The Enhancement Shaman 4.0 Guide

Enhancement 4.0While Deathwing is going to break lose and tearing Azeroth apart the coming Cataclysm will bring many improvements for us Enhancement Shamans. Patch 4.0.1 will include many class changes while the world changes – the actual cataclysm will come live with patch 4.0.3 at a later date.

In a nutshell we get to choose more utility, get some glyph and ui enhancements which make the class more fun to play. Many changes are also coming statwise, many buffs get spread to more classes and we will get many changes to our Totems.


Keep in mind that patch 4.0 is tuned at level 85 characters and not 80. Enhancement Shaman felt a bit awkward to play at the start and Unleash Weapon (Level 81) will strongly effect the class.

4.0 First Steps

When 4.0 comes life you should visit your trainer as soon as possible. We will lose some abilities, for example to cleanse poison and disease, while we also learn some new skills. For example Primal Strike (for leveling up, shares cooldown with Stormstrike), Cleanse Spirit (remove curses), Healing Surge (a new heal), Bind Elemental (cc for elementals), Totem of Tranquil Mind (30% less casting time loss on damage), Mail Specialization (+5% primary stats, while wearing mail), Ghost Wolf can be used indoors and last but not least mastery.

Here is a link with all Shaman Abilities on Wowhead.

Talent Changes

The next best thing to do is to fix your talents. Beginning at level 10 you will be able to choose a talent tree (is there any other choice than enhancement?). You will receive a set of basic abilities right away and the other talent trees will not unlock before you place at least 31 points in your primary tree. Here are the Talents you get right away.


A totemic warrior who strikes foes with weapons imbued with elemental power.

  • Lava Lash
  • Mental Quickness
  • Dual Wield
  • Primal Wisdom
  • Mastery: Enhanced Elements

We have 35 talent points to spend at Level 80 (actually 79) and these are talents every enhancement should take.

Basic Enhancement Shaman build (0/31/0)

(Talent Calculator)

  • Please note: this build has 2/3 improved Lightning Shields as I have to spend 1 point somewhere
    you can change that point to wherever you like
  • also you have 5 more talent points to spend
  • but each enhancement shaman should have at least these talents

Single Target Enhancement Shaman build (5/31/0)

(Talent Calculator)

  • I have chosen Concussion over Acuity, since we already have absurd high crit rating and because we lost the 50% extra crit bonus damge
  • best single target dps

AoE Enhancement Shaman build (4/32/0)

(Talent Calculator)

  • if you find yourself doing heroics or for fights like Halion, where AoE Damage matters you might like to check out this build
  • I moved 1 point from Acuity and 1 from Improved Shields to improved Fire Nova
  • also added the Fire Nova and Chain Lightning Glyph

Utility Enhancement Shaman build (0/36/0)

(Talent Calculator)

  • if you prefer utility and are willing to sacrifice some dps
  • I see this more as daily life spec for pvp realms, when you do dailies or other stuff and have to deal with occasional ganking 😀

Enhancement Build 4.0 DPS


Glyphs leave you with similar choices.

For now the best dps glyphs seem to be:

Prime Glyphs

  • Stormstrike
  • Lava Lash
  • Feral Spirit

Major Glyphs

  • Fire Nova
  • (Lightning Shield)
  • your choice

My personal favorite Major Glyph is the new Lightning Shield one („Your Lightning Shield can no longer drop below 3 charges from dealing damage to attackers“). Using this Glyph your Lightning Shield can only expire or be dispelled, but it never runs out of charges for dealing damage and will remain at 3 orbs for Enhancement Shamans.

This and the new power aura like spell alert for Maelstrom Weapon make the class much more fluent and fun to play.

What happened to my Mana?

Our Mail Armor has no longer Attack Power, Armor Penetration or Intelligence stats. We do now get 2 Attack Power per Agility and a 5% bonus Agility if all our gear is Mail Armor. the following new abilities will help to manage our mana anyhow.

  • Primal Wisdom
    Your melee attacks have a 40% chance to immediately restore 5% of your base mana.
  • Maelstrom Weapon
    When you deal damage with a melee weapon, you have a chance (higher than rank 2) to reduce the cast time and mana cost of your next Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Hex, or any healing spell by 20%. Stacks up to 5 times. Lasts 30 sec.
  • Mental Quickness
    Increases your spell power by an amount equal to 50% of your attack power, and reduces the mana cost of your instant spells by 75%.

There is also an undocumented change. On Beta Enhancement Shamans have a lot of passive MP5, think it was around 600 mp5 in combat at level 80.

Enhancement Mana Combatregen

Gems & Reforging

There is a lot of discussion about proper gemming for 4.0 and reforging. Lets look at the stats.


  • Shamans lost the melee haste bonus they got during Ulduar
  • Static Shock no longer procs from auto attacks
  • Windfury nerfed, *cough* adjusted to 10% melee/ranged haste.
  • Unleash Wind (Level 81) will bring 20% additional melee haste for 6 swings.

Critical Strike

  • Stormstrike
    Chance to be critically struck by the Shaman’s Nature spells increased by 25%.
  • Elemental Devastation
    When you deal critical damage with a non-periodic spell, increases your chance to get a critical strike with melee attacks by 9% for 10 sec.
  • Lightning Shield can now critical hit! This will make it easy to keep up Elemental Devastation.
  • Armor Penetration will be converted to Critical Strike Rating and provide us with even more crit on our gear.

Hit Rating

  • the new spell hit cap for Enhancement Shaman is 446 hit rating (420 for Draenei)


  • Unleashed Rage
    Increases your expertise by 8, and increases all party and raid members‘ attack power by 10% while within 100 yards of the Shaman.
  • 139 expertise rating cap, 116 Orcs (using Axes), 116 Dwarves (using Maces)


  • Each 83.19 agility = 1 % melee crit (324.88 @ Level 85)
  • 1 point of agility = 2 attack power
  • 1 point of agility = 1,28  spell power (raidbuffed, mail spec, unleashed rage,kings,flame totem)
  • Mail Armor Specialization, +5% Agility if you are in full mail gear


  • Enhanced Elements
    Increases all Fire, Frost, and Nature damage done by 20%.  Each point of Mastery increases damage by an additional 2.5%

Gem conversion

Attack Power gems will be turned into Agility, Spell Power gems into Intellect, Armor Penetration to Critical Strike Rating. Hit rating will become a blue gem.


Haste will no longer become our most important stat, since less abilities benefit from it. Haste will be in line with critical strike rating which also seems to be less important than pre 4.0. Our new abilities (especially Stormstrike) provide a good base crit and we are already struggling with the crit cap.
However Agility seems to become a very good stat for us, since all our damage abilities increase by it.
It is not really known how effective Elemental Mastery will turn out. Guessing from the tests I have done on Beta it looks quite promising, basically replacing the spell crit damage bonus, that we can no longer get.

This is how I will reforge, gem

  • Agility is a primary stat, also our best and you cannot reforge to. This means, it is probably best to reforge gear for expertise cap first, so we can use red sockets for Agility.
  • Reforge the rest of the gear for Mastery (there are no Mastery gems at level 80), remember the (+hit cap).
  • Use the 21 Agility Meta, (Relentless Earthsiege Diamond) and one Blue Gem Socket for +Hit Rating.
  • For good Socket Boni, you can use Agi/Haste (Yellow Socket) or even Agi/Hit (Blue Socket).

