Ninja and snow is always a perfect fit. . Final days are counting down, christma…

Ninja and snow is always a perfect fit.
Final days are counting down, christmas is at the doorstep. I can’t feel it though, it feels like business as usual… somehow each year is just the same old…
Christmas has always been a family holiday. My ex-girlfriend has a huge family and each day was traditionally celebrated at a different branch.
Parents, Uncles/Aunts/Grandparents…
To me it was exhausting I feel better around dogs than around humans.
Each year the same questions… trying to explain my job, dreams future plans… to people that could not comprehend what fascinated me as pilot or later as consultant… It was as if two worlds collide.
Weirdly enough, after we broke up it was what I missed the most this time of the year.
Our family never celebrated like that. Now that I am the last, christmas is just business as usual… and I do not even mind.
What are your plans this year?


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  1. Family is the most important thing in my life. Every time I have doubts about my situation or am going through a tough time I speak to them and it always takes the stress off of me. This time of year allows me to show my appreciation for them, It is a time to be thankful for our friends and family. I wish you a merry Christmas and best of luck in the coming year.

  2. @woodlandsiberians It is not like I do not like family or friends… I enjoy socializing in small groups, but when there are so many people at once I find it difficult to „tune in“… I think that is what I do best, find a person and focus on that person individually, tune in… but the more people there are the more impressions rush in from all sides… you just managed to speak to one person and then the next one approaches with a totally different mindset… I think i might just call a distant relative this year… she reached out for a couple of years, butI did not have the energy for it until a few days ago.

  3. @woodlandsiberians Make the most of the time, it will be over after a few days and you never know how long you have the opportunity… pretty sure your amazing dogs help you energize up afterwards…. nlthing better than a hike with dogs… merry christmas.

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