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  1. One thing, I really hope you guys don’t get so hung up on PvP like a lot of these other titles that you forget about making a solid PvE experience. I’m looking for a PSO replacement, but that void has yet to be filled. Maybe I’ll just have to wait until 2013 for PSO2. We’ll see, I guess.

    I’m still looking forward to trying your game, however.

  2. I’m quite pumped about this game. The devs seem great, the animations and art direction are awesome, and the combination of some of the things that make GW2 great with old school things lime the trinity looks phenomal. I would certainly pay a sub for this, but I really hope they consider GW2’s pay model

  3. Too bad it’s being published by NCsoft. It’ll probably get shut down abruptly, leaving players out in the cold with money spent and no refunds, like so many of their other games.

  4. Guild Wars 2 was a success in huge part due to its combat. If this game is half that good and free, I’m sold. But I’m just not willing to put up with the F2P, P2P model anymore after that game. So, here’s hoping for the best, guys!

  5. But how exactly is the combat? I haven’t followed the game much so I don’t know if it’s similar to Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft or a mix. Could someone clear that up for me?

  6. I’m not sure what the problem is with F2P P2P.. There’s no case when playing an mmo that you can’t spend real money for in-game benefits. If the game itself doesn’t offer the option, people will just buy gold from chinese farmers. Allowing players to do it through legit means makes it a cleaner, safer game for everyone. (Also, any game these days has payed services, whether it’s appearance changes, name change, server swap, etc).

  7. meh. the game looks great but the telegraphing on every mob plus pvp is a little much. i’d rather learn the mechanics and animations of the enemy.

  8. this telegraph system is R E T A R D E D. my gaming guild had Wildstar on our list of games to move to. but tonight about 8 of us just really soured over this. we love all the cool things that the bosses and mobs were doing – like the burrowing and such. but YOU DONT HAVE TO RUIN IT BY SHOWING US EXACTLY WHERE IT WILL LAND. this cheapens any sense of success in combat. i think we will pass on this. what dev actually thinks this is „cool combat start to finish“?!! seriously?

  9. lol so you want a game that is completely random… Got it. You prefer no skill just random dodges because you don’t know what will or will not hit you. And the door is that way. SEE YA!

  10. so its random if there arent big red arrows on the ground telling you where and when to move? youre a fucking retard. there are plenty of things that tell a player when to dodge.. animations, sound effects, etc. SKILL IS UNDERSTANDING THE MECHANIC OF THE BOSS AND MAKING USE OF OBSERVATION AND PRESSING YOUR BUTTONS ACCORDINGLY.

    youre a fucking moron perfect for this game. i bet your mother still casts a BIG RED ARROW ON YOUR ASS BEFORE SHE CHANGES YOUR DIAPER. stupid fuck.

  11. wtf? lol have you played any MMOs at all? Wildstar has no skill if it tells warns you about every single boss attack. this game combat is childish.

  12. Another MMO that i had some hope, and now has been taken away.
    There’s not really too much skill in this when u can see all the attacks, on PvE well yeah im fine with it. But in PvP hell no :

  13. To elaborate… Active combat like this makes balancing classes and gear impossible and negates player interdependence; possibly the two most important facets of a MMORPG.

  14. I think these Telegraphs are a good idea. However, I think that the time length warning of its area of effect is too long. I think that the amount of time given to the player should vary based on class or lvl. The higher the level, or the more you have killed a certain type of monster, or even a special ability/trait could extend that time length of the telegraphs, so that you have more time to dodge it. In short More experience=More time to react and predict the attacks.

  15. I think the window of reaction time a player has should be shortened. The combat looks great but it’d be more fun if you just barely manage to dodge a devastating attack rather then just walking away from it because you have all of the time in the world to do so

  16. It’s amazing how blind most of the people criticizing this are int he comments. You can see in the video there are wildly varying levels of reaction time, from almost instantaneous to a second or so. There’s nothing skill based about AOE that has vaguely defined borders you have to guess about. You people lack vision and are going to be proven wrong about this game.

  17. dumbed-down combat mechanics aside, this is such an immersion breaker. youre gonna end up looking at the ground looking for glowy zones instead of up at your enemy analyzing its movements.

