘)“ Viper Armor

    „additem (‚EP1 Witcher Gloves‘)“ Viper Gloves

    „additem (‚EP1 Witcher Boots‘)“ Viper Boots

    „additem (‚EP1 Witcher Pants‘)“ Viper Pants

    „additem(‚EP1 Viper School silver sword‘)“ Viper Silver Sword

    „additem(‚EP1 Viper School steel sword‘).“ Viper Steel Sword

    „additem(‚Devil Saddle‘)“ Gaunter O‘ Dimm’s Reward if you pick speed.

    „additem (‚Soltis Vodka‘)“ Gaunter O‘ Dimm’s Reward if you pick vodka option, gives unlimited alcohol for achemy potions so no more Alchoest and Dwarven Spirit

    „additem (Cornucopia)“ Gaunter O‘ Dimm’s Reward if you pick never go hungry, gives you infinite food

    „additem (Geralt Kontusz)“ Ornate robe from wedding

    „additem (Geralt Kontusz R)“ Ornate robe (light armor) you get in Von Everac Manor

    „additem (Thief Armor B)“ Relic New moon Armor

    „additem (‚Plank‘)“ The fenceboard from wedding it will be in quest item tab

    „additem (‚Olgierd Sabre‘) Iris sword you get if you help Olgierd from O‘ Dimm

    „additem (‚q602_donkey_ears‘)“ Ass ears

    „additem (‚PC Caretaker Shovel‘)“ Caretaker’s Shovel

    „additem (‚Ofir Horse Bag‘)“ Ofieri Saddlebags

    „additem (‚Ofir Horse Blinders‘)“ Ofieri Blinders

    „additem(‚Horse Saddle 6‘) Ofieri Saddle

    „additem (‚q603_emhyr_mask‘)“ Emhyr’s Mask from the Auction House Heist

    „additem (‚q603_foltest_mask‘)“ Foltest’s Mask

    „additem (‚q603_henselt_mask‘)“ Henselt Mask

    „additem (‚q603_radovid_mask‘)“ Asshole’s mask

    ‚additem (‚gwint_card_cow‘)“ Cow Gwent card

    „gwint_card_olgierd“ Olgierd Von Everec

    „additem(‚gwint_card_toad‘)“ Toad Card

    „additem (‚gwint_card_schirru‘)“ Schirru Card

    „additem (‚Thief Gloves‘)“ New Moon Gloves

    „additem(‚Thief Pants‘)“ New Moon Armor

    „additem(‚Thief Boots‘)“ New Moon Armor

    All Thief items can be modified with B, Y, and No Medallion (IE „Thief Armor No Medallion“ or „Thief Armor B“)

    „additem (‚Ofir Pants‘)“

    „additem (‚Ofir Armor‘)“

    „additem (‚Ofir Boots‘)“

    „additem (‚Geralt Kontusz Boots‘)“

    „additem (‚Geralt Kontusz Boots R‘)“







  78. HoS Item

    „additem (‚EP1 Witcher Armor‘)“ Viper Armor

    „additem (‚EP1 Witcher Gloves‘)“ Viper Gloves

    „additem (‚EP1 Witcher Boots‘)“ Viper Boots

    „additem (‚EP1 Witcher Pants‘)“ Viper Pants

    „additem(‚EP1 Viper School silver sword‘)“ Viper Silver Sword

    „additem(‚EP1 Viper School steel sword‘).“ Viper Steel Sword

    „additem(‚Devil Saddle‘)“ Gaunter O‘ Dimm’s Reward if you pick speed.

    „additem (‚Soltis Vodka‘)“ Gaunter O‘ Dimm’s Reward if you pick vodka option, gives unlimited alcohol for achemy potions so no more Alchoest and Dwarven Spirit

    „additem (Cornucopia)“ Gaunter O‘ Dimm’s Reward if you pick never go hungry, gives you infinite food

    „additem (Geralt Kontusz)“ Ornate robe from wedding

    „additem (Geralt Kontusz R)“ Ornate robe (light armor) you get in Von Everac Manor

