The day started off engulfed in clouds/fog. I love when that happens here, becau…

The day started off engulfed in clouds/fog. I love when that happens here, because we usually have this amazing view that can’t be properly captured in a picture. But when we have fog it’s as if the outside world is non-existent. It always reminds me of the nothing in the neverending story.
It quickly cleared up and I went on a hike with our guest to visit our neighbor’s lions, tigers, leopards and camels. People often wonder when they hear the roaring that echoes though the valley, but it is the visual experience of seeing the animals close up on a farm that makes you realize the situation.
Seems as if the water buffalos are living on the meadows right next to the house again. Now they have super cute tiny calves and I am a bit worried that the dogs nights cross the fence. So far so good though.
They even stay in the garden with deer, rabbits, foxes right outside so I think they won’t cross… But I am extra careful, just to be certain.
I now know the kind of the larvae we saw on our hike. In German it is called a Windenschwärmer. No it’s not a Pokemon and not ‚Nimmersatt‘ 😆
As I like to spoil our guests we had the delicious pizza yesterday, BBQ’d on a stone… It is so much better than those in the oven… and better than in many restaurants.
We just finished having waffles and tonight I will make my favorite dish 🤤
Now I will take care of our guest again, see You soon 😊


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