Northern Wilds Bestiary

Wildstar Wednesday seems to shape up and we seem to get slowly more interesting information about the planet Nexus and his inhabitants. This week Loic „Atreid“ Claveau introduces the Northern Wilds Bestiary. You will learn about Rootbrutes, Girrok and the Skeech.

Northern Wilds Bestiary

The Northern Wilds are the the home of manifold species. We have seen Yetis, Crystal Guardians, Dagun, and a Xenobite Queen in videos and screenshots. Atreid shows us the 3 afore mentioned creatures in detail and starts with the Rootbrutes, an omnivorous fungus animal hybrid which reminds me of the „swamp thing“ if you are old enough to know the movie 😀 Atreid mentions that Rootbrutes are an excellent ingredient for your supper!


The Skeech, as seen on the small picture above, are featured as intelligent, humanoid and despite all efforts though hostile species. They are primitives with a tribal culture and shamanistic religion. Atreid praises their cooking skills (see the cooking pot in the background).
So far we have seen creatures that make excellent food and others that are excellent cooks! Wonder if the usage of too much Rootbruteshrooms help the Skeech shamans to enter their spirit world! 😀


The Girrok are agressive and heavy muscled predators. They are intelligent, agile and dangerous foes that can use boulders to incapacitate tehir victims.

You should not miss out on the full article by Atreid, where he goes further into detail with each of these creatures, their attacks and shows more pictures.


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