    „additem (Thief Armor B)“ Relic New moon Armor

    „additem (‚Plank‘)“ The fenceboard from wedding it will be in quest item tab

    „additem (‚Olgierd Sabre‘) Iris sword you get if you help Olgierd from O‘ Dimm

    „additem (‚q602_donkey_ears‘)“ Ass ears

    „additem (‚PC Caretaker Shovel‘)“ Caretaker’s Shovel

    „additem (‚Ofir Horse Bag‘)“ Ofieri Saddlebags

    „additem (‚Ofir Horse Blinders‘)“ Ofieri Blinders

    „additem(‚Horse Saddle 6‘) Ofieri Saddle

    „additem (‚q603_emhyr_mask‘)“ Emhyr’s Mask from the Auction House Heist

    „additem (‚q603_foltest_mask‘)“ Foltest’s Mask

    „additem (‚q603_henselt_mask‘)“ Henselt Mask

    „additem (‚q603_radovid_mask‘)“ Asshole’s mask

    ‚additem (‚gwint_card_cow‘)“ Cow Gwent card

    „gwint_card_olgierd“ Olgierd Von Everec

    „additem(‚gwint_card_toad‘)“ Toad Card

    „additem (‚gwint_card_schirru‘)“ Schirru Card

    „additem (‚Thief Gloves‘)“ New Moon Gloves

    „additem(‚Thief Pants‘)“ New Moon Armor

    „additem(‚Thief Boots‘)“ New Moon Armor

    All Thief items can be modified with B, Y, and No Medallion (IE „Thief Armor No Medallion“ or „Thief Armor B“)