  18. this is soo awesome 🙂 much better made then gw2 but same concept which is awesome.
    i really do hope you dont get stuck to the ground when you attack yourself that would destroy the action gameplay :/
    and really hope the aoe spell controls are very well made with multiple, so you can choose wheater or not you want it in gw2 style aoe placement or Smite type aoe placement.

  19. you mean like the games that use the same animation for different moves? no thank you. you can easily fight without looking at the ground if you want but like in older mmo’s, you can easily get sharked up by aoe’s

  20. This video alone has made me lose interest in the game. More hand holding in a mmo is not a good thing for me. It seems like more and more devs are making games for kids. Guess I can pass on this one.

  21. Hey it will be like when you play Pump It Up without looking at the screen and with random included O,o It should be as a Mode for those that are mad enough.

  22. I’m really looking forward to this game but, I have to say, I’m not entirely sold with this telegraphs mechanics. Coming from TERA, where you have to know the tells, where the mob is looking and when to haul ass out of there, it seems to make the mobs too easy to predict and avoid their attacks.

  23. Hopefully by making the tells that much easier to see they’ll be able to make more complex and difficult encounters in a different way to balance it out. You certainly have a point, but if they manage to provide an equally challenging game with the telegraphs in mind, it will probably feel less random and more skill based.

  24. WoW does a LOT of telegraphing.

    They just happen to make all their telegraphs relevant to the mob itself. It’s not ‚random red box‘, it’s ‚the earth exploding in a cone because I hit it so hard‘, or ’spikes that are rumbling under the ground in a line and will pop up and stab you‘, or ’shadow of this stalactite that is going to fall down at this spot’… stuff like that.

    Random red box is a bit of a cop-out.

  25. Anybody think that the telegraphs are gonna make the game too easy and make practically any PvE encounter soloable if you know how to stay out of the red?

  26. Okay okay, dodging and voidzones n shit are cool, but what I really hope for are AWESOME mechanics. You know World of Warcraft raidbosses? These are innovative in a lot of ways, I want that here, too, not just „dodge the laser, beat the badguy GG WP“

  27. I’m hoping that because of the telegraphs the AI will be quite complex and challenging otherwise your right, it will be far to easy

  28. You’d be happy to know that the devs are actually planning an „inverse“ to the usual fare. Waht they wanna do is that while you do get to access most content and the usual while leveling, the meat of the content will be available once you hit cap. Shit like warplots, massive raids, etc, I’m not really sure as to what exacltly, but there’s gonna be lots of things to do so that the usual „I’m at cap, I’m bored“ doesn’t happen. Also, they call it the „Elder Game“ not endgame for that reason.

  29. No. Why? Just because everything have clear signs on where they’ll hit doesn’t mean you can actually dodge them in time. For big, charged attacks sure, but say a quick horizontal slash that something throws at you mid-combo that knocks you down then eats your face. It’s really the same action combat, the only difference is that there’s a visual assist. Going by animations alone is terrible, my experience as a warrior in TERA is an example where animations+lag screw you all the time.

  30. But isn’t having attacks that a player simply cannot dodge also poor game design?

    I was directed to the video through Twitter, and I have to agree with the Tweet – as cool as this game looks, it seems to have taken the ‚players are dumb‘ design approach. This concept of telegraphs as been done better before – when enemies telegraph their moves via an animation that the player learns to recognise an associate with a specific attack. It’s good that they’re thinking about design, but this easy.

  31. If they explain this telegraph boxes thought some ’sense‘ the player has, I’d be okay with that, so long as the attacks that they were avoiding we fast paced, challenging, and gave the player a real sense of success and badassery. Otherwise it could become „Oh, a red square. Dodge backwards… Attack…“

  32. As a video, and as a game, I like what I’m seeing – it looks nice. But it seems interesting to me that almost all of these clips show the player being hurt. While I harbour nothing against the developers of this game, it just seems to me like they are trying to make the game seem more challenging that it really is, especially given that these boxes really do seems to make avoiding attacks much easier.

    Once again, nothing against this team, but I hope they aren’t taking a lazy dev route.

