Ninja does not like to share his delicious treats and glances towards Hadez with…

Ninja does not like to share his delicious treats and glances towards Hadez with this adorable expression on his face. It does look like a this is a combination of ‚mine‘, ‚let me have it‘, ‚I really want it‘.
This may sound alike but there are indeed slight variations. Does he turn the head away to signal ‚You can’t have it!‘ or is it appeasement or is it a curious glance at what Hadez is eating? Maybe he wonders who got the bigger treat, or to check if Hadez likes his read to claim it in case Hadez drops it to the ground.
I often wonder what is going on in the head of our dogs and feel like I do understand many situations. But of course I can never be certain.
The treat we feed here are dried beef chaps from @lico.nature
Last week I visited Lico Nature in Gelsenkirchen. I wanted to get to know the people in person as well as get a first hand impression on their manufacture. After a breakfast and lots of treats for Hadez and Ninja I was certain they are equally dog crazy as I am 😊
I was led through the manufacture where they produce BARF and Dog Snacks. All meat and products were as fresh as they can be and of very high quality. There were chaps, just like this one, ready to be dried, as well as any other snack you can think of. I will cover more details in one of the next posts 😊
I mentioned that we have a new partner we do collaborations with. It is @lico.nature who provided these dog treats.


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