    „additem (‚Ofir Pants‘)“

    „additem (‚Ofir Armor‘)“

    „additem (‚Ofir Boots‘)“

    „additem (‚Geralt Kontusz Boots‘)“

    „additem (‚Geralt Kontusz Boots R‘)“







  79. HoS Item Complete List:
    additem(‚Soltis Vodka‘)
    additem(‚Devil Saddle‘)
    additem(‚Horse Saddle 5‘)
    additem(‚Horse Saddle 6‘)
    additem(‚Ofir Horse Bag‘)
    additem(‚Ofir Horse Blinders‘)
    additem(‚Thief Pants‘)
    additem(‚Thief Pants B‘)
    additem(‚Thief Pants Y‘)
    additem(‚Thief Pants No Medallion‘)
    additem(‚Ofir Pants‘)
    additem(‚Ofir Pants B‘)
    additem(‚NPC Long Steel Sword‘)
    additem(‚NPC torch‘)
    additem(‚PC Caretaker Shovel‘)
    additem(‚NPC Olgierd Sabre‘)
    additem(‚PC Olgierd Sabre‘)
    additem(‚Ofir Sabre 1‘)
    additem(‚Ofir Sabre 2‘)
    additem(‚Hakland Sabre‘)
    additem(‚Burning Rose Sword B‘)
    additem(‚Burning Rose Sword‘)
    additem(‚Ofir Crossbow‘)
    additem(‚Ofir Crossbow R‘)
    additem(‚PC Olgierd Sabre‘)
    additem(‚Ofir Sabre 2‘)
    additem(‚Burning Rose Gloves‘)
    additem(‚Burning Rose Gloves B‘)
    additem(‚Thief Gloves‘)
    additem(‚Thief Gloves B‘)
    additem(‚Thief Gloves Y‘)
    additem(‚Thief Gloves No Medallion‘)
    additem(‚Crafted Ofir Steel Sword‘)
    additem(‚Crafted Burning Rose Sword‘)
    additem(‚EP1 Crafted Witcher Silver Sword‘)
    additem(‚EP1 Viper School steel sword‘)
    additem(‚EP1 Viper School silver sword‘)
    additem(‚Crafted Ofir Steel Sword‘)
    additem(‚Crafted Burning Rose Sword‘)
    additem(‚EP1 Crafted Witcher Silver Sword‘)
    additem(‚EP1 Viper School steel sword‘)
    additem(‚EP1 Viper School silver sword‘)
    additem(‚Ofir Armor‘)
    additem(‚Ofir Armor B‘)
    additem(‚Thief Armor‘)
    additem(‚Thief Armor B‘)
    additem(‚Thief Armor Y‘)
    additem(‚Thief Armor No Medallion‘)
    additem(‚Burning Rose Armor‘)
    additem(‚Burning Rose Armor B‘)
    additem(‚Ofir Armor‘)
    additem(‚Geralt Kontusz Boots‘)
    additem(‚Geralt Kontusz Boots R‘)
    additem(‚Thief Boots‘)
    additem(‚Thief Boots B‘)
    additem(‚Thief Boots Y‘)
    additem(‚Thief Boots No Medallion‘)
    additem(‚Ofir Boots‘)
    additem(‚Ofir Boots B‘)
    additem(‚Crafted Ofir Armor‘)
    additem(‚Crafted Burning Rose Armor‘)
    additem(‚EP1 Witcher Armor‘)
    additem(‚Crafted Ofir Armor‘)
    additem(‚Crafted Burning Rose Armor‘)
    additem(‚EP1 Witcher Armor‘)
    additem(‚Crafted Ofir Boots‘)
    additem(‚EP1 Witcher Boots‘)
    additem(‚Crafted Ofir Boots‘)
    additem(‚EP1 Witcher Boots‘)
    additem(‚Crafted Ofir Gloves‘)
    additem(‚Crafted Burning Rose Gloves‘)
    additem(‚EP1 Witcher Gloves‘)
    additem(‚Crafted Ofir Gloves‘)
    additem(‚Crafted Burning Rose Gloves‘)
    additem(‚EP1 Witcher Gloves‘)
    additem(‚Crafted Ofir Pants‘)
    additem(‚EP1 Witcher Pants‘)
    additem(‚Crafted Ofir Pants‘)
    additem(‚EP1 Witcher Pants‘)
    additem(‚Rune pierog‘)
    additem(‚Rune tvarog‘)
    additem(‚Glyph warding lesser‘)
    additem(‚Glyph warding‘)
    additem(‚Glyph warding greater‘)
    additem(‚Glyph binding lesser‘)
    additem(‚Glyph binding‘)
    additem(‚Glyph binding greater‘)
    additem(‚Glyph reinforcement lesser‘)
    additem(‚Glyph reinforcement‘)
    additem(‚Glyph reinforcement greater‘)
    additem(‚Glyph mending lesser‘)
    additem(‚Glyph mending‘)
    additem(‚Glyph mending greater‘)
    additem(‚Rune pierog schematic“
    additem(‚Rune tvarog schematic“
    additem(‚Glyph warding lesser schematic‘)
    additem(‚Glyph warding schematic‘)
    additem(‚Glyph warding greater schematic‘)
    additem(‚Glyph binding lesser schematic‘)
    additem(‚Glyph binding schematic‘)
    additem(‚Glyph binding greater schematic‘)
    additem(‚Glyph reinforcement lesser schematic‘)
    additem(‚Glyph reinforcement schematic‘)
    additem(‚Glyph reinforcement greater schematic‘)
    additem(‚Glyph mending lesser schematic‘)
    additem(‚Glyph mending schematic‘)
    additem(‚Glyph mending greater schematic‘)
    additem(‚Concealment Kit schematic‘)
    additem(‚Crafted Ofir Steel Sword schematic‘)
    additem(‚EP1 Viper School steel sword schematic‘)
    additem(‚Crafted Burning Rose Sword schematic‘)
    additem(‚EP1 Crafted Witcher Silver Sword schematic‘)
    additem(‚EP1 Viper School silver sword schematic‘)
    additem(‚Crafted Ofir Armor schematic‘)
    additem(‚Crafted Ofir Boots schematic‘)
    additem(‚Crafted Ofir Gloves schematic‘)
    additem(‚Crafted Ofir Pants schematic‘)
    additem(‚Crafted Burning Rose Armor schematic‘)
    additem(‚Crafted Burning Rose Gloves schematic‘)
    additem(‚EP1 Witcher Armor schematic‘)
    additem(‚EP1 Witcher Boots schematic‘)
    additem(‚EP1 Witcher Gloves schematic‘)
    additem(‚EP1 Witcher Pants schematic‘)

    1. Thank you very much for the great list, I was hoping that you could answer this question. In the distant shores quest, what is the item codes to add the untranslated diagrams for the Trousers,Gauntlets,Armor,Boots I think those are the only 4 diagrams needed to complete the quest.

      Thank you

  80. Is there a command to slow down the free camera movement. I like to use it to take nice screenshots but when I hit the W key or any other the movement is so fast I can’t get a good spot to put the camera.

    Please let me know, thanks.

  81. While using witchcraft command , Iris sabre doesn’t turn red anymore . Is there a way to fix the issue ? Since I want all the armors and swords before I start going deep in the story ?

