Bikes ’n Babes!

This weeks Wildstar Wednesday is my favorite one by far. Always since Troy Hewitt announced the existence of the mount in the first Q&A session I visualized a lewd Aurin female stretching out on it and it made me chuckle. „Bikes ’n Babes!1!1!!“
But it is not only that. Apart from Metal Maw this is actually the first real new footage we got since gamescom and I love it, can only hope that we get to see more stuff like this in future updates.

Hover Bike Revealed

I’m so happy that we finally got some new in-game footage, seems that other players are happy, too. The previous „140 Characters Quest Text“ Wildstar Wednesday got 11 likes on Facebook over a week, while the Hover Bike earned 41 within the first hour. They should definitely hire me!
Don’t get me wrong, it is not that I don’t want to hear about Carbine’s departments and their incredible work, but after all this time since gamescom we welcome posts like this! Thanks, Carbine for listening!

Anyway You are not here to read through another wall of text, here are my 2 favorite pictures. More pictures can be found here at the official Wildstar Site. Enjoy!

What else can we see?

You’re still here, cool! Let us take a closer look at the pictures. The first thing people seemed to mention was the „morning hair“ or „wild hair“ of the Aurin 😀 But fewer noticed the red heart brooch I suppose! Sweet little detail!

The Aurin looks a bit different, the whole appearance is a bit more feline, especially the form of the face and the eyes (initial Aurin screenshots).

Other Footage

The location seems to be a new one, too. The color theme and buildings reminded me a bit of this area, an early concept art.

At gamescom Jeremy Gaffneys presented Wildstar, showcasing the Northern Wilds starter zone. Towards the end of the interview he talks about the second zone, a mining area and shows some bits and pieces of it. You can see that it is indeed the zone the pictures have been taken in. Start the video at 47:50!

Tried to find the name of the zone, Jeremy Gaffneys seems to mention it at 48:14, but the low sound quality makes it impossible to understand. If you understood what he says, please leave a comment below!

Anyway, the pictures have been taken in the second zone of the game, you can see the location at ~49:57!

Thanks Carbine!


8 Antworten auf „Bikes ’n Babes!“

  1. Ihrgendwie hätte er lauter reden sollen dan wär das n bischen
    verständlicher gewesen hab nicht alles verstanden was er gesprochen hat…

  2. @Isellmysoulforbeer das ist bei fast allen gamescom videos so, wo die leute
    sich nicht extra in ne ecke gestellt haben, weil es einfach so unglaublich
    laut allein durch die anzahl an menschen und dann noch durch bass und
    geschrei von den ständen war

  3. Klasse Video, die Soundkulisse der Gamescom hat ja nicht Vanion zu
    verantworten. Viele neue Informationen, auch die Vorstellung von Carbine
    war interessant. Danke

  4. Schon klar das die nächsten mmos wow das Wasser reichen werden ABER wow ist
    2004 erschienen und die nächsten kommen 2012 mit besserer Grafik. würde wow
    ein Grafik Patch bekommen würde es wieder besser sein als die anderen

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