Priority System

The loss of 100% spellcrit bonus damage reduced the importance of our spells until we reach high level of mastery rating. I am not sure if Lava Lash or Stormstrike win the priority queue. They both proc Lightning Shield while Stormstrike also places the +25% spell crit debuff on our target.
This debuff will help to get spell crits and thus Elemental Devastation, which again keeps our melee crit up. Fortunately due to the long cooldown on both abilities it doesn’t really make a big difference.
Delaying Lava Lash 1-2 seconds can also help making sure that we will have enough Searing Totem stacks on our target to make it our biggest nuke.

The Stormstrike debuff reads: „granting you an additional 25% chance to critically strike that enemy with your Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Lightning Shield, and Earth Shock spells for 15 sec.“

Lightning Shield will keep itself up so we only have Shocks and Lightning Bolt to assign a priority to. The outcome should be quite obvious 😀

Prio Queue

  • Feral Spirit
  • Lava Lash
  • Storm Strike
  • MSW 5
  • Flame Shock x1, Earth Shock x2 Rotation

This will make the class much less tedious to play than it feels at time on live.


  • Earth
    • Strength of Earth Totem
    • Stone Skin Totem
  • Wind
    • Windfury
  • Water
    • Healing Stream (will also provide resistance to fire, nature and frost spells glyphed)
    • Totem of Tranquil Mind
  • Fire
    • Searing Totem (single target), Fire Nova can not be used
    • Magma Totem (multi target)

Spell Alert

The changes to the UI in 4.0 include a Power Aura like Icon that pops up for a few seconds once you got 5 Stacks of Maelstrom Weapon and looks like this. Pew Pew Lazerbeams!!
Enhancement 4.0

Other things to note

Totem/Relic Slot

Bizuri’s Totem of Shattered Ice, like all other totems, has been changed to provide primary stat/stamina/haste/crit and should be replaced with Totem of the Avalanche.

Totem of the Avalanche
Binds when picked up
Relic    Relic
+51 Agility
+77 Stamina
Red Socket
Classes: Shaman
Requires Level 80
Item Level 264
Equip: Improves critical strike rating by 34 (0.74% @ L80).
Equip: Improves haste rating by 34 (1.04% @ L80).

Feral Spirit

Feral Spirit’s cooldown has been reduced to 2 minutes, instead of 3 and its duration has been reduced to 30 seconds. While this hampers our solo abilities quite a bit, it might even improve our raid dps on short fights.

Feral Spirit
12% of base mana    30 yd range
Instant cast    2 min cooldown
Summons two Spirit Wolves under the command of the Shaman, lasting 30 sec.

Sample Video

I have put sample video together, showing some of the talent ui, glyph ui, new spells (up to 85), and power aura in action. If you are curious take a look at it. The video is in 1080p, so you can choose fullscreen and higher quality and read the tooltips.

[youtube width=“640″ height=“385″][/embed]

In case I forgot something, you have questions or want to express your gratitude, leave a comment below. Thanks for reading.

On a sidenote, something that keeps me baffled on Beta is that one one side we can unleash wind and fire, even get a fire damage debuff on the target, but have no ability that will actually consume it. It would be awesome if Lava Lash would make use of this, which it doesn’t at the moment.

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  1. Hello Myrddin,

    First time on the site today found via google. Will keep bookmarked after reading a very concise guide of what to expect in 4.0.1. I m on the PTR at the moment trying our rotations. I am finding that I often have no actons to fill a GCD! Fire nova is no longer used, searing lasts longer thank magma and shiiels are up 100% of the time. Seems liked we have been dumbed down a bit!

    Thanks for the guide , really good

    1. Thanks for the input. I am on beta, too and yes what you are writing is true, there will be often phases where we won’t use a GCD. There was a Blue Post recently and it is a design goal of cataclysm, so characters have time to pay more attention to the fight or do stuff apart from worrying about wasting gcd’s.

  2. Wel i must say ty verry for your insight on the upcoming shaman build and changes that will come in the upcoming 4.0 path. This is the first real usefull info i have found and it awnserd all my qtsions.

    Kind regards Brovie

    1. The macro isn’t optimal, yet. Stormstrike and Lava Lash are on different cooldowns, so it this macro would lower your dps. Once I find a good way to integrate the abilities similar to the ones I am using now I’ll add it.

  3. Hi Myrddin,

    thanks for the awesome guide. I always try to find something like that.
    But what about some PVP?? Would you say that the enhancement shaman becomes stronger in terms of PVP?

    Thanks again for your time.



    1. Sadly I am not a PvP-Person and I left this part out on purpose. I stopped playing my shaman outside raids when a level 79 Rogue who was questing in hyldnir mines killed me before the stun ran out (in full icc gear, I know no resilience bla bla … my own fault, etc). Daisan my alt Retribution paladin in full ICC hc gear is so much more usable in daily life 😀 With the larger health pools this might change though. Haven’t really looked much at other classes. Seems like the true winners of 4.0 are the casters.

  4. What about the effect of Unleashed Weapon with Flametongue? Would we not wish to cast Flame Shock after using said ability (that is if our enchants remain WF/FT which I’m pretty sure they do)?

  5. One more question – I have not tested this on the Beta, but wasn’t the glyph of Lightning Shield only meant to not remove orbs upon being struck by an attacker, not by attacking?

    1. You will not use any charges from Static Shock.

      „Static Shock Rank 3
      When you use your Primal Strike, Stormstrike, or Lava Lash abilities while having Lightning Shield active, you have a 45% chance to deal damage equal to a Lightning Shield orb without consuming a charge.

  6. Liking your post bud, Didn’t know that we couldn’t use Fire Nova with Searing Fire totem, will have to try and take that out of my rotation, kinda sucks tho, it was my biggest dps puller on group pulls in raids and helped out quite a bit on my recount. I dare say I might even get bored playing my shaman if there’s a few things taken out of the rotation and not having to thinking on my rotations and what’s best to use on cirtain situations!
    Otherwise a good update on the new patch

    – Cheers

    Brielark – KhazGoroth

    1. We cannot use Fire Nova with Searing Totem, sadly. But their intention was to remove free cleave from the game. On groups it will still make sense to use magma totem + fire nova.
      Thanks for the Feedback

  7. This has been an absolute lifesaver. thanks very much for the effort you have put in. I decided after a long while away from my shaman to concentrate on the class during Cata and this has been a great starting guide to the changes and what needs to be done. Highly appreciated

  8. Hi Myrrdin,

    Thanks so much for this outstanding summary of Enhancement goodness for 4.0.1. I’m working on changing my main from Shadow/Disc Priest to Enh Shaman for Cataclysm, and while I’ve been doing pretty well with the info from Elitist Jerks through 3.3.x, there just isn’t much there for 4.0.

    Lately, I’ve cut way back on the number of WoW blogs in my feed reader, but just added you today. Thanks again for all the work you put into this article!