  82. apos ativar o mostrar todos os pinos, toda vez que faço uma quest de tesouro escondido, mesmo após de achar e pegar o item, ela não aparece como finalizada

    1. Old comment, still relevant dough.
      1. Do not use spaces in commands.
      2. Item names with spaces must be wrapped with single quotes ‚like this‘.
      3. Numbers withing item names represent the level of the item not the amount.
      4. I’m not entirely sure that you can set the amount of items you want to add. I think you have to repeat the command to add more items.
      5. commands and names are case sensitive. So ‚beast oil‘ and ‚Beast Oil‘ is not the same thing.

      Your command:
      additem (beaxt oil) 10

      Correct syntax and spelling:
      additem(‚Beast Oil 1‘)

      To get 10 items repeat the command 9 more times. Example of leveled item:
      additem(‚Beast Oil 2‘)
      additem(‚Beast Oil 3‘)

  83. Hi, guys, I need help with the Browken flower quest as I have killed the thugs and the mission does not continue, I am not able to leave the bar through the main entrance but I can do it with the back door.

  84. TIP: You can enable the debugging console without the Nexus plugin.

    Go to: \bin\config\base\ directory
    Open the General.ini file and copy-paste the following
    under the [General] line:

  85. Hi i started a new game plus plus and want to get rid of my schematics especially the ones for bound to side-quests like the witchergear is there any way to remove them? I tried removeitem(‚…‘) but that didn’t work. So some Quest are bugged because i already have all the schematics
    Any ideas?

  86. Seems like there’s a command that bugs out your contract, can’t figured out which. It basically makes your Dialouge Option get to the „end game“, meaning Geralt would have Options like „I killed the xxx“ altho you just start talked to the Contract Giver. Anyone else encountered this as well?

  87. There’s a command that bugs out the game, I don’t know which. It basically makes Dialouge Option with Witcher Contract get to the „end game“, meaning you would have Options like „I killed the xxx“ altho you just started the quest. And no I haven’t touched the beast yet. I tried the „cleardevelop“ command to reset the whole thing and the Dialouge Option becomes normal, but still I don’t want to grind again so anyone that have encountered this knows what’s the command that caused this?

  88. Anyone having bug which makes your Dialogue Options get to the „end game“, meaning Geralt has Options like „I killed the xxx“ even though you just started the quest?

  89. There’s a command that bugs out the Dialogue Options, can’t figure out which. It makes Geralt have final Dialogue options with Witcher Contract like „I killed the xxx“ altho I just started the quest. Any idea?

  90. How do I add Draconid Oil and Hanged Man’s Venom Oil?
    I was able to add other oils my using; additem(’name Oil 3′)
    For those who don’t know, not all oils use the same code as their name for example;

    Relict Oil: additem(‚Relic Oil 1‘)
    Elementa Oil: additem(‚Magicals Oil 1‘)
    Ogroid Oil: additem(‚Ogre Oil 1‘)

    but I can’t figure out Draconid and Hanged Man’s Venom.

  91. What’s up! As of yesterday I can not expand the list on the site 🙁 Anyone else having this issue? I’m currently using Firefox ; but I’ve tried Edge and Chrome with no success.

  92. The Quest : ‚Missing Persons‘ does not start , I completed ‚Echoes of the Past‘ ,but Yennefer remains near the dead Elf, and the new quest does not begin.
    Is there a command to start (q205) Missing Persons ?