  33. Yeah, but this game is about dodging, you’re supposed to always dodge, don’t know where you got what you said.

    In a way it does make it easier, not everyone has good eyesight to actually recognize animations in the heat of battle, not everyone has a wonderful internet connection that they won’t get screwed by animation lag, so the telegraphs help with that. Fact is, it’s still no different than other action MMOs, the „telegraphs“ don’t happen before an attack, but during.

  34. Hell, the term „telegraph“ doesn’t even fit as that’s what got people whining about nothing. Just because you suddenly see a red circle pop under you doesn’t mean you can dodge it instantly, the attack’s already happening. Say that guy starts spinning and the red circle pops up, but you’re right next to him so you’ve been hit already, the circle just tells you how far to dodge so you don’t get hit more.

  35. this is what happens when you piggyback off of other people’s opinions who have no idea what they’re talking about; your comment ends up mostly ignorant and nonsensical.

  36. You said you can’t always dodge in time.

    Anyway, it just seems to me that it makes to sense to fix something that isn’t really broken… Poor eyesight, honestly, does not seem like a reason to go for this over animations. Most animation telegraphs are distinct anyway, meaning that ‚poor eyesight‘ should not be an issue. And, honestly, do people with eyesight that is that bad stand a chance in these games? Honestly, how could they play if their eyesight was so bad they couldn’t see an animation?

  37. Then isn’t the red circle simply redundant? If I were making the game, I would have the enemy do a brief animation before the move, like a wind up. That gives the player a very small amount of time to react, but it is still possible. If the do not execute a dodge move, they will be hit and take damage, as it wouldn’t be an attack you could run from.

  38. I’m not ignorant or nonsensical though, am I? Perhaps I could have phrased myself better, but I am working to YouTube’s character limit.

    And, while I am only beginning to design my own now, I have been interested in game design for over a year now, and from everything I’ve learnt and observed, this seems to be a poor choice – or at least one I wouldn’t make.

    About visuals; I think the boxes look too ‚one the nose‘ for the fluffy art style of the game. I would use shading it I had to use boxes.

  39. And for the record, the guy who linked me here made Braid. If you’re telling me he knows nothing of game design, then I think you need to play the game.

  40. I’m only looking for a discussion. Honestly, I’m just trying to learn as much about game design as I can, and this didn’t look like the way I would go about it. Calling me a faggot doesn’t help anyone, and you just come off bad. I’ll admit that I might have been a bit on the offensive, but I just wanted to discuss the design choices made, as they don’t make a while lot of sense to me.

    Go all ad hominem if you want; I’m not trying to hurt anyone.

  41. I meant that it makes no difference with others because the „telegraph“ happens during the attack, not during. Makes no difference when you see that guy face one direction so you dodge to his side, there’s simply a visual indicator. Some attacks happen near instantaneously, despite the telegraphs, say you’re in mid-combo then your opponent takes a massive swipe at you, you can’t dodge instantly, that’s what I was talking about.

  42. Go ahead and be an elitist asshole, doesn’t change that it actually HELPS. But even that’s not the biggest point, relying on animations and reticule alone is retarded. TERA had major lag and hitbox issues especially where I’m from, I’d be swiping away at someone but barely doing damage.

  43. Turn your point around and it would make more sense, THAT is an actual telegraph; something that happens BEFORE the attack. That would make the game easier since it tells you what your opponent is gonna do, this system only tells you where to dodge. WildStar emphasizes dodging, not just plain hack and slash action like so many others „action mmos“ out there. They WANT you to dodge, they WANT you to move, they WANT you to dance. Plus with this system they can make some really interesting fights.

  44. Sorry if I wasn’t clear – that WAS what I was going for; having the enemy do something BEFORE the attack. „I would have the enemy do a brief animation before the move“. Personally, I think this is the more challenging route of game design – players have to learn what attacks come after which telegraph animations so that they know when to dodge. This seems to take that element of skill out and then has them only rely on fast reactions to get out of a highlighted area.

  45. I understand that this mechanic helps the player. I am just arguing that it helps them too much, in that it tells the player where they should and shouldn’t be standing without them having to learn anything about the enemy. I could see this game becoming an ‚avoid the shapes‘ game, and draw focus away from the cool enemy designs because players are focused on the ground.

    I hear your point about lag, but I’m not sure that this really helps? Surely you would still have problems with detection?