  9. Hello,

    You said that LL was equal or maybe just a little inferior or superior to SS, but in the priority queue listed, you didn’t mentioned if it was only using 5 searing debuffs, or whenever LL is off cd. could you enlight me please ? 🙂

    1. In my opinion use Lava Lash as soon as possible, it has 10 sec cd and searing totem will cast 5 bolts in that time. In conclusion you should always have 5 stacks after the Lava Lash – in theory 😀
      This should speak for itself 😀

  10. Yo Myr, was just double checking ure reforging everything to mastery after hit/exp cap. im working my way to get rid of as much haste as i can, as from my understanding crit>haste currently. so im reforging all haste first then on large crit pieces, reforging that into master and currently sittin on 500 Mastery. is that that way to go? and i still got to get rid of my haste gems cause i was pure haste, waht a dragggggggg

    1. @Hiya Tucor
      that sounds about right. I’ll reforge the highest stat – either crit or haste – to get as much mastery as possible. I envy you for being able to play, Eu-Realms are still down a good 12 hours 😀

  11. o man that suks! ye thats what i did, so much crit on gear 100+ just gettin all of it into mastery, workin out well on 450ish nowww looks promisinggg!

  12. Just wanted to say thanks for an awesome, detailed guide,havent had time to play except to raid lately and this has helped me a lot 😀 thanks.
    Also, wanted to get an opinion from you on reforging, my Shammy is in full pre 4.0 bis besides LK weapons, i changed from herkumis to DBW and am sitting at 60% crit, Gonna change gems to agil(were all haste before) but i was thinking with the crit cap and all, you think id be better of reforging my crit instead of haste to mastery? and with gemming agil, crit will be even higher, so was thinking in a stat balancing mindset.

    Any feedback would be appreciated 🙂
    Thanks again for an awesome guide

    1. @Shamanpower
      Haste and crit seem to be pretty equal (really depends on your gear, but the difference isn’t big) and mastery that can only be obtained by reforging seems like the better stat for both of them. Thus personally I’d choose the highest stat per item and reforge it to mastery. Hope that helped. Glad that you like this post 🙂

  13. Sorry if this has been answered but about the mastery. Your sayin reforge any haste on gear to get hit and exp cap and there after convert any high crit into mastery? also gem for agility?

    1. @Dexxz
      Basically, yes. Take the highest stat on an item, reforge into expertise up to cap, then to mastery. I’d go and gem (agi+)hit on blue sockets with good boni (you should be fairly close to the cap anyhow), agi haste on yellow and agility on red.

  14. Thanks Myrddin,helped a lot, and i took your advice,i think they increased the amount of crit rating on a lot of mail gear purposely so people can reforge to mastery – i reforged mastery to 520, and still remained crit capped(have 277 all slots with dbw and tiny abom for trinkets, and its working out well.

    Keep up the good work ;p

  15. A real comprehensive guide, good to see there are still other Enh shamans out there theorycrafting and staying true to the spec! 🙂 Good work.

  16. Myrddin, would it be better to gem in agil + Crit gem in the yellow slots or is Agil + Haste better?
    Great post by the way. I have been looking all over EJ and couldnt find anything then I decided to google and seen you had this amazing broken down Enhance set up for 4.0. I cant thank you enough for publishing this. 10/10

    1. @Juggernaut & @Eryn
      Glad you like it, spread the word 🙂
      I am not sure if agi/crit or agi/haste is better. I think the new changes from todays build giving Stormstrike even more crit bonus from glyph is a good hint where they are going to with enhancement. I’d assume you’d get agi/haste.

  17. i reforged to my hit and my expertise cap, with like 3 peices then everything else went mastery, i dont play for socket bonus‘ so i went straight agi with the agi meta gem that i already used =P
    ive already parsed out some dps dummiy attempts and my dps is about 4k lower at peak =(
    dunt know it seems like im doing ALOT more damage my dps just isnt matching up, but who knows,
    yay for new patches right?

  18. Hey, so since haste is not the key stat anymore, and agi and mastery are the new things to go for, whats your feeling on fast vs slow wepons now? Still stay slow? I had not done a lot of research yet on the big enhancemetn changes, but after reading how much haste is not as important now, kinda makes me sad lol,

    Also just realized i was typing with cap locks…my bad..Dbw seems like a good choice with the reforging option and the agi, ap, haste procs vs the tiny abom and heroic wfs since dbm has more crit to reforge, thoughts there?

    1. Agi > Mastery > crit/haste, provided you meet expertise/hit cap.
      Agility is by far our best stat and you can only gain it by gems, you make sure you can use as many agi gems as possible. You can do this by reforging to caps then reforge the highest stat on other items to mastery. Mastery will always be better than crit or haste. I used purple/orange gems for good socket boni.

  19. Hmm, been looking at it and to me it seems like lightning shield glyph is obsolete when looking at staic shock talent.
    Glyph makes sure stack doesn´t drop below 3
    Talent makes sure no orb is consumed
    So either i´ve read it all wrong or we should be able to trash lightning glyph for another?

    1. Stuff like mobs hitting you or boss auras will proc lightning shield just like before. With only 3 charges it will be easy to overlook. It is a convenience glyph, and anything that will make me think less about rotation is something I’d suggest using. I have had 4500, 4600 lightning shield crits, would be sad if this possible extra damage per lava lash/stormstrike would be lost.

  20. Hey Myr, thanks for the guide it seems you have done a great deal if not all of my theory crafting for me 🙂

    Not looking forward to forking out for new gems but yeah interested to see how everything pans out for us enh shams.

  21. There is one thing that has not been mentioned enchants. What kind of enchants are we looking at now. Is berserking still a good weapon enchant?

    And omg thank you for the great posts and the time that you have put into them. I was getting frustrated and was thinking of going elem. Thank you for saving me from myself. 🙂

    1. Hello Wopperjr and Sarcyn, glad that you like the guide 🙂
      There are some theories about Mongoose being a good enchant now, too: It seems that Berserking is still a few points ahead at the moment. I’d wait a couple of days to see what the theorycrafters come up with before getting rid of Berserking.

    1. You do not need to see it 😀 You need to press the button regardless as soon as it is available. Searing Totem casts once each 2 seconds and Lava Lash has a 10 sec cd. After your first Lava Lash you should always have 5 stacks.
      The macro is nonfunctional due to the different cd’s of lava lash and stomrstrike. It was ok pre 4.0, where the macro was from, but now its an immense loss. Haven’t found a way yet to properly combine them.

  22. Looked trough the comments fast tbh. So forgive me is I missed the post.

    Above you only speack about spell hit cap – 420. Atm I got 617 hit ratting.
    So I am melee hit capped.
    Should I not care about that? I could put alot more points into mastery if I went more toward the spell hit cap.
    So what i am basicly asking is: Should I choose more mastery points and lose the melee hit cap?

  23. Have you gotten a extremly large crit from Lava lash. I’m talking 547k crit. I was doing my weekly in nax and after we killed the boss we were releasing the adds and this is the text from my combat log and I also have a ss of my recount and dmg done by my Lava Lash.

    Juggernauut has slain Death Knight Understudy!
    Juggernauut’s Lava Lash hits Death Knight Understudy for 11208 Fire.(535559 Overkill) (Critical)
    Death Knight Understudy died.

    I would upload the screen shoot but I dont think we can on here. I’m just wondering if anyone has even came close to that?

  24. Hi, it is better to reforge expertise to the cap and the rest mastery and then go for the agi gems in substitution of the expertise ones, or leave the exp gems where tehy are and reforge full mastery since there are no mastery gems?

