I am really uncertain if people like the post today. Usually dark pictures and o…

I am really uncertain if people like the post today. Usually dark pictures and ones that are not cropped 5×4 do get a lot less engagement.
But I really wanted to post this picture… I used to love to go into the forest at night.
I love how the other senses take over when eye sight is limited… You hear so much more and there is diversity of scents that you would otherwise hardly notice. Especially in full moon nights eyesight is pretty good actually… You can easily see 200m, but everything is desaturated and the mid tones are dark… But everywhere the moonlight hits it is as if the area is covered in silver.
Nowadays I keep my nightly walks to the vicinity of buildings… Not because I am afraid, but to leave wildlife in peace. I live being in the forest and at the same time being aware that I am in the home of wildlife and try to disturb it as little as possible.
Especially when we are walking with 4 dogs wildlife gets easily scared.
Adjacent to our house there are several large meadows and in the evening hares, deer and even foxes come out to snoop for food. We hear the weirdest noises in the dark. Did you know deer can ‚bark‘? I recorded a sound that sounds like an excited bark of a dog with a very sore throat and played it to a hunter. He said that these are deer that are upset by something.
This little lesson taught me to pay more attention to those sounds.
So how do you think I managed this beautiful picture while avoiding to disturb wildlife? How did I make this picture?


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