  46. I assume you meant ‚before, not during.‘ I get that this box telegraph happens before, but it stays there the entire attack. It would be better if it flashed up for less than a second and players had to react, but I still think that that is too hand-holding. And I get that some attacks may happen near-instantaneously, but I would still argue that if the player can’t dodge that attack when they are close, why telegraph it at all if the player can’t do anything?

  47. If such an attack had a clear telegraph animation, players would know that they need to get out of their now, and stand a chance at dodging – no one likes to take unfair damage, and I don’t think they could stay far away from the enemy at all times.

    By the way, I’m not trying to be some elitist asshole, I am genuinely trying to understand where you are coming from, because this mechanic doesn’t make much sense to me. I mean, aside from this, the game looks pretty good.

  48. Relying on animation would slow down battles, each attacks would always have windups, fights would be slower and longer=bad. This mechanic won’t hold your hand, it tells you where not to stand in that split second but your opponent can still „chase“ you, which works with this kind of aiming system. It adds more to the fun and flavor, instead of a standard stand, point/click, lock attack, everyone’s dancing around.

  49. If that’s what you meant, then that’s simply bad. Again, animations, more than half the time, screw people over and an actual telegraph, you know something that tells you beforehand, would make the game easier, not to mention slower and much, much, much more clunky. By a number of factors, the beginning animation may fail or skip but the attack will still happen, so your idea=bad. This way the devs wanted to make something fun, not a generic hack and slash.

  50. Your second statement says it all; that this is just a design decision you wouldn’t make (nor the people you’re piggybacking off of would either).

  51. so? Just because he made Braid doesn’t mean he can’t say anything dumb. In fact, JB does it all the time. Also, he’s never made anything other than puzzle games.

  52. Telegraphs done in this manner makes basic combat easy, but allows combat to become even more complex and difficult than an action mmo without such a system (like GW2 or Tera).

  53. About that list bit: the visual of the telegraph not fitting with the art style of the game; Remember that this is a Sci-Fi themed MMO, a lot of the telegraphs remind me of the AoE placement visuals done in other Sci-Fi MMO’s such as TOR. So on that note I think its just fine, the only thing they should do is add a slider so people can adjust the transparency of it.

  54. I’m not sure where to put this, but I just want to raise this concern as a possible future gamer of this MMO:
    That the graphs that display the path of an incomming attack – seem alright to me, in the LOW LEVELS. however, once you’ve learned that attacks come at you at different paces and such, the telegraphs should be removed imo – otherwise it’s about looking at dots at the ground, and not actually caring about the animation of your opponent.

  55. 2nd concern, some attacks commit a unit to following through with 2-3 seconds of hitting in a certain direction, I think this looks fine. BUT if the unit isn’t hitting anything, then it looks awefully stupid and wrong, that the unit keeps it attacking going and going.
    It gives a completely wrong feel of the game, as if the units you’re fighting aren’t even aware that they are missing and just feels bad overall.

  56. This will bring for much more skilled play then anything in for example WoW. There is NOTHING more frustrating then „thinking you are outside of an AoE affect ,but turnsout the dmg area is not the same as the graphic and you die“. this happens quite a lot in WoW, now they have changed to more clear „telegraphs“ in WoW as well, so its awesome to see Carbane fully adopting this style properly!!

  57. I’d call it a major upgrade over WoW… besides, do you see anything wrong with it? It’s the evolution of games, just WoW is „nothing more“ than just an EQ clone, which was based on even older games… WoW is old, dev’s are running out of good ideas, it’s SSDD all over again, people are leaving. It had a good run, best out there, but it’s time to shelve it. I’m very amped for Wildstar

  58. Not a WoW clone at all lol. You do know what qualifies something for a clone right? You did learn what a clone ACTUALLY is right?

  59. Im not all that impressed by this telegraph mechanics too be honest. As a player who played a lot of Monster Hunter, BnS and Tera I feel like it should be more about judging from the monsters Movement as to where they will attack and not about being told by circles on the ground.

  60. this gona suck so much in pvp, imagin u attack someone, for him to see the red circle on the ground u have to be locked to that animation for long 2 sec or longer

  61. the more the game is to be gw2 like the more its gona suck, the more u go into wow vanilla direction the better. online gaming is all about pvp – dont let it suck with the talegraphs.