  25. Very well put together guide. Seems you picked up some slack for elitistjerks since no one there has posted a decent post like this. (At least from what I saw)

  26. After further testing(did a raid tonight lols,everyone was keen)seems mastery is definately the way to go, with 45%mastery spells are hitting harder than than they were in 3.3 and we had elemental fury then. Yet to mention lava lash which pushes 50k raid buffed and lightning shield orbs too, doing crazy dmgTrinkets(ive found) to be best are DBW and halion trinket,imo from the sheer amount of reforging to mastery you can do, and i think even Deaths VErdict will jump back up.

    Just wanted to know your thought and if you have come up with any conclusions on trinkets,Even weapon choices(i changed back to norm LK 25 axe from black bruise heroic,for the agil, and being able to reforge it)

    Thanks in Advance
    Keep this great 4.0 theorycrafting going!

    1. Yep, my thought as well. Aside the arp, dbw wasn’t that bad for us and due to the amount of stats you can reforge they are definitely not a bad choice. Actually used the normal lk axe in tests as mainhand and the heroic as offhand but it did not seem to come out better. This might be different from shaman to shaman and require simming to get an objective result.

  27. Hey Myrddin,
    First of all I would like to thank you for taking the time to make this guide.
    Firstly would like to ask you should these hit/expertise caps of 446/116 be used ingame now or were you talking about Cata?
    I also wanted to ask you should I reforge all of my haste into mastery or not, and should I change my previous haste (since I was full on it) to Agy or to something else?
    I also see that you said that we should use these glyphs
    Prime Glyphs
    Lava Lash
    Feral Spirit

    Major Glyphs
    Fire Nova
    (Lightning Shield)
    your choice

    but in you screen shot you use WF glyph instead of LL, why is that?
    And why not use Glyph of Shamanistic Rage instead of Fire Nova since we want to have Searing Totem up.

    The last thing that I want to ask is which of these 3 talent speccs that you made would you say is the best for ICC raiding before Cata?

    I thank you in advance for reading this, and I apologise if something I asked looked stupid, as I haven’t played my shamans in a while or WoW at all for that matter since I was in a car accident and was in a hospital for several months.

    Thank you once more.

    1. a) The guide is for level 80 at the moment. The Cataclysm ratings will be much higher.
      b) as stated you take either crit or haste, always the higher one since mastery is ebtter than both
      c) the video is from beta and I used the 3.x glyphs as standart there, it is just to show the interface (the guide was posted before patch)
      d) just thought fire nova would come in handy in situations where we use magma totem – basically on trash. as stated the major glyphs ar eutility glpyhs, chose as you wish 😀
      e) the one labeled dps 😀

      Hf! 🙂

  28. Thank you for a swift reply,
    So bassicly we should stack Agy instead of Haste now, or do you think that we should go for more socket bonuses than before (thus having in mid those that give agy as a socket bonus)?

  29. First of all, thanks so much for the post. EJ has had very little for several months and with a quick Google search you have answered many of my questions.

    I did notice a major drop in DPS but I now realize that I did not go far enough in reforging and need to change from haste to agi gems. (thank goodness im a JC ; ) )

    I look forward to seeing where this goes through level 85. You have a new fan.

  30. First of all, Thank you so much for this…I’m not so confused anymore about whats going on.

    Second, just a question. What about enchants? SHould I leave the ones that I have? (mostly AP and crit.) or get new ones?

    1. Enchants should be the same, except boots where you can get a different one now. Weapon Enchants have been covered a few comments above (not sure yet, need to sim them once a bit more information has been gathered)

  31. Hello and back again.
    I must say ty all for the posts it helped me out a lot setting up my shaman.
    Are any of you having the same problem as me btw i cant find my unleashed rage buff anymore, and i was wondering if since we dont stack haste anymore if we can start using weapons of faster speed like 1.5. I know flametongeu is dependent on weapon speed but does it make that much of a difference in this paths.
    Good luck and have fun. thumbs up for this post again. Most usefull on the net. Cheers.

    Kind regards Brovie

    1. 10% AP can also come from Blessing of Might or Trueshot Aura (maybe battleshout too?), guess it displays only once.
      Stormstrike and especially Lava Lash with its tons of damage modifiers will suffer greatly from fast weapons.

  32. Was running RFC for some friends with lightning shield on and it seems that if you have the glyph then enemies that you are currently targeting cannot be struck by an orb.

  33. ** ** =D , OMG , Thanks sooo much for your work on this site ! Last bookmarked site was CombatMace , and that was great, but soon to be outdated, if not already.. Not sure if i want to share you ! =P

    Enchants : looked at the low Agil ones for gloves and boots, very low agil , but about the same AP. and maybe stacks with kings?

    Good bye HASTE gems =(

    Thanks a TON

  34. Hi. Thx for the guide. I’d have a question tho. What about crit depression which made as need about 500 hit rating in BiS gear with 25 man raid buffs? Do we still need that much hit rating or is it enough to go for the cap you posted in your guide? Anyone with any ideas?

  35. Hey Myrddin,

    was dpsing the dummy today for testing, and have noticed(maybe its just me) with a decent mastery rating lightning bolt dmg is actually very close and a couple of times even ahead of lava lash on a 2million dmg heroic dummy test,Therefore pushing haste back up?Not for gemming but im thinking with the crazy crit SS gives us, spells are at about 80%ish and probably wont go much higher till Cata(if at all).

    So i guess to make a long story short – you think haste will outweigh crit with a decent mastery rating?

    Any feedback will be appreciated.

    Keep up the good work

  36. Gah damn forgot about the 5 searing stacks(WTB searing totem attacking dummies), but yeah even still,LB dmg is a clear 3rd on highest sources of dmg, way aheead of windfury at fourth

    1. Searing Totem works at Melee Target Dummies at the Argent Tournament. In ICC gear you still need to pay attention to the crit cap, even if you reforge all crit rating on your gear. Hence my choice for Concussion over Acuity Talents in Elemental Tree. In my opinion we can’t afford to miss out on any Mastery Rating, if we want to get back to the damage we did prepatch.

  37. Yep agreed..Concussion is basically another point of mastery, where 1% crit is nice and all but not as good…have reforged all mastery, gemmed agility and am back at 57% crit chance, would have been 70% lol with no reforging…crit is so abundant, but with gemming to agility at 57% crit spell hit capped im back over crit cap 😡 had heroic WFS reforged but i think ill go back to deaths verdict, proc is awesome now, but it also gives me more crit which i dont need

    Ahh the fun of stat balancing..

    Thanks for reply

  38. You should add weapon enchants to your guide, i stopped playing a year ago and i have no idea if it’s windfury for mainhand – flametongue for offhand or whatever.

    Someone please enlighten me!

  39. I hear you guys discussing crit cap im almost full icc hc geared and im still at 52% unbuffed, what is the magic number i need to look for 😉

    Kind regards Brovie

  40. I spend most hit stats on my items to lower my hit btw cause i was at 600 hit when the path came out and after i was at hitcap i started to take the hiest stat to reforge i most casses that was crit. My char si named brovie btw and im at frosmane would nice if i could have some feedback on the build i made.