  93. (S_Alchemy_1) = Brewing
    (S_Alchemy_2) = Oil Preparation
    (S_Alchemy_3) = Bomb Creation
    (S_Alchemy_4) = Mutation
    (S_Alchemy_5) = Trial of the Grasses
    (S_Alchemy_s01) = Refreshment
    (S_Alchemy_s02) = Restoration
    (S_Alchemy_s03) = Expert brewer
    (S_Alchemy_s04) = Prolonged Effects
    (S_Alchemy_s05) = Protective Coating
    (S_Alchemy_s06) = Fixative
    (S_Alchemy_s07) = Hunter Instinct
    (S_Alchemy_s08) = Efficiency
    (S_Alchemy_s09) = Steady Aim
    (S_Alchemy_s10) = Pyrotechnics
    (S_Alchemy_s11) = Cluster Bombs
    (S_Alchemy_s12) = Poisoned Blades
    (S_Alchemy_s13) = Tissue Transmutation
    (S_Alchemy_s14) = Adaptation
    (S_Alchemy_s15) = Fast Metabolism
    (S_Alchemy_s16) = Frenzy
    (S_Alchemy_s17) = Killing Spree
    (S_Alchemy_s18) = Acquired Tolerance
    (S_Alchemy_s19) = Synergy
    (S_Alchemy_s20) = Endure Pain
    (S_Magic_1) = Aard Sign
    (S_Magic_2) = Igni Sign
    (S_Magic_3) = Yrden Sign
    (S_Magic_4) = Quen Sign
    (S_Magic_5) = Axii Sign
    (S_Magic_s01) = Aard Sweep
    (S_Magic_s02) = Firestream
    (S_Magic_s03) = Magic turret
    (S_Magic_s04) = Active Shield
    (S_Magic_s05) = Puppet
    (S_Magic_s06) = Shock Wave
    (S_Magic_s07) = Igni Intensity
    (S_Magic_s08) = Melt Armor
    (S_Magic_s09) = Pyromaniac
    (S_Magic_s10) = Sustained Glyphs
    (S_Magic_s11) = Supercharged Glyphs
    (S_Magic_s12) = Aard Intensity
    (S_Magic_s13) = Exploding Shield
    (S_Magic_s14) = Quen Discharge
    (S_Magic_s15) = Quen Intensity
    (S_Magic_s16) = Yrden Intensity
    (S_Magic_s17) = Delusion
    (S_Magic_s18) = Axii Intensity
    (S_Magic_s19) = Domination
    (S_Magic_s20) = Far-Reaching Aard
    (S_Perk_01) = Sun and Stars
    (S_Perk_02) = Steady Shot
    (S_Perk_03) =
    (S_Perk_04) = Survival Instinct
    (S_Perk_05) = Cat School Techniques
    (S_Perk_06) = Griffin School Techniques
    (S_Perk_07) = Bear School Techniques
    (S_Perk_08) = Druid Techniques
    (S_Perk_09) = Rage Management
    (S_Perk_10) = Adrenaline Burst
    (S_Perk_11) = Focus
    (S_Perk_12) = Metabolic Control
    (S_Perk_13) = Metabolism Boosts
    (S_Perk_14) = Gorged on Power
    (S_Perk_15) = Connoisseur
    (S_Perk_16) = In Combat’s Fires
    (S_Perk_17) = Trick Shot
    (S_Perk_18) = Advanced Pyrotechnics
    (S_Perk_19) = Battle Frenzy
    (S_Perk_20) = Heavy Artillery
    (S_Perk_21) = Attack is the Best Defense
    (S_Perk_22) = Strong Back
    (S_Perk_MAX) =
    (S_Perk_MIN) =
    (S_Skill_MAX) =
    (S_Sword_1) = Fast Attack
    (S_Sword_2) = Strong Attack
    (S_Sword_3) = Defense
    (S_Sword_4) = Marksmanship
    (S_Sword_5) = Battle Trance
    (S_Sword_s01) = Whirl
    (S_Sword_s02) = Rend
    (S_Sword_s03) = Deadly Precision
    (S_Sword_s04) = Strength Training
    (S_Sword_s05) = Crippling Strikes
    (S_Sword_s06) = Sunder Armor
    (S_Sword_s07) = Anatomical Knowledge
    (S_Sword_s08) = Crushing Blows
    (S_Sword_s09) = Fleet Footed
    (S_Sword_s10) = Deflection
    (S_Sword_s11) = Counterattack
    (S_Sword_s12) = Crippling Shot
    (S_Sword_s13) = Lightning Reflexes
    (S_Sword_s15) = Cold Blood
    (S_Sword_s16) = Resolve
    (S_Sword_s17) = Precise Blows
    (S_Sword_s18) = Undying
    (S_Sword_s19) = Flood of Anger
    (S_Sword_s20) = Razor Focus
    (S_Sword_s21) = Muscle Memory

  94. Hello everyone my first post here. I am trying to 100 % the game on my NG+ save and so far i have done everything on Novigrad and in Velen working my way through Skellige but i noticed that during the Get Junior quest i failed the objective ‚Use the secret passage to get to Juniors hideout.

    I know thats its something with addfact and iam not sure but mb its q302 but i dont the entire sentence that i need to type to make it green

  95. Is it posible to get ey of nehaleni with codes?
    cause I lost it when I used witch craft and cleardevelop.
    Im propably never going to get my answer cause last messages here were like in 2015

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