  62. I really like it. The simple shapes allow for very precise hitboxes instead of „LOL I DIDN’T EVEN STAND IN THE OCTAGON SHAPED VAGINA LELELE“

    Yes lags will still make you be hit and stuff, but it looks like a cool idea 😀

  63. MMOs are already hard enough outside the USA with the 200-400ms ping delay. When a move takes 1s to cast you’re getting nearly half the time US residents would get for the same ability. Telegraphs just gives a balancer for it as the abilities already show their field anyway with their animation, as now a lot of ’no way how am I supposed to dodge that in time with this ping!‘ incidents should happen less as you have a clearly defined boundary.

  64. Well, if you want straight-up combat than you should opt for the soldier but from what I have seen it seems that all of the paths have the potential to involve combat; whether it is the scientist attempting to study a dangerous species or the explorer finding monsters in one of the dungeons that they have discovered or the settler protecting their structures fro raider, the potential seems quite fulfilling.

  65. Basicly; dont stand in shit.
    The logic way of putting skills into a mmo.
    How do you migrate the aiming mechanic from fps to RPG mmo`s? You use target reticules. And when the targeted player allso can se the reticules he can manually dodge it. No need for dispels or a keyboard bloated with defensive cooldowns. You just move out of incommings.Good idea

  66. To make something clear. Paths are not classes. All classes can fight. Paths are more of a choice of play style. So if you’re a warrior and you choose the soldier path, you’re a melee fighter who just wants to focus on combat. You could also be a Spellslinger Soldier, or an a Warrior Scientist.

  67. wasn’t there a WoW add on that did this a long time ago in Wrath for raids in ICC, but it was banned because blizz thought it gave too much information?
    I think it was called AVR or Augmented Virtual reality or something like that.
    I’m still okay with this being in Wild Star as long as they go nuts with the attacks and make all the mobs very complex and fun to watch as compensation for the extra information they provide for the players.

  68. I think you will be able to turn off the telegraphs based on what I’ve seen in some other videos. Most of the combat they show don’t have them visible.

  69. Well the telegraphs looks like a good idea for new players to mmorpgs, i just hope this indicator will make the game too eazy.

    Will the telegrahp be used in PVP?

  70. You dont need that for alot of them, most come from the center of the enemy in a line or circle. The ones you would want it for are random, so cant help with that.

  71. Looks cool with a few telegraphs going off… Add a large group together and I can imagine my screen looking absolutely retarded. Long as I can actually avoid attacks with my screen looking absolutely retarded I’ll have no issues with it. I did just spend the last week beating most of the Contra games on Nightmare difficulties so I’m all ready to get my dodge on.

  72. I would assume in raids, there will be telegraphs that fluctuate differently. Some with longer cast times while 4 quick cast time ones are coming at you. So you would essentially stand in the long cast-time one, and then move over after the quick casts have been completed. I would also assume telegraphs that disappear and you have to remember where they were? Quick casts, mid/top casts (jumping over specific ones while another is below you and right as you land having to dodge out). Who knows?

  73. This game looks great but this telegraph thing is actually one of the things I DON’T like about it. Instead of an ugly out of place red circle they should integrate it better. And make it more organic. for example something is coming at you from above don’t show a dumb red circle show a shadow instead indication is going to land on you. example 2: that monster that burrows underground, instead of showing a dumb red circle where it will come out. replace with a graphic of ground breaking apart!

  74. This looks fun..but…In modern mmo’s devs always say that in combat you dont want to just look at your number pad but at the action.. i have a feeling we are now just gooing to look at LOADS of red circles and triangles. Hope there is a option to tone them down and make them les visable. or maybe just outline them….just my 2 cents. Though..can’t wait for Wildstar

  75. Telegraphs are cool but why put red circles everywhere to make it obvious? Just go the Monster Hunter route and actually learn the encounter so you can understand the physical animation tells.

  76. man, plz, don’t fall for such obvious trolling. On every mmorpg video that comes out, there’s always somebody who’s gonna drop the „that’s just another wow clone“ bomb. Learn to ignore it.

  77. I *really* hate being ignored, it’s very rude not to answer someone when they ask you a question, so answer this! So, what happened to the Beta applications we filled out in late 2011/early 2012…now that you’ve brought out „new“ apps?!