    Kind regards Brovie

  41. How about enchants and weapon imbues? Will priorities on those change or are they going to remain the same for the most part? Mostly curious about weapon enchants (mongoose, berserker, etc) and if Windfury / Flametongue are still the way to go.

    1. I have answered that already, the imbues 5 comments above (wf/ft) and also that the mongoose/berserking theorycrafting is currently undecided. If you want to know individual results for your char you might consider using a sim. I for one will run into crit cap even worse with mongoose. I prefer to give this a few days more.

  42. I noticed for major glyphs you mention the Lightning Shield Glyph. I thought that our orbs dont go below 3 now anyway so this is a wasted glyph.

    1. It is by far not a wasted glyph. It is a glyph that lets you totally put your focus on more important stuff without the need to monitor your buffs. There are plenty of mobs and bosses that proc your lightning shield, removing its charges. It is fine if you enjoy micromanaging stuff like that, but it is by far my favourite utility glyph.

  43. Thank you for taking the time to put this valuable info up. So, regarding gear. I’m a new 80 on this toon. My main is a hunter. It sounds like I need to trade in all my current gear (stam+int+mp5) for hunter gear (stam+agi+int) as i have 0 agi bonus right now…

    1. Hunters and Enhancement no longer have int on their items. If you have stam/int/mp5 you probably weren’t an enhancement shaman. In this case you would have an +5% int bonus.

  44. Hey nice blog Myrddin I was wondering what your take is on food and flask n ow for raids. Is endless and fish feast still the best or is it frost worm and agility food? Also is deathbringers trinket better then whispering fang now?

  45. I am fairly new to the shammy world. Just when I was getting the hang of it, 4.0 arrived. What are the caps for crit and hit? what should our haste be at now?

  46. {QUOTE} „Hit Rating
    the new spell hit cap for Enhancement Shaman is 446 hit rating (420 for Draenei)“

    You forgot to list the melee hit cap.


    1. I doubt that you went along this guide when gemming your gear 😀

      You did not take the Ghost Wolf talent, which you should take.
      Also you took Fire Nova, while Lava Lash is much better.
      Also you use haste gems in yellow sockets and agi/haste in red slots … while pure agility is the better option and agi/haste for yellow sockets.
      You use expertise gems while the guide is saying to reforge expertise (to have more room for agility.
      Reforging doesn’t even show on the armory yet.

      Did not really check further. You seem to not have understood what stats we want now and why we want the stats I described above. Agility > Mastery > hit/haste/crit. You can only gem agility, thus we want to leave as much gem slots for agility as we can … and since mastery is better than crit/haste/hit (above the spell hit cap) you can safely reforge each item and reforge the highest stat to mastery – it will always increase dps.

  47. Yeah, noticed its not showing up… all gems are 10 agi and 10 haste and red sockets are 20 agi… and relic is the AP one, armoury is bugging out completely.. spec is 5/31/0

  48. Yeah armoury is bugging out. i have followed everything according to this guide, red sockets 20 agi.. yellow 10 agi and 10 haste, sitting on 5.5k ap with all the gems and 33% haste, hit capped and expertise capped with reforging and mastery is on 15% no idea why armoury is showing up.

  49. Hello realy nice guide so much helpful
    well i did all what your guide said Gems , Reforging i reforged all time Mastery after checking my hit+ expertise capped
    rest Gems Agility for red Socket and Agili/haste for yellow so yday while raiding i noticed am doing real Bad dps also doing the same Rotation as Guid said i dono i tryed to remove Feral spirit and replace it with WF weapon i dono what wrong with my dps its getting bad my gear is real Good 6404 GS this my link for my Armory plz take a look 🙂's+Blade&cn=Maldini

    1. Nothing is wrong, Enhancement just sucks dpwise atm. As I stated at the start f the guide, the classes are tuned for Level 85. Sadly we do not have as many shamans as there are warriors who came form 20k dps pre patch to 8k post patch back to 20k dps just because there is 100k more players complaining.
      If you want to you can reforge/gem like you used to do and you will see that it is even worse. Sadly this is the best we can do atm and no word from Blizzard about buffs.

  50. Just a reply, haste isn’t really that great, so i havent really bothered with the 10 agi 10 haste gems anymore, instead i have gone fully agility includikng enchants… gloves 20 agi boots 16 agi and cape 22 agg, brings me up to 5.8AP Which is fairly nice… just need DV 258 from ToC as the proc and ap on it is insane, but just a quick q have you guys tried gemming full agility… i think its a bigger dps increase and i have tested out 22 expertise, and i seem to have out 4456 hits, only 1 dodge… so mastery could be used for more dps in reforging

    1. The „Single Target Enhancement Shaman build (5/31/0)“ does not have improved Fire Nova, while the „AoE Enhancement Shaman build (4/32/0)“ does, maybe you can figure out the why yourself 😀

  51. First of all great Guide.
    I changed most things like u have in your guide. got to 48% crit and 16% haste. My question is how much crit should i aim for when reforging to Mastery before i start loosing dps?


  52. I have several questions, i been reading your blog for a couple of days now to figure out several things about enh shamans, i have played as an enh since WOTLK came out, even though at the begiining i wasent raiding to much latelly there has been quite a lot of raiding just to get ready for cata. now i have several questions, the recomendated spec you have improved ghostwolf? now are this specs for lvling or for pvp? because certantly you could use those 2 points somewhere else since you wanna do as much damage as possible and most of the raid fights atm do not require a lot of movement. i want to check with you how come you pick this talent in all you specs.

    another thing is though even i have only started to change my gemming i have replaced about half of my gems to either +20 agi or 10 agi / 10 haste, and fixed my hit and exp cap, also reforged all my highes stats to mastery. but even though i have not changed all my gems yet mostly coz i runned out of JP i get much much lower dps than i had before with my haste gems, i have 3t10 the exalted ring, the heroic 10 man gunship axes and a GS of about 5.9 i believe, so its good gear, not the best but i think is good, counting the ammount of raiding i have done, i wont link my armory coz is not working anyway and the spec you see is my OS with resto gear, i have not changed my enchants yet to agi ones, but i just feels that i am not really winning atm with all the agi, but yet again im still missing like half of the gems 21 slots is not easy to change in one or 2 days when you are short on money. just wanna know that we are in the same page

    1. Ghost Wolf is excellent for any fight involving any kind of movement, you are sooner at the adds or back at the boss and there aren’T really many stationary fights … Saurfang, Festergut. That is it 😀 On other fights it is good if you are able to mvoe fast and thus it will result in a dps increase. There are various discussions about this subject, for example at elitist jerks.
      Enhancement DPS went down with Patch 4.0.1. But still the suggestions on this site get the best out of your gear. If you replaced the mastery with haste or whatever you’d see your dps go down even further. This is currently a subject on mmo champion and on elitist jerks, too.

  53. I was wondering, what’s your dps like atm on argent dummy? and can i have a link to your armoury please? 🙂 I am Helga on Durotan, but my Paperdoll on wowarmory hasnt update yet.

    1. You can find the link to the armory in the right sidebar at the bottom. I recently changed back and glove enchant to agility, but it hasn’t updated, yet. Reforging doesn’t seem to work, yet either.

    1. Maybe if you had bothered to actually read the guide, you’d see your error. The “Single Target Enhancement Shaman build (5/31/0)” does not have improved Fore Nova, while the “AoE Enhancement Shaman build (4/32/0)” does, maybe you can figure out the difference yourself 😀

  54. Hello there ,and thank you for clearing things up. as I was doubting if I wanted to regem to agil. Got some questions for you tho. With gems, your using one blue gem for the meta req, is using the + 10 stats gem not a better solution? Since you gain +10 agil, strength, and int aswell I hope/think. Also I think the fire nova talent comes in handy, since we already have low aoe dmg, every single bit should help. There was somethin else I wanted to ask you I tought but I forgot that one already :D. Thx in advance.

  55. Great guide, great timing.
    Unfortunately it is slightly ruined by the illiterates asking the usual retarded questions.
    Great job mate, looking forward to reading more.

  56. duuuude ty……..iv been trying to find out if unleash weapon removes ur weapon enhancements cuz if it did that would suck….ur video answered my question…..and the text is very informative as well……right on….

  57. Well seems like the armory finaly has been updated.
    Any tip on improvement on gemming, forging or enchants ?
    Kinda stuck at 12/13k dps singletarget sauerfand and festergut.

    Kind regards brovie

    1. Reforging is still not visibile on the armory. Other than that it seems ok. You should be aware that enhancement shamans took a drop in dps with last patch. No buffs visible at the horizon.

  58. Very impresive blog i have 1-2 question
    i regem all my gems o agility
    reforge chest legs and gunship cloack with 138 exp and like 80 hit same gorm haste and same form crit rating
    the rest reforge i done i take crit mostly cause i see like 85% in raid buff :pp and reforge crit to mastery so i have 56% now
    and now i’m in 44% mastery nd 750 haste
    i remove 277 fist from gester and replace ti with my olf havoc’s

    i’m asking for ur advice if i’m wrong or what need to fix i will be glad if can help me 🙂
    or mail me

    cheer again

    1. Hard to judge other people’s dps 😀 It relies on so many factors, I am sure there will be a nice rawr out with cataclysm, that will tell you exactly your theoretical dps. Jsut a general note our dps has suffered a bit, ans judging form Blizzcon they won’t – like they did with other classes – fix us.
      The Toon ont he armory, looks ok – reforging stil can’t be seen. I’d suggest getting Herkuml War Token (Justice Points) instead of Abyssal Rune.

  59. Well gear is oke. you need to remember that enh shamy will only top dps at single target without running around. Fights like putricide are a killer for our dps since we need to run around and can only do burst damage when we are at melee range. Good fights to mesure your dps are Festergut and sauerfang. those will show u your full potensial dps.

    Kind regards Brovie

    1. Yep you are right, thanks for answering and welcome back 🙂
      Searing totem is absolutely horrible on some fights, always attacks wrogn targets on Lich King, even sometimes the Valkyrs in the air 😀

  60. never been gone 😉 ready up on this forum each day ;).
    Also refering fellow shamans from my server to this forum since this is still the best fora that has been setup for enh shaman atm.
    About rarw i dont like it that much tbh. Theoretical hmm never realy works ingame form me :p , and it is still a game 😉 so most important thing is to enjoy the gameplay. thou if you wanna go faceroll go loladin, if you wanna be a man go enh shaman 😛
    Hehe does is show when the valks come down btw? cause some extra dps is always welcome on them XD

    Kind regards Brovie

  61. Hello Slant! Gonna start with that I love this guide and it have helped me alot! Thanks man keep up with the good work 🙂
    I’m just wondering the 2 best trinket now after the pathc? 😀

  62. Hello all,
    First thx Myrddin for this guide !!
    I just would ask if anyone here has already tested to replace 1 of the recommended glyph by the Glyph Of Shocking which decrease the CD of all shock by 1 sec. I’m wondering if that could help in term of DPS cause during fight I have lot of time where everything is on CD so maybe by reducing the CD of shock that should improve DPS and let less „dead“ time

  63. Great website!!! I am truely impressed by all of the work that obviously goes into something like this. Anyway, I do see that my toon is pretty much messed up for the 4.0 patch but what I don’t understand is where to start? I can throw a lot of gold at it by removing all of my gems and restoring my gear stats so I have a pre-patch base line but where do I start regeming and reforging? The mathematical combinations depending upon which gear I select first and so on is not quite infinite, but pretty close. 🙁

    My toon is Handu in the guild of Nebulous Rising on Uldaman.

    Thanks for your help and I apolozie in advance for being retarded.

    1. @Handu
      Hiya, if you want me to say that it is ok to not spend gold to improve your char then you came to the wrong place 😀 The reforging part is cheaper than the gemming part, hence you can get the most out of your char for low amount of gold by reforging obviously. But if you want to get remotely close to the damage you did pre 4.0 then you might want to consider regemming 😀
      What to regem and reforge has been explained int he post and has been clariied in the replies here. Mastery (reforging) is always better than haste or crit and agility (gems) is better than anyone else.

  64. Myrrdin. First off, ty for the awesome guide, been an enh shaman since WoW has been a game, gotta say i love the insight. Got a bit of an issue. I dont wanna piss off my raiders (ecspecially the rogues and hunters) But what is our best two trinkets these days?? Elitest Jerks claims Sharpened Twilight scale / Death’s Choice. After reading your guide here I feel uneasy gearing toward either more Hit, Haste or Crit. 25% of my current dps is all Melee so obviously our Mastery is a high priority but Im trying to not roll against my fellow guildies on Heroic Deathbringers will. Your input would help me a great deal.

    PS. When you armory me you will probably be a little worried by my current Gem’s/Talents/Glyphs and super high Hit rating lol. But With my current set up I can do mid 13k on a fight like Saurfang. Thanks again bro!

  65. Ello, was wondering what have a second trinket beside DBW hc is it usefull to drop the wartoken and replace it with a crit trink like wfs or sts. Or is tiny a bis trink .

    Kind regards Brovie

  66. Yo.
    First things first, ty for gr8 guide 🙂
    And then to the point. I tested (using enhsim) weapon enchants Berserking, Mongoose and Black Magic on almost all combinations and found that best combination was Goose on main hand and Zerking on off hand. At least i myself was surprised that goose is better on mh but zerking is better at oh and not vise versa :o. What wasn’t surprising was that Black Magic was dps loss on every way becose of recent enha changes.
    I hope this helped some1 ^^

  67. Enha is Great on pvp if u can play it right, but it is very hard class.
    U must use in correct situation evrery totem individually, use shield just b4 rogue attack, save cd’s on right situations and many other things very preciesly.
    So it’s enha pvp vs all other things on wow for (at least) half a year to learn it well. I just recomend u have different pvp char if u are intrested in this great guide here. 😉

    1. @Totemmaniac
      I have a 6850 Gs Ret as alt and a 1300 resilience Feral Druid 😀 when I change to enhancement I can hardly a) get something down or b) survive. It hink if you ever played another class – and see how much easier things are – it is hard to motivate to PvP as Enhancement. Don’t get me wrong Enhancement is a great class and I love it, but I find PvP rather frustrating to do.