  78. Wildstar already confirmed this in Twitter, Lol. You shouldn’t expect them to reply to their youtube channel when Carbine have clearly stated on their site that they only regularly check Twitter/Facebook.

    You don’t have to re apply.

  79. You have to show me the perfection of this game coz i don’t see it. The telegraph system will make this game get old very fast. I give it 3 month to sustain a decent population unless it’s free to play.

    I think you really have to be slow to get hit by one of these enemy abilities when they announce every single attack they’re gonna do.

    It’s like the mob is telling me to not stay there or i’m gonna get it. So i dodge to counterattack and the game stays that way from the start to the end.

  80. That’s what i’m saying and i refuse to try this game because of this overuse of telegraphs. It’s a bad thing and i rather play the next upcoming dark soul where you have to learn how your enemies attack before you rush in.

  81. I think telegraphing should purely be shown through the animation of the enemies and their attacks; not through red circles. The red circles make it too obvious. We would be paying more attention to the red stuff on the ground instead of the cool animation of the enemies.

  82. I’m actually impressed with unparalleled aimed healing. Somethng like that
    was PBAoE healing in WoW but this is way more challenging, makes healers to
    be more agile and precise.

  83. Yes clearly since it uses the same aiming system and movement system right?
    they clearly stole the dodging from wow and the fact that you have to aim
    all your skills ye they copied that from wow also right? I don’t how its a
    clone.. the only things similar is the artstyle but even then its different
    because its more sci fi then fantasy.Everyone just sees that its a MMORPG
    and says oh omfg wow clone just FUCKING NO wow was not the first MMORPG and
    it will not be the last get over it.

  84. Telegraphs are easy to dodge? no crap they are showing you early game
    telegraphs do you think they are going to put raid difficulty telegraphs on
    lvl 1-20 content? what do you expect they explained many times that they
    will get harder and harder as you lvl and in 1 boss fight i heard that they
    spawn a telegraph the size of the entire room and there is only 1 circle
    where its safe and it appears around a player so if he moves the telegraph
    follows him so you all have to stand in the same spot.

  85. Ok if you are really going to boycott a game just for a single mechanic is
    shows how mature you are lol but have fun with whatever you end up playing
    you will not be missed.

  86. People still get hit by boss mechanics in WoW when the bosses do the exact
    same moves at the exact same health percentages every…single…time you
    fight them. Trust me, these will still hit people. Also the fact that you
    actually think these are at all end game level you haven’t played much end
    game level content.

  87. it’s not a clone cause WoW doesn’t have future weapons or any telegraph
    abilities. All you do is spam your big amount of useless spells while here
    it take skills.

  88. Telegraphs dumb the game down. There’s no more learning curve and element
    of surprise. Sure I agree there should be indications of very
    intricate/deadly attacks, but telegraphs are for babies!! Come on Carbine,
    get real!

  89. Are you serious? What kind of fucking world we live in that attack
    telegraphs in the UI is not considered one of the worst ideas for game
    design ever conceived? Why the fuck would anyone praise a retarded decision?

  90. Uhm, I don’t know about Telegraphs, that’s one reason why I quit FF14 ARR
    (among lots of other reasons of course); they kinda interfere with the
    combat flow… but, will see. 🙂

  91. Actually x Fayde, despite the fact that I agree, it’s too soon to judge,
    that ’single mechanic‘ as you call it, plays a big role, it can easily be a
    reason whether someone will play the game or not. Combat is all you do
    throughout a game, so, yeah, it’s an important factor.

  92. I’m not sure about Telegraphs either, i like it alot but at the same time
    it looks like they overdid it. What i mean is that i feel it might become
    quite annoying to spend 3min dodging each mob because they got a billion of
    different telegraphs, sometimes it’s nice to kick back with a beer and farm
    some mats/gold without 102% focus on dodging. 2nd issue it’s cluttered all
    over and most of the focus lands on watching telegraphs over anything else.
    Need to try it out before i can tell though.

  93. Do you see friendly party members‘ telegraphs?
    If so, how’s it going to look when you’ve got 40 people in a raid?
    Telegraph graphics would make it confusing wouldn’t it?

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