  68. @Slant
    I myself am poor at playing Enha on pvp and thats why i have priest as my pvp char (and sidenote have lvl’d all classes exept rogue 80 and she is 61 lvl bank alt atm). I just say i have seen a few enha going like crazy. Ofc many other class can do same job (and a few maby better) a lot easyer, but what i’m trying to say is that enha is as good on pvp as any other but is sick hard to play right. But you are right, Enha is great class 😉

    1. @Aguellid
      If you weren’t just trolling and would actually elaborate your comment, then I could discuss this. Probably this is a miserable try to hit on me and I am flattered by your attention, but unfortunately this needs to stay a dream for you since I am not gay.

  69. I am curious to no if due to the importance of elementals in the expansion if Shamans are to play a more key role once Cata drops. In addition, i wonder what the chances of receiving a long overdue buff to our dps is planned as we level to 85. Any insights?

    1. @Ddreadd
      There is only 1 true shaman spec – Enhancement. Either you like it or you don’t 😀 at 81 we get Unleash Weapons which is a pretty good buff to our dps. 125% weapon damage + Fire Damage as Instant and +20% to the next fire spell and 40% melee haste. Think at 85 it will look much better than now.

  70. I was not refering to the elemental spec, but elementals in the game. Our new bind elemental ability should play a big part in our efforts. My question was what role shamans (enhancement specifically) would play in light of the focus on Thrall? SOrry for not being clear enough on that.

    1. Sorry, I missread your question. I have gotten so many elemental > enhancement questions lately 😀
      So far I haven’t seen many differences in Instances at least. Stuff is still being zerged. Bind Elemental breaks on damage and a swipe, thunderclap, etc will break it. However I have been using Hex a lot more and the ability to offheal and place a healing rain on the group seems to be nice. I think we’ll be able to play our abilities much more in cataclysm, at least for those who enjoy diversity in the class and see the bigger picture behind meters.

  71. im just coming back to wow and was reading up on changes that have happened latley. Very useful guide btw but i have a question. are there any specific addons i should be using?

  72. With the recent change to Relentless Earthsiege Diamond, i.e. requiring more blue gems than red, how are you gemming to get more blues? Purple gems don’t work because they count as both.

  73. Yo, are u going to update this to 85 guide eventually (hit ratings etc. etc.) or do you alredy have one? it would be really shame if as great guide as this would be outdated so soon.

  74. thank you for doing this. It has helped me alot. Question though,
    what is the deal with ancestral resolve and would it hurt to put a couple of points in that?
    Thank you for your help!

  75. Hey im a still a bit new to enchanment shamans but it seemed liek the easiest move from my lvl 80 fury warrior. I have him at level 80 now and im wondered since cant get a straight answer from really anywhere else and im sorry of this sounds like a noobish question…how do echance. Shammys do in raids and heroics? everything i looked up only talks about elemental shammys. and whats better from them? the single target or aoe? id love to see an answer soon. This blog has been otherwise very helpful to guiding my shammy. i enjoy playing him 10 times more then my warrior. again thank you and i hope to hear from you soon 🙂

    1. Well Unleash Weapon, you will get that at level 81, is a major boost to enhancement. I have been a big bonus to groups, doing decent damage and being able to offheal these „oh shit!“ moments. We can play our utility so nice, realyl love enhancement atm. It is not about who does best dps … play what you prefer.

  76. Hi everyone. I thought I’d stop by the new enhance guide and drop off my newest Cata enhance macros. While thiese don’t contain everything you may ever need them… They have enough functionality that they perform within 3% of any rotational addon you may use.. and I urge you, if you use these or doubt them, to verify that claim and compare them… That being said, I created these to simplify the rotation so that I could pay more attention to what’s going on in the game vs what was going on on my spellbar.

    Macro 1:
    /castsequence reset=10 Lava Lash,Unleash Elements
    /use [nomodifier] 10
    /use [nomodifier] 14
    /use [nomodifier] 13

    Macro 2:
    /castsequence [noworn:Shields]reset=6 Flame Shock ,Stormstrike,Earth Shock,Stormstrike,Lightning Shield,Flame Shock,Searing totem,Stormstrike,Earth Shock,Stormstrike,Lightning Shield;

    Really, the only things you need to manage outside of this are feral spirit and your LB/CL. Rotation at that point becomes extremely trivial. Push Macro 1 whenever it is off c/d and otherwise 2, LB/CL on 5 stacks. Congrats.

    Currently these macros are only designed to work with Searing Totem which does NOT take advantage of fire nova. I personally use an additional set of macros which is controlled by a changeactionbar command on magma totem for AOE pulls, but since these macros are more useful for starters, I won’t be posting that at this time.

    I hope you find these useful, have a great Holiday Season!

    1. Im easily confused when it comes to macros. For both macros how exactly do I setup what’s in the brackets and like what spells go in the bracket? Sorry guys im a noob wwhen it comes to macros lol.

      1. Here is an example macro, just type /macro to get the window open. Then select „New“ macro, enter a name and use the red „?“ as icon, then it will change to the next ability that will be used.

        If you want to know more about macros and conditions, that will be too much for this site, but fortunately the WoWWiki has a an excellent guide.

  77. 😀 the marco’s work nice. I already used a sort of in on my mous i preprogramed the the seqeuences. These will give me more space under my mouse buttons ty.

    Kind regards Brovie

  78. Hi. Thanks for taking the time to write this guide. Any chance you could give us a clue about gearing in cata? Even with reforging I haven’t found anything to replace my ICC gear so far.

    1. In Deepholm you will start to replace even your ICC hc Loot with quest items. As rough guide: Agility > Mastery > everything else. Of course you want 26 expertise and 17% hit first.

  79. well must say getting the cap isnt that hard thought it would be harder. Btw got a qstion about enchanting should i take mastery over agi on enchant?

    And for the rotion qstion ive been using the macro’s for over a week now and thay are working pretty nice facerolling dps atm 😀 you can find it a bit up in the forum .

    And for trinks im using Grace of the herald atm and skardy’s grace seems to work pretty nice. But you should farm rep for the epic trink thats the bis atm .

    Kind regards brovie

  80. Hey there. Thanks for a great guide. I always played resto shaman and now i finally thought of trying something new. There is only one thing i could ask of: What is the prime rotation for singe-target dps – and is the macros that Komando linked, optimal to use? Happy newyear to all of you, and thanks for the help again.

  81. I usually at the top of dps beside hunters – if not second in my 25 mans. Using a cast sequence macro is lazy lol. Enhancment shaman is so much fun with ll the buttons.

  82. Hey does spell hit rating and melee hir rating are the same when you increase them? are they even with each other cause i have 16% melee hit

  83. Hey Ya’ll! i’ve been reading all the post’s and i cant seem to find anyone regarding PvP hit cap for Enhancment Shamans… Any idea what that is?

  84. i just noticed on my shaman, that even tho my special attacks are all 0,00% chance to miss, against level 85 mobs i have a 12% chance to miss with normal attacks. does this mean i need more tha 8% hit after all? i thought all melee was 8%, and im currently at 11%… could really use some advice in regards to this, thanx

    1. Hiya, good question!
      We only need to hit the +spell hit cap (17%) to make sure all our spells hit. after that you gain more from other stats than from hit. +hit is not totally useless, but you gain way more dps by increasing mastery for example.

  85. Hey man do you know what the best wep enchants are atm. I pvp only and right now am running double landslide. However i went on the arena ladder and almost everyone was running avalanch or hurricane. IDK if thats because landslide is unaffordable for them right nor or not, but i was hoping you’d know what is better for pve at least and then i could go from there. Thanks ahead of time!

    1. I am not really strong in PvP. I suppose Landslide wins by far though, unless they prefer avalance for additional more reliable/stable damage. Personally I’d go for Landslide.

      1. hay dude in reference to that avalanch is buffed heavly by our mastery i personally like one of each ava / landslide but avalanch is like 1300 per wep per 3 hits average *

  86. **Hi everyone. I thought I’d stop by the new enhance guide and drop off my newest Cata enhance macros. While thiese don’t contain everything you may ever need them… They have enough functionality that they perform within 3% of any rotational addon you may use.. and I urge you, if you use these or doubt them, to verify that claim and compare them… That being said, I created these to simplify the rotation so that I could pay more attention to what’s going on in the game vs what was going on on my spellbar.

    Macro 1:
    /castsequence reset=10 Lava Lash,Unleash Elements
    /use [nomodifier] 10
    /use [nomodifier] 14
    /use [nomodifier] 13

    Macro 2:
    /castsequence [noworn:Shields]reset=6 Flame Shock ,Stormstrike,Earth Shock,Stormstrike,Lightning Shield,Flame Shock,Searing totem,Stormstrike,Earth Shock,Stormstrike,Lightning Shield;

    Really, the only things you need to manage outside of this are feral spirit and your LB/CL. Rotation at that point becomes extremely trivial. Push Macro 1 whenever it is off c/d and otherwise 2, LB/CL on 5 stacks. Congrats.

    Currently these macros are only designed to work with Searing Totem which does NOT take advantage of fire nova. I personally use an additional set of macros which is controlled by a changeactionbar command on magma totem for AOE pulls, but since these macros are more useful for starters, I won’t be posting that at this time.

    I hope you find these useful, have a great Holiday Season!**

    Extremely helpful. looks like it pretty much maximizes the dps. if anyone finds tweeks, proven please, please let us know.

  87. BTW, i was having trouble on dummy staying at 10k,now im getting 11k consistantly with no buffs, no wolves, no eles, and no hero. so very good macros. also landslide in EnhSimGui shows to have about a 200dps boost. but for cost effeciancy, unless your a rich mofo, at least on my realm, avalanch is fine. cost me almost 20k for 1 landslide, will be another 20k soon for the second. also think about going tailoring for the back chant, chance to gain 1000 AP. that will give you 3 procs to gain 3k AP total, will boost your DPS dramatically, by about 1-2k depending on the chants you have now. GL and please post any other findings.

  88. Macro Broken Now after 4.0.6, is there a way to fix it?
    Edit: Sorry that wasent specific enough after 4.0.6 macro #2 dosent cast lightning shield ,Searing Totem or Stormstrike. I up’d the castsequence reset to 8 and that seamed to fix the Stormstrike problem but the other two are still not working for me. Thanks for all the great work.

    1. I am not the Author of the macro, and looking at it I would not use it. Atm I use

      1) Stormstrike

      /equipslot [worn:Fishing Poles,combat] 16 NameofWeapon1
      /equipslot [worn:Fishing Poles,combat] 17 NameofWeapon2
      /cast [worn:Fishing Poles] Fishing
      /stopmacro [worn:Fishing Poles]
      /cast Stormstrike

      2) Lava Lash
      3) Unleash/Flame Shock

      /castsequence reset=target10 Unleash Elements,Flame Shock

      4) Earth Shock
      5) Lightning Bolt

      /castsequence [btn:2][mod:shift] reset=8target Lava Burst,Lightning Bolt,Lightning Bolt,Lava Burst
      /cast Lightning Bolt

      Even if you disarmed/silenced you have buttons to press without getting stuck on a long castsequence macro. Flame Shock can easily be cast right after Unleash Elements.

  89. Lol, I like that you reposted MY macro without credit and then when it breaks toss out that info. Yes, this macro seems to be snagging as of 2/8/11 4.0.6. Currently working on solution

    1. @Kommando
      Your macro? Please elaborate

      Edit: I suppose you are referring to Sickinger Arthas who posted the same macro as you did on 2010/11/01 at 04:43. Was for a second thinking you were referring to the macros on this site posted by me (Myrddin). They have been up and updated since I started to play Shaman/Rogue in 2005 😀
      I’d not use the macro you posted since a silence or disarm may render the whole sequence stuck for some time. However I do understand that other players may find them useful.

  90. Yeah, was referring to Sickinger’s c/p. My macro is pretty garbage for pvp. I’d never suggest it b/c of what you said (disarm=worthless macro).

  91. Dear slant,

    Please spare some time to update your enhancement shammy guide even if its periodically. this always been helpful to every enhance noob including me and if it was up to date that would be much better.

    Best regards,
    Your secret admire.<3

  92. There was an update to the trinket Unheeded Warning for patch 4.0.6 the trinkets changed from 10% melee damage to a flat 650 melee damage.

    With this change does it beat out our two BiS trinkets? Fluid death and Darkmoon card: Hurricane?

    1. @Tornadofang
      I am not really sure. Enhancement Shaman discussion seems pretty much dead everywhere. You read different stuff where you go … I have unheeded warning and some quick tests did not show significant higher Stormstrikes, Lava Lashes with its proc running. I am not sure if it works at all.
      Also I prefer proc trinkets that benefit all our attacks, like Essence which gives crit to melee, spells, wolves, totems rather than only to autoattacks. I have Darkmoon Card Hurricane, but am not using it.

  93. Thank you so much for this. I loved playing my enhance shammy during RotLK but quit playing for awhile when cata came out. Now that i’m coming back i was sooo incredibly lost w/ all the changes. Thanks for making it easier for me to dive back in to some serious skull crushing skills <3

    1. @Enhale
      Well, ask yourself this. Even with 6 seconds cooldown, are you able to use shocks as soon as they come off cooldown? I usually have more important buttons coming up at the same time. From my understanding reverbation and elemental precision provide the same dps boost, technically. But only if you can make the use of 5 sec cd’s … but in many cases you dont shock each 5 seconds, hence precision as „passive damage“ and some spell hit rating even will come out top.

    1. @Tornadofang
      It is always a matter on how much dps difference it is … If you are doing normal modes, etc you may end up better with windfury … but … due to spirint hunt wich will heal you 150% of spirit wolf damage the feral spirit glyph is the one of my choice in heroic modes. It will help a lot in phases of high incoming damage, especially when healer mana is an issue like it is atm on many fights. Being dead won’t help the encoutner at all, hence I’ll go stick with feral spirit.

  94. When I click on the talent calculator links, I only get the calculator, not the build.

    I have to agree with the feral spirit glyph. There is an insane amount of damage in heroics, and you will need any and all self heals you can get, whether it be direct or passive, if you hope to stay alive through certain encounters.

  95. So i just went from resto to ehen and i just want to know what stats should i focus on i mean i see some people qith 24k mana and well mine is at 74k and i feel like im doing something wrong lol.

    1. @Linktopast
      Even thought the guide was written for level 80’s its basics are still true … if you are having more than 25k mana then indeed you are doign something wrong … none of our good gear has int on it. try some agi mail isntead and for the rest follow the advice above … gem all agility -> reforge to hit and expertise cap -> as much mastery as